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Do you have a known medical illness, any inherited family disorders, overweight, smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol or taking regular medication? Find out about the policy at your workplace regarding maternity leave and possible part time work after the delivery of your baby. Prenatal vitamin containing folic acid should be taken at least 3 months prior to conceiving. This website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any pregnancy complications. As we stood in grace waiting on the Lord to fill my womb with our second child, we prayed and researched ways to boost fertility. By the time we finally conceived, I felt like I was in the best health I had been in a really long time, if ever. Now, as we prepare my body yet again for another baby after recently going through a miscarriage, I’ve been diligently preparing my body for pregnancy and finding ways to boost my fertility. If you’re struggling to get pregnant, or just want to prepare your body for a some day pregnancy, below are a few ways you can boost your fertility and prepare your body in a healthy, natural way for pregnancy. By the way, I’m not a healthcare professional or anyone you should take any sort of medical advice from. Nutrition is a key part of boosting fertility and giving your baby the best possible start.
Nutrients that I like to focus on when preparing my body for pregnancy are vitamins A, C, D, E, and K2, iodine, and omega-3 fats. In addition to eating nutrient dense foods, I also limit the amount of sugar and caffeine I consume when preparing my body for pregnancy. By cutting down on sugar and caffeine, or eliminating it altogether, my body can work to balance my hormones and increase my chances of conceiving. If you’re a coffee fanatic like me, check out these alternatives to coffee that I use and love. Exercise is a great stress reliever, and it’s very helpful in restoring hormonal imbalances. As a culture built on productivity, it’s easy to think we are being lazy when we choose to rest. Lack of sleep, pushing my body to the maximum, and choosing self-sufficiency causes health problems.
Therefore, when I’m preparing my body for pregnancy, I always work to create a habit of rest. Personally, I take a gentle detox bath two to three times a week to help push toxins out of my body.
My personal favorite detox bath consists of a mix of Epsom salt, dead sea salt and lavender essential oil. Before getting into my bath, I always drink a big glass of water so that I will be ready to pee when I get out. I buy most all of my herbs from the Bulk Herb Store, or I get them from my backyard herb garden. In addition to my herbal teas and a healthy diet, I like to use specific supplements to boost fertility and contribute to my overall health. This is when we met our midwife who introduced us to not only everything I’ve mentioned above, but the Maya Abdominal Massage as well. Maya massage is a massage technique that is noninvasive way of repositioning internal organs that have shifted. In addition to the Mayan massage, my midwife creates a concoction of herbs for a vaginal steam that I do before ovulation. Note: Vaginal steam baths are also helpful post miscarriage to help clean out the system and aid the uterus in recovery. Basically, a vaginal steam bath cleanses, tones, and nourishes your uterus, cervix, and tissues. You might be wondering why a Christian would use Maya massage and vaginal steams and diet to boost fertility. Personally, I wish more Christians talked about natural healing and methods we can use to boost fertility. Making Babies Book by Shoshanna Easling from Bulk Herb Store – I love this book and DVD series.
If you don’t already use it, Natural Family Planning is amazing for those trying to conceive (or avoid, or even somewhere in between!) because just seeing the chart of your cycle can help you tell when something is wrong.

Thank you so much for this, so comprehensive and quite a few things there we haven’t tried.
HuffPo republished a recent piece from Go Girl Finance on 5 things you should do if you become unexpectedly pregnant.
It includes  a well-thought out list from a woman who learned she and her spouse would be getting a new arrival they did not plan for. Her advice included things like make sure you have adequate insurance, start saving, cease splurging on frivolous items and be mindful that children don’t need the best, so just be frugal.
Going through it all in your head is not a good idea because your feelings and thoughts will change and adjust hourly, if not daily. I have friends who face a little infertility or later give birth to a child with a disability who have blamed it on a past abortion they had.
Also, check out your job’s human resources manual to see what your rights are and if you have a female co-worker who has had a baby before, see if you can have lunch with her and ask her what to expect. STUDY: Women Multitask, Have More Complex Brains Than Men Thus Need More Sleep Visit Bellyitch the Blog's profile on Pinterest.
In order to live the pregnancy period healthily, it is essential for a woman to make sure that she is healthy and fit before conception. These food products contain all essential minerals and vitamins for nourishing the body optimally. All the extra body fat would be eliminated with the help of daily exercise.  Also the stamina and energy level of a woman would also be increased. Therefore, it is very important for a woman to quit smoking at least six months prior to planning for pregnancy.  All the waste from the body would be flushed our within six months, thus preparing the body for healthy pregnancy.
The consumption of birth control pills should be abandoned as soon as you plan for pregnancy. We eventually met a holistic-minded midwife who helped us learn a ton about getting my body ready for pregnancy, and lo and behold a short time later we conceived Timothy. I’m just a lowly woman who is a research fanatic and trying to steward her health for the glory of God. Though there are several other important nutrients, these are a good place to focus my efforts. Therefore, when I’m preparing my body for pregnancy, I exercise at least 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week. The kind you get from a grocery store is probably not sourced well, and many of the common boxed brands contain lead.
Herbal teas can give you a natural boost of vitamins and minerals all while hydrating your body! She explained to me that my uterus was out of line and that so many of my health problems could be resolved with a simple 45 minute massage. A misaligned uterus can cause a lot of health problems, especially related to your fertility. I go to her office and let her pamper me, but you can easily do a vaginal steam bath at home. Vaginal steam baths aren’t just helpful for fertility, but if you experience PMS, painful menstrual cycles, hemorrhoids, and other monthly cycle symptoms, then a vaginal steam bath could really help. I see it as an AMAZING way God has provided for our family through natural means to heal my body and boost fertility.
She takes joy in spending her days creating memorable moments with her husband, conducting kitchen experiments, researching every natural alternative known to man, and making her little boys laugh. We use the Creighton Method and it has been incredibly simple and wonderfully accurate for us. I think it’s totally worth being as healthy and strong as you can when getting pregnant, as pregnancy is so tough on our bodies.
My husband and I have been trying to conceive little one number 1 for over 2 years, so there isn’t much we haven’t already come across!
It took four years and 2 early term losses before our Serenity came to us, and in the 3 years since her birth we’ve had another loss and round two of fertility disappointment.
She heard about the Maya Massage, tried it, and within just a couple of months she found out she was pregnant with her little girl (now age 2). Seek support immediately from a close family member, friend, clergy, therapist, close neighbor, psychic, or whomever you feel close enough to or comfortable with discussing things like an unplanned pregnancy.
If you decide to end the pregnancy or go through the pregnancy and then put up your child for adoption, spend a little extra time getting counseling for the psychological short and long term effects of those decisions as they will stay with you for the rest of your life.

Even Toni Braxton wrote in her autobiography that she felt having a son with autism was punishment from God for having  aborted a child early in her career because it wasn’t convenient.
If you decide to go through with the pregnancy, make sure you have emotional and financial support from family and close ties. If you and your partner are committed, sit down and start mapping out plans for future, including division of labor and how your pooled income will be spent.
Each and every woman wants to live a healthy pregnancy period, so that the baby is born healthy and fit.
In this write-up, we shall discuss about a few natural and effective ways of preparing the body for pregnancy.
It is important to feed the body with all the vital nutrients, so that it remains well nourished. It is important for an individual to keep in mind that the key to healthy pregnancy is healthy diet. Ladies should leave the consumption of alcohol five to six months prior to planning for conception, so as to flush out all the toxins from the body. It may take a month or even a year for you to conceive after stopping the intake of birth control pills.
Any information found on this site herein should be discussed with a health care professional. It annoys me a little bit to be completely honest, but I also realize that it’s ignorance that poses the question. For me, I see the herbs growing from the ground, the water running in the streams, and the gift of knowledge He has given my midwife as just that – a gift. We treat our bodies terribly by not resting, not exercising, not eating properly and then wonder why they don’t work. They may haunt you when you least expect it years into the future so be aware and prepared to process feelings associated with an abortion or adoption when they crop again later.
You cannot go it alone, especially if you decide to not continue with the relationship with the man for whom you are pregnant. If you are in school still or have a low to moderate income job, do some research into what supplemental income, food or healthcare support may be available to you.
Make sure you still put aside even $25 or more each paycheck for your own personal fund so you have some independence and a modest safety net just in case things go south. All kinds of healthy food products like milk, yogurt, fish, nuts, green vegetables, fruit juices and fresh fruits should be included in the diet. A woman should do regular exercise for around half an hour, so that the body remains in good health and shape. It all depends upon one woman to another, as the performance of the body functions may differ in each woman.
Mention of drugs, treatments and procedures are only for the purposes of general information and do not constitute a recommendation or an endorsement by the authors. I’d make breakfast, do the dishes, and be ready for a nap by the time 10am rolled around.
To be honest, I think my midwife (who is not a professing Christian) has rituals and prayers that she likes to use when preparing her remedies and healing treatments. A gift that reminds me of how great He is and how He has provided for us through His natural creation. It’s best to be prepared than simply move forward on hope and a prayer for a good outcome. Even if a woman conceives in spite of being a regular smoker, there are increasing chances of the baby being born dead or handicapped. Use of this information should be done in accordance with the health care plan outlined by your health care professional. It’s my understanding that they are seeking to connect with the soul of the baby and they communicate with one another through meditation.

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