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The best thing you can do for your partner who is pregnant is to always stay positive about pregnancy, labor and childbirth. Particularly in the third trimester, women’s pregnant bodies can become hard to live in.
Reading and learning about pregnancy and what she is going through is such a great way to make your partner feel understood. When she worries about gaining weight, getting rounder, getting stretch marks, or other body changes, remind her that she’s still beautiful, even MORE beautiful (maybe have her read this). Try to be sensitive about her new lifestyle, and consider adopting or dropping the same habits that she has to. When a problem arises in her pregnancy, research ways to help her through and be one step ahead to help solve it.
Not only will this help you to bond intensely with your unborn child and your wife, but you’ll hear invaluable information about pregnancy, your baby, and childbirth firsthand. Over the course of her pregnancy you can shower the mother of your child with gifts that will help her cope with pregnancy.
We are only on first step but, I know that we are sensitive and sometimes is hard to see out of the box, and easy to take things personal.
It really helps me to see things differently and be able to help her avoiding all negative. This is an amaizing moment of our life and i want to do it right for all of us, she is the engine of my life and i would do anything to make her happy and for be happy together as well. Soon to be an (outside) father (wife is 26 weeks), a tip for an expecting father would be have some empathy, and drop the ego if possible.. Join us and receive exclusive content, interviews, tips for nutrition and exercise during and after pregnancy, the latest news, and MUCH more! Feeling a high level of intimacy from their partner is important for a woman going through pregnancy.
Intimate moments together can be of great support to your wife, since it helps her realize that you still love and desire her. You can support your pregnant wife by knowing what kinds of physical changes she is experiencing, and about the development of the baby.
Pregnancy can make one feel quite tired, and one way to support your wife is by participating in a few more chores around the household.
You can also make things easier on your wife by helping her prepare the "nest" for the new baby by putting together nursery furniture, painting the nursery, etc. My wife is about 14 weeks pregnant before we found out I had suspicion that she had been seeing another man. Well, I am still waiting for some kind of support, but instead he has become what I can only explain as verbally abusive towards me.
I tried to plan weekend getaways to help us as a family reconnect and escape the stress of home and work, but was ignored by him and when he did listen to a suggestion of mine for weekend getaway, he blew up at me and told me I didn't understand his business and asked how could I ever suggest such a thing.
The next day I had to take him to the emergency room because I had caused him to have stroke-like symptoms, which thankfully turned out to be Bells-Palsy instead. When he did finally call me back on his way home, he had my daughter call and tell me to chill out over the phone. When I finally felt that my emotions were in check, I confronted him about it, and he laughed and told me I was overreacting and that I was being absurd. I found out from my daughter that he had been to this friend's house with our daughter and had sat and talked with her (I can't assume that it was for any given amount of time, as my child is three and time constraints are not something she can quite understand, but I do know that it was sure enough time for my daughter and this friends son to play with specific numerous toys). He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to worry about these other women, because many of them were highly successful and offered a hell of lot more than I ever could. This was several months ago, and after several doctor's appointments that he forgot about, I begged him to come to the 20th week to see the ultrasound.
He managed to make sure that I knew how large I was getting and how fat I looked compared to the first pregnancy, which is funny because I haven't come close to gaining the amount of weight that I did with the first. I am emotionally drained and heartbroken, and I am worried that his issues with me, whatever they are, will be also directed toward this new baby. This crazy friend has been worse than a dagger in my heart and aside from the week my girlfriend had no answer for me, I have handled myself in a way that I think is superhuman. She wants this baby now, and my girlfriend is back to her amazing, loving and beautiful self. And she talks to other guys, she looks at hundreds of photos on facebook of other men and it just makes me laugh because I know she likes men a lot and I'm just glad I'm a man, and that she likes a lot more about me than my good looks.
I wish my husband would take the time to learn what is happening with me and the growing baby. I'd say it largely boils down to a husband telling his wife he loves her every day, and telling her she's beautiful.
I'm 4 months pregnant and just realized that we have a long way to go to save enough money for the baby.
I am about 14 weeks pregnant now, and he has two girls from a previous relationship, and I have a daughter also.
At first, we were both happy, but now that I am getting further along, we are not so happy. Yes of course, my partner has been through the mood swings and has felt down, but we are nearly there now and we both consider it has all been worth it. So all you men who are complaining about your partners, take time to consider how you would feel if you were in the same position as your partners. Giving birth is not easy and we need to be considerate and understand the emