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Just as women need to eat nutritious food during pregnancy to ensure the health or their unborn children and themselves, female dogs also need extra nutrients and calories when pregnant. Extreme diarrhea after birth and during lactation – this most often occurs when her food is lacking in sufficient calories or is hard to digest. Abandoned puppies – the mother may disown one of more of her puppies, which will be observed whining and cold, apart from the mother. Anemia – If either the mother or her puppies are anemic, the cause is always insufficient diet of the mother.
Lactation depression (dysgalactia) – The mammary glands function normally, but cannot produce enough milk to meet the nutritional needs of the pups. Deficient milk – The mammary glands produce a sufficient amount of milk for the pups, but the milk itself lacks the necessary nutrients for them to grow and develop normally. Lactation failure (agalactia) – The mammary glands do not function at all, and no milk is produced. Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum (glad I found it!) and we recently adopted a shelter dog who is late in pregnancy.
When you list them, list them with a fee and when you think you have a good home, you can wave it. I have a pdf of instructions on how to find a good home but I can't figure out how to attach it. Sometimes, once they are born you can find a vet that will take them in and find them homes.
I don't think you'd have any problem with finding homes for the puppies with them already being altered. Rescue groups of course are always good for finding help on placing puppies and can usually lend you a hand on finding good home and helping to foster them if you're not able to keep them past a certain age. And of course don't forget to get mommy dog fixed before she falls into another heat cycle and you're stuck with more future puppies and her having go through another pregnancy. When it comes to love, care, and attention, this is something that all dog breeds desperately need from their owner. There is a lot that goes into pregnant dog care, and before you breed your dogs, you should keep in mind that it is a lot of work and your dog will require a lot of special attention. After breeding your dog, there are a few guidelines that you should follow before she has her puppies. Also, if blood has been transferred onto the dog’s stomach, this should be gently wiped up with a warm, damp cloth so it is not ingested by the puppies. A day or so after the delivery of her puppies, you should gently wash your dog in lukewarm water to cleanse her of any remnants left behind from the birthing process.
Are You a Proud Dog Parent?Let the world know you are a proud dog parent with our variety of fun shirt designs. To understand dog pregnancy, you should first get a general comprehension of how her body works. The first thing you will recognize when your dog goes into heat is a swollen vulva and bloody discharge.
Early signs of dog pregnancy include a decreased appetite, a sudden decrease in activity, nipple growth, and behavioral changes. After the first few weeks her appetite will reappear and she will rapidly start gaining weight. If the mother struggles with a puppy that becomes lodged then you can try to assist the birth by grasping the puppy with a clean clothe. If the delivery of pups doesn't commence after she showed the normal greenish-black discharge in the beginning of the birthing process. You can periodically examine the mother's nipples to make sure they are not infected, and even palpate them with a warm damp cloth to clean the area.
She will pass soft stool for a few days due to the natural change in her new eating habit and from the residue she consumed while cleaning her pups. The new mother will take care of the puppies after birth so there is very little you need to do to assist them. During the weaning process, cut their milk intake down gradually by substituting the remainder of their diet with watered down puppy food and milk replacer.
Male dogs can sire hundreds of offspring without any negative effects to their health, but female dogs who don’t eat properly during pregnancy and lactation will begin to suffer from health problems, and her body will utilize its own tissue as a source of energy. But the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy, her calorie intake should be increased and the foods she eats should be nutritious. The puppy will be dehydrated from lack of nursing, and will not gain weight from one day to the next.

The pups do not gain weight, constantly cry, and will die if they are not fed by some other means.
During this maintenance period, the site has been upgraded to the newest versions to enhance the user experience. I've been researching like crazy about what to expect, what stage she's in, and what to do to 'help'. I really think she was abused wherever she came from, but she was owned by someone because she is potty trained. I've been told to charge 'more' than dog fighters are typically willing to pay, but I don't want to charge money (other than maybe reimbursement if they get all their shots and vet checked) or make money off of her puppies, I just want them to go to homes where they will be loved and cared for.
What happens when I can't find homes for some of them because people don't want to pay the price for an already altered puppy? Vets usually won't take them until like 10 weeks old but after they do, they'd handle the shots and alteration.
Technically speaking in a good homes should not have a reason to want to breed a mixed breed dog anyway, its all around better for them to be fixed and not have to deal with the problems and such of doing the surgery themselves. X-rays done to see how many puppies she's expecting in case she has problems with the delivery?
The spotty one is so randomly coloured compared to his siblings and I love his little pink nose!
With owning a dog comes great responsibility and the same is especially true for pregnant dogs.
There are vitamins, typically called Bitch Pills that can be purchased through your vet or a trusted pet store.
Once to insure that she is pregnant, once more to make sure everything is ok, and third (optional) to have her puppies delivered.
Some breeders opt to give their pregnant females puppy food since it is higher in calories.
She may become hostile or more aggressive since she is pregnant and care should be taken to make sure other dogs do not jump on her and keep small children away who might pick her up and drop her by mistake. She will also continue to need vitamins, access to lots of clean drinking water, and extra food. The growing pups in a pregnant dog demand a great deal from the mother's body, and will actually suck nutrition from the very bones of their dam if it is needed. Any healthy pregnancy should be checked and verified by a vet, and then the health of the mother should be evaluated. Any location comfortably designated for her nesting needs is good enough to be her whelping area. If she delivered two pups closer together than her comfort level allowed, then her contractions will take longer to end.
It is good if they start taking solid food, but if you are still having difficulty then never deprive the puppy of the mother's milk until he is able to eat solids for however long it takes. Please note we are still working on the site, so its appearance may change from time to time over the next few days. She never threatens to fear bite, but cowers and averts her eyes, wagging her tail every time we approach her, speak too loudly, etc. Or making you worry about putting them into a situation with a home where they're not fixed and end up having litter of puppies after litter of puppies because the new owners doesn't 'believe' in fixing dogs. Owners who decide to breed their dogs must pay special attention to the pregnant female, and must take great care of her before, during, and after her pregnancy.
Pregnant dog care is something you should never slack on, so if you ever in doubt, contact your vet for advice. Your dog will need to stay hydrated and will be drinking more water than usual since she is pregnant. She will begin scratching at things, especially cloth and paper, in order to make a nest of sorts to deliver her puppies on.
A lot of owners offer canned dog food to stimulate the dog’s appetite since mother dogs can sometimes become quite picky about what they eat. For puppies to be born healthy and fully formed, it is important to provide optimal nutrition to the mother while she is pregnant.
Her physical condition will be assessed and you can ask the vet at that time what food is best to feed her. My dog is getting hungry more often than before but she's only been pregnant (I THINK, not 100% positive) for a few days. Veterinarians suggest that you do not breed her during her first heat period unless it happens after she is 1 year old.

If she feels exhausted more than normal, is far more affectionate than her regular behavior or just wants to be left alone, it is because of the hormonal changes triggered by her pregnancy. Smaller breeds look larger when pregnant than bigger breeds because they have less room to carry all of their puppies.
You can use old blankets or towels to make a soft environment for the babies to be born into. Once you see it drop into the 97-99 degrees range, and notice it has been the same consistently for 2 readings taken 12 hours apart, this is when you can be sure the delivery will happen within the next 24 hours. She needs fresh, nutrient rich food to ensure that she and her puppies will be strong and healthy both during the pregnancy and after birth. They give the dog extra nutrition and much needed vitamins since her body will be expending a lot more energy.
It is also recommended to place a heating pad on a low setting somewhere in the area for your dog to lay on. Often, vet offices will have a selection of food available that you can buy on site.Home CareFeeding your dog at regular times in controlled amounts is the best way to care for her at home. She still will not show a major interest in them, until this 6-11 day stage comes to an end.
You will be able to feel the puppy movement during the last week of her pregnancy because that is when the babies are getting into position for birth.
With no whelping box, your female may shred your couch, or invade your closet, to make her own nest. We can't afford to be stuck with many puppies, much less alter them all and then be stuck with them. She should be separated from other animals in a large crate (big enough for her and her puppies to freely move around in) or a play pen.
A pregnant female does not have as much room in her stomach for food, so feeding more frequently, in gradually increasing amounts to meet the demands of her growing babies, is helpful--especially as her stomach becomes more and more squeezed as the pups get bigger and take up more room.
The most common duration for this stage is 5-9 days but has been known to go on for nearly 20 days for different dogs. Don't be surprised to see several drops of milk leaking from her nipples prior to the labor.
Never place a heating pad down for the puppies, but do realize that the low floor can be 10 degrees cooler than the rest of the room. She is definitely alert, but allows my husband and myself to pick up the pups and handle them. Twice a day will suffice, and then--towards the last 3 weeks--smaller portions three to four times a day is easiest on the female.Types of Food to Feed HerFoods high in easily digestible protein are what you need to look for.
You may give them a separate feeding time to have an equal chance of achieving a full diet. She doesn't cower nearly as bad, and actually comes when called (instead of freezing or trying to get away) and has started learning her new name, Bella (I've been calling her Belly Belly ). During the delivery, you really only need to make sure the puppies do not become tangled in the umbilical cords and make sure after they have been delivered that they are suckling on their mother. The main ingredient should be meat, and meat that you can easily recognize--such as chicken, beef, pork, fish or lamb.
Always rid their area of fleas because a flea infestation could drain the little pups of blood at a dangerous rate. Puppies that are cold or unable to attach themselves to a nipple need immediate medical attention.
Avoid "ground animal meal." You have no idea what that meat is, or how old it is or what it was ground with.
She will sever the umbilical cord herself, but sometime you may interject if the natural process takes too long. Avoid anything with ash or too many fillers, and look for natural ingredients, with supplemental nutrition such as dried brewers yeast, vitamins and minerals. Dry food, or kibble, is best, although mixing it with wet food will make it more palatable for your female.

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