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Aside from staples and the main courses, you might want to have some soup during these cold days, as cold days are usually accompanied with chilly dry wind.
Because we are so young if we find it extra fun to Jonge Dikkert young to welcome guests in our restaurant.
It’s amazing how a simple cocktail can kickstart an entire movement, but the humble Negroni has managed to raise some $120,000 for charities around the world from 2013 to 2014 through Negroni Week.
Named after head bartender Naz Arjuna, the Nazgroni combines gin that’s been infused with lemongrass and pandan leaves to give a more local take on the traditionally Italian pre-dinner cocktail. Bartender Zac Lee mixes Bankes gin, Campari, and Noilly Prat dry vermouth tincture made with green tea, chamomile and jasmine flowers for a more floral hit.
CE LA VI’s head mixologist Knut Randhem amps up the classic Negroni with the addition of Fernet Branca and cherry brandy, and then pops the mix into an American oak barrel for two weeks to marry and integrate the flavours aside from mellowing the alcohol out from the interaction with the oak. This carnivore’s delight of a cocktail integrates bacon fat into gin, Mancino Rosso and two different Italian bitters in Campari and Gran Classico for a more savoury and heftier cocktail that will sure entice bacon lovers. Smoky Mezcal has been one of the recent favourite base spirits of many a bartender, and here Christian Hartmann of Latin American-inspired Vasco replaces the gin in a Negroni with a smoky Mezcal, and then adds some chocolate bitters to complement the bitterness of Campari.
The Sbagliato Negroni was accidentally invented when a busy bartender mistook sparkling wine for gin, and Manhattan revisits that by fusing Campari, Cocchi rossa, orange flower water, St Germain and topped off with champagne for a floral, bittersweet experience. David Boncimino at the new Bago at Lime House mixes Caribbean influence into a Negroni by adding Mount Gay Black Barrel rum to Campari and a Mancino Rosso, hibiscus, cinnamon and ginger infused gin plus some homemade cinnamon syrup for a sweet spicy tipple.
Whiskey-based The Bittersweet (pictured above) eschews gin for Rittenhouse Rye Whiskey, combining it with Punt e Mes and Aperol, along with a hit of Lillet Blanc, for a lighter, more refreshing take of the classic Negroni and perfect for warm summer evenings.
The Negroni gets a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) makeover with ginseng-infused gin, along with Campari and sweet vermouth to add some vitality and energy into your alcoholic drink. Named for Japan’s iconic Mount Fuji when bathed in a reddish warm glow seen in the early morning during late summer, the Aka Fuji (pictured above) replaces the vermouth in a Negroni with Japone Sakura Liqueur.
Kite’s Samuel Sim modifies the classic Negroni with the addition of elderflower liqueur to the usual trio of gin, Campari and vermouth.

Swindon residents are being asked to spring clean their sheds and liberate their bikes. In a partnership between Swindon Travel Choices and Recycles, the social enterprise that refurbishes bikes, people are asked to dig out their bikes and take them for a health check to make them rideable again, or donate them to Recycles who can give them a new lease of life. All through Bike Week, Recycles will be offering free safety checks for bikes, as well as free security marking, at their shop on Princes Street. A Bike Week toolkit for employers containing posters, ideas and instructions is available from the Swindon Travel Choices website. From 16 May, Great Western Railway introduced compulsory bicycle reservations on high speed train services. Bring your bike along for a free bike check from the mechanics, there will be bike security marking, a bike jumble sale, bike maintenance tutorials, and lots of bikes from electric to adapted bikes to have a go on. There will be fun for all the family with a bouncy castle, face-painting, kids races and plenty of delicious food and drink to keep your energy levels up!
Three soups are recommended as they are conducive to enriching the blood, nourishing the lungs and invigorating the spleen. First soak the ingredients: red dates, red beans, black rice, peanuts, rice for 40 minutes, and then boil for ten minutes. First soak the tremella and lily for about an hour, and then boil them with rice for about 10 minutes. The glass in which the cocktail comes in has also been pre-smoked to give a smoky hint to the concoction. That perfectly crisped up piece of bacon from BSK’s kitchen in the Signature Negroni (pictured above) is also utterly moreish. Half Moon Orchard gin, Atsby Armadillo Cake American vermouth and Campari, spiked with hopped grapefruit bitters, make this more of an American-Italian conconction. He also uses a throwing technique instead of the usual shake, meant to create more bubbles. It replaces the gin with the Latin American brandy Pisco, which is mixed with Campari and sweet vermouth and then some Amargo Chunco bitters added for a South American twist.

It’s also garnished with a salted and pickled sakura flower that is sure to evoke memories of cherry blossoms in full bloom.
He has been developing this recipe for over 4 years, and is still tweaking it for perfection. For one, the astragalus may dilate the blood vessels, and thus reduce blood pressure; for another, astragalus cooked with chicken may improve the immune system. You may enjoy the porridge with brown sugar after simmering those ingredients for about 40 minutes. Simmer them for about 40 minutes and add some honey to give the soup a sweet flavor before it’s served.
Cook the sliced Chinese yam with rice, simmer it for about 40 minutes after it comes to a boil.
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For more information, see GWR website, and you can also download their guide to cycling by train. The soup is good for the heart and it is especially suitable for those weak people, like the aged, women who just gave birth to babies, and those sweat easily. Without written authorization from China Daily, such content shall not be republished or used in any form.

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