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A researcher from the National Council for Scientific and Technical Research who is also the director of the Molecular Embryology Laboratory indicates that glyphosate, the main ingredient in Roundup, can cause brain, intestinal and heart defects in fetuses, even when accounting for lower doses than what is ingested from sprayed crops.
Genetically modified organisms have been linked to infertility, cancer, increased tumor growth, gastrointestinal issues and even autism. In addition to this, soy inhibits protein absorption (which is necessary for pregnant women) and increases the need for vitamin B12 and vitamin D – both of which are necessary for a healthy fetus. What was once touted as liquid gold that would do everything from lower cholesterol to save the world is now being recognized as the industrial sludge that it really is. This seems like a given but we always seem to have this idea that pregnant women are given a pass for eating whatever the hell they want.
Majority of the junk food in the US is riddled with GMOs, vegetable oils, sugar and refined carbohydrates. Because of these things, these animals are pumped full of antibiotics to keep them from developing the diseases and sicknesses they should be developing due to their conditions. Aside from the reasons listed above, low-fat and inorganic dairy is a highly processed food devoid of nutrients. Don’t get me wrong, I do encourage dairy during pregnancy if the mom can tolerate it.
Normally I’d think these things would go without saying, but they are common ingredients found in processed foods that so many women think is acceptable to eat. Once you're pregnant and "eating for two," you start second-guessing every single item you place in your grocery cart.

The WWE brand split is happening and fans have seen the WWE fumble this concept before, so it’s important that the WWE learns from their prior mistakes and improve upon the model this time. What comes up time and time again are graphics of what women should avoid during pregnancy. Of course, you want to eat pastured egg yolks, wild fish, sustainably sourced and preferably local oysters, grass-fed & organic milk, etc.
That alone is reason enough to avoid it, but many people are still unaware that even organic soy is an extremely unhealthy food. Vegetable oils are mainly made up of soy, corn, canola and cottonseed oils, all of which are some of the highest GMO crops in the United States. The oils undergo extreme processed like high heating, bleaching, coloring and they even do some weird things to make it smell better. Most dairy is ultra-pastuerized to kill off any potential bacteria, which ends up killing off any potential benefits of dairy in the first place. McDonald’s fries, Taco Bell, frozen pizza, junky cereals, candy bars, ice cream, etc. Instead of promoting real, whole, organic and properly sourced foods, people are downing them. And in general, soy is a highly processed food that is rich in phytic acid, which blocks the absorption of mineral like zinc, iron and magnesium (yup, you guessed it, all of which are necessary for a healthy pregnancy).
But there’s an excess of them in this country so the genius marketers came up with a plan to fool the American public into thinking these oils are a healthier alternative to organic butter, lard and coconut oil.

What results is an oil so high I’m omega-6 fatty acids that one tablespoon will inflame the hell out of your body. Raw dairy is actually extremely safe due to the natural beneficial bacteria that fights off any pathogens.
Seems like personally reasonable healthy eaters get freaked out by every little thing when they are pregnant. Having Two Heavyweight Titles Sadly, Dave Meltzer is already reporting that the WWE has made one of these mistakes. A study from Harvard discovered that men who consumed the equivalent of one cup of soy milk per day had 50% lower sperm count than men that did not consume soy, even when factors like smoking, diet and exercise were accounted for. Look no further than this comprehensive shopping list of foods to buy as well as others to cross off. Not only does this affect the mother and how she feels throughout pregnancy, it can potentially harm the baby, encourage a difficult birth and almost ensure postpartum issues. Follow these nutrition guidelines to rest assured you're starting your baby on a safe and healthy diet from the get-go.

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