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Second trimester is here, and now we know that baby has decided to stick around, nausea is much less frequent, and I feel less tired than only a few weeks ago. Once I found out I was pregnant, I immediately read the info from National Health Organisation in my Home Country, explaining what to avoid and what I can eat and drink.
The drag part is not only that it can seem like a mindfield, but that you crave stuff that you cannot have. I want medium rare steaks and beef tartare now, even though my usual self prefers to base my food as little on meat as possible.

Not only a drag, but also very frustrating, because as a first time preggo, you want to do things right. In Germany, where I reside and are building baby, the official advice is very different than back home.
So I am crossing my fingers that all the healthy and safe food I have been eating and all the vitamin supplements I take will win over the small amount where I overdid it. I studied journalism back in my roaring 20’s, so I know how and where to look for information, if I need it.

In my Home Country you can eat salmon if it?s cooked or has been frozen, but it turns out, that if you live here, then you can only have 125 gr. Here in Europe they also recommend that you don’t drink any alcohol at all during the entire pregnancy, where they allow a glass per week for women in the US.

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