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Teen Pregnancy in the News: Teen pregnancy has been a hot topic recently, even inspiring shows on MTV such as "16 and Pregnant" and "Teen Mom," which has been renewed for a fourth season. While I was sitting at my desk I felt something come out, and I thought it was just heavy bleeding. If you find yourself caring for a domestic rabbit that you suspect is pregnant, or has recently given birth you will probably have a million questions. Males will probably not hurt the babies, but he can impregnate the female again, even on the day she gives birth. Often times, people suddenly discover babies in their rabbits’ cage and never realized that they had a male and a female. Domestic rabbits retain some of the genetic imprints of their wild European ancestors, who are animals preyed upon by others in nature. Most mother rabbits will not hop into the nest (or box) to check on their infants during the day, although she is usually watching from a safe distance. A mature female will often pull fur to make a nest, with or without a male present and regardless of whether actual mating has occurred. If the mother has pulled fur in an attempt to make a nest, she will probably be all right if her nest is appropriate. If the babies are scattered, cold and do not have plump tummies, the mother needs help making a proper nest box, and the babies need to be warmed up before anything else is attempted.
In this case, warm the babies as follows: Place a hot water bottle, filled with warm water (not hot,) into a small box of any kind. Be sure the babies are not in direct contact with the warm water (it may become too hot for them.) Be sure that the towels do not have holes in them and are not frayed, because the fine threads could cut their delicate skin and holes could strangle them should they squirm through one. In the meantime, prepare a proper box and nest for the mother, so she will feel secure when the babies are returned to her. A doorway should be cut in the center of one side, which is just large enough for the mother to fit through. Place a large handful of straw, grass or hay in the box and place it in a corner of the rabbit cage. The babies can be placed into the new nest as soon as their body temperature feels warm to the touch. If the babies have not been fed, they will have sunken tummies, their skin will be wrinkled from dehydration and they will be weak (their response to being handled will be weak or non-existent, although they will hopefully be breathing.) Scattered babies are more likely not to have been fed, so make sure that they are warm first.
Slight pressure in a milking motion should release either small amount of milk or clear fluid.
If the mother is definitely not lactating or has not attempted to pull fur or make a nest, etc., take the mother to a qualified rabbit-experienced veterinarian immediately. If you feel it is necessary to examine the babies every day to verify that they have been fed, pet the mother rabbit first, to help cover human scents, and avoid wearing heavy perfumes when handling the babies.
If your concerns begin on the day of the birth, wait a day before attempting to do anything.
If it has been close to two days and you are positive that the babies have not been fed, a veterinarian must be seen immediately. While waiting for a veterinary appointment, try allowing the babies to nurse, as suckling sometimes stimulates the milk glands. If the mother seems to be cannibalizing the nestlings, nutritional deficiencies are but one of the possible scenarios. Sadly, if the father of the babies is much larger than the female, she could be inadvertently injuring the kits, which are too large for her birth canal, while attempting to free them. If the mother rabbit has died, cannot or is not feeding the babies, you can attempt to hand feeding them. Mucoid enteritis is caused by a pathogenic bacterial overgrowth, usually of Clostridium spiroforme, in the hindgut (cecum) of the baby, as the normal microflora are attempting to establish. Remember that our domestic rabbits were developed from the wild European rabbit, whose native diet was lacking in many nutrients.
Infant rabbits also have an antimicrobial fatty acid in the stomach that differs from digestive gastric acids. Note that a diet low in fiber and a high level of grain have been documented to cause enteric disturbances in adult rabbits as well as weanlings.
In hand-raised babies, it is essential to provide adult cecotropes to the babies after their eyes are open.
Intravenous or intra-osseous fluid therapy supplied by a veterinarian experienced in rabbit medicine may help in some cases, as the ensuing diarrhea severely affects hydration and electrolyte levels. While acidophilus is not a normal flora in the rabbit gut, it may help produce an environment which helps normal flora establish and grow. Yogurt with live cultures has been used as a source of acidophilus and has been used in baby formulas. Unfortunately, because so little actual documentation exists regarding the use of probiotics, there does not exist a formulary regarding appropriate dosages, either. Probiotics also usually come in proportions of millions or even billions per milligram, which makes breaking down an appropriate dosage for a baby bunny difficult. There is another more recent product for veterinarians and rehabilitators on the market from Pet-Ag, Inc., Zoological Nutritional Components, called Milk Matrix.
No substitute milk formula supplies immunity from disease (although the normal maternal antibodies are scarce) nor are most rich enough to supply the energy needs of the rapidly developing babies and without overfeeding them (leading to bloat.) For these reasons and the others stated, the prognosis is not good for the babies. Infants lose the suckling instinct quickly, so if hand feeding is to be attempted, it must be started within 48 hours. If the babies survive (BIG IF), they may suffer from chronic gastro-intestinal problems throughout their lives, including stasis episodes and bloating.
In any case of domestic rabbit babies, do not remove the babies until they are a full eight weeks of age. Altered babies will make much more adoptable bunnies, be better human companions, will live longer, and will never be a contributor to the pet overpopulation problem. Most Popular Topicsabscess activism acupuncture adoptions aggression alternative medicine amoxicillin Amy Espie Animals as prizes antibiotics Arthritis babies behavior Bonding breeding Bunny Brigade bunny care basics cancer cecotropes chapters chewing children culture diarrhea diet donate E. Females of this species are slightly larger than the males (about 2-3 inches or 5-7.5 cm in length). Keep in mind that female fish tend to find confinement to the breeding trap very stressful. If you have another aquarium it is best to place the female in it (and have no other fish present). For more information on feeding platy fry see the article Feeding the Fry of Livebearing Fish.

QuestionOk my guinea pig has been pregnant for a while now and I no she is pregnant because I can feel the babies moving!!! If you're asking how to tell if the pelvic bones & ligaments are spreading that's easier than you think. Typically you begin to feel quickening (movement) about two to two and a half weeks prior to delivery.
When the babies are born they have their eyes open, they have a full set of teeth and all their hair.
It's best not to handle her anymore than absolutely necessary in these last couple of weeks.
Once the babies are dried off they usually stick close to the spot where they were born for a few days. ExpertiseAs is sometimes the case, people in urgent need of information have a higher degree of expectation than those of us as experts are able to give.
Having raised and exhibited cavies for many years I have extensive experience in cavy care and husbandry. Although this is a site for experts to assist owners, there is no expert in any field who has all the answers.
We deal with all aspects of showing, breeding, caring for and sharing experiences in the fancy. When we first got the pack, I was worried that Paddington wouldn’t be able to move too well in it and we were proved VERY wrong. When you first start using the pack with your dog, just get him or her to wear the pack empty, and after a while you can add things to weigh it down. The backpack Paddington has is by Ruff Wear and is available at Bark & Fitz Kanata and Westboro. BTW look at the used sites online in Ottawa sometime you can get a great deal on ruff wear products.
I (think) i had a miscarriage when I was 16 (which is probably for the better) and it was similar to your story.Heller~ My name is Kassie, I am 17, In a relationship. This article addresses not only rehabilitation care, but is also a guide for answering questions and concerns about the proper care of the domestic mother rabbit and her babies and orphaned Rabbits.
Not only can he impregnate the mother rabbit; he will also impregnate the female offspring as soon as they mature. Mother rabbits instinctually sense that staying with their offspring would call a predator’s attention to the nest.
If humans and children are continually gathered around the cage, the mother may become too stressed to nurse the infants.
It is safe to examine the babies and move them, with the mother, to a more proper place, if necessary. Get a cardboard box, or make a wooden one, which is just slightly larger than the mother rabbit. Give the mother a litterbox, in the opposite corner of the nest, if she’s placed indoors.
By gently holding the mother upright, or gently turning her upside down in a lap, the nipples can be examined.
If the mother is lactating, return her to the babies and allow her to calm down and become familiar with her new nest. The veterinarian will probably give the mother a small dose of oxytocin, a drug that will stimulate the milk glands.
It is best to handle the babies as little as possible until they are old enough to leave the nest box on their own.
Some mother rabbits do not feed their babies until the evening of the first day or early on the second day. If that happens, monitoring the babies’ growth is the only thing that needs to be done. Sometimes a mother rabbit will accidentally injure the kits because her nails have never been clipped, the nest box is not proper, or she is stressed and skittish by too much activity around her.
It is normal for these vegetarian animals to eat the afterbirth, as it is for most other mammals.
Bottle-feeding infant rabbits usually culminates in the babies’ death within a few days to weeks. Although it does occur occasionally in weanlings who have been fed by their mothers, it is seen much more often in hand-fed babies and those who are removed from their mothers before eight weeks of age.
Cecotropes help provide the babies with essential nutrients and later, inoculate the hindgut with the essential flora that is needed to metabolize a diet that is changing from milk to solid foods. Cecotropes, a self-manufactured source of proteins and other nutrients, provide rabbits with the necessary nourishment to sustain their lives.
It is produced only from an enzymatic reaction with a substance found only in the mother’s milk.
Toxic microbes proliferate in the cecum due to the high-carbohydrate levels, and the lack of dietary fiber slows down the gut motility, providing a perfect environment for the toxins to grow. Usually, the babies will eat the cecotropes immediately, because it the natural thing for them to do. The gut would then become overloaded with abnormal bacteria, which leads to bloat, electrolyte loss and death from mucoid enteritis.
Oral hydration would be of little help in this instance, and the use of antibacterial agents in infants is not advised. Other studies claim that none of the living cultures in acidophilus can survive the high pH in the stomach and therefore it is a wasted effort. Adult rabbits do not produce lactase, the enzyme which digests lactose sugars (milk) and I advise against using yogurt as a source of acidophilus, if one chooses to supply it.
Both problems are treatable for quite a long time, but expensive and emotionally draining to do. Males should be neutered as soon as the testicles descend and females after four months but before a year of age.
They will be less likely to be dumped at a shelter, most of which would be unable to accept such large numbers and would probably have to euthanize most… if not all of them. You just gently put your forefinger underneath her vent (the opening where her genitals are) and you will feel two bones touching your finger.
If there's a runt or weak one in the litter the sow will not make any concessions for them. If you must pick her up use both hands and go underneath her belly, giving her complete support.

The experts on this site do their best to give the most accurate and responsible answers possible.
Although many years of breeding and showing cavies gives me a wealth of experience it cannot change the fact that we as experts are not veterinarians and therefore may occasionally have to reject questions that appear to be asking us to criticize advice given by the licensed professional. She is a Morkie, which means she is half Yorkie so she has more energy than you ever thought a dog her size could have. We put in some small rocks into each side to weigh her down and make her work more and it’s also a great way not to have to carry the poo bags around – Paddington carries the bag in her backpack! We only use it when we go walking so she knows as soon as we get it out, we are going somewhere fun. If you have a larger dog, instead of rocks you can try filling a water bottle a little bit and placing it on each side to add some extra weight. It is available in the awesome green that Paddington wears so fabulously, or a really nice ice blue.
It may look like two in the photo, but it’s actually one that sits on her back and has one pack on either side.
The boyfriend doesn't take the news well and lashes out, telling her she should have an abortion a€“ he doesn't want to be a parent. I should also mention that I have usually been taking birth control everyday as I should, but there has been a couple days I forgot to take them so I ended up taking 2 at once.
If they were huddled together in a good nest site, leave them alone, except to check whether they have been fed.). If she is not used to being in the house, this may stress her more than being left in her outdoor cage.
They should feel slightly swollen and it is likely that the mother pulled a great deal of fur from her chest and stomach to not only make her nest, but also to better expose the teats for the babies. It is possible, if she is housed outdoors, that neighborhood predators, such as feral cats, raccoons or fox, are causing her anxiety at night. It prevents predators from discovering the nest and provides the mother which some much-needed nutrients. Hand feeding is terribly unsuccessful because there is no milk replacement formula that is 100% adapted for infant rabbits. It manifests as severe diarrhea, anorectic behavior (refusal to eat) and may contain blood or mucous. Cecotropes are an important part of a healthy rabbit diet and are usually eaten directly from the anus as they are produced.
However, if the babies do not eat the cecotropes on their own, add two to three of the individual pellets in the cluster to the formula at one feeding per day for three to four days. The most common pathogens found in weanling rabbits that died of enteric disturbances are E.
Administering antimicrobials in an attempt to control abnormal gut flora may further disturb development of normal gut microflora. Because a weanling rabbit’s gut is changing so drastically, it would be realistically impossible to determine at what exact moment a weanling rabbit develops intolerance for dairy products. I have noticed that she is very fat but still is as active as ever should I be worried about her she manly just sits in the house thing with her head sticking out all day I'm really worried so if you could get back to me ASAP that would be awesome!!!!!!!
You can see that there is still residual blood and they've not been completely cleaned off yet.
We ask that you remember that it is not our intention nor place to criticize the professional advice given by your veterinarian, nor is it appropriate for us to comment on the correctness of a diagnosis made by a licensed physician.
We were searching for ways to decrease her energy level and once we tried out the dog backpack – we were hooked! I have own many breads and i have only own one type of harness and harness packs and they have all been from ruff wear. I started panicking and took pictures of it unsure if I should show pictures to my doctor or just take the whole thing with me to the doctors. Also, the first time we had sex, I wasn't on birth control, and we didn't use any type of protection. A behavioral attitude, such as mounting, does not necessarily help identify sex in a rabbit.
Products such as Baytril (enrofloxacins) are extremely detrimental for use in baby mammals. Freeze-dried, organic acidophilus cultures are available at better health food stores and would probably be a better, safer choice than yogurt, in my opinion. If the baby has lost the suckling instinct, a tuberculin syringe (with needle removed, of course) can be used to carefully administer formula. That is a lot of responsibility, which could be curtailed by simply altering the existing bunnies. Just bring your dog in to Bark and Fitz and they can help you to fit one to the dog’s size. I may have been pregnant before hand because for about 5-6 weeks and this meaning a couple weeks before getting on the pill, my breasts were tender to the touch. Nervous and young mothers sometimes abandon their nestlings for unknown reasons, which may include having produced unhealthy kits.
The physiological reasons are complex, and you should have the following information concerning what you will be facing when trying to hand-raise infant bunnies. Allow the babies to swallow naturally, or it may aspirate (breathe fluids into its lungs.) Be sure that the formula is warm, the babies are warm and that the bottle or syringe is sterile. Since I use birth control, he said that it could either be a fetus or a muscle knot that fell out. This is done by taking the babies out of the box, removing and later replacing most of the clean fur, and changing the rest of the bedding and lining the box with clean bedding. Serious pathogens may be present in both the nursers and the formula, if not prepared correctly.
I was diagnosed previously with a cyst on my ovary, when I went back to my dr after this happened, the cyst was no longer there and she informed me to no longer take the pill and put me on antibiotics just in case of miscarriage to fight off any infection.

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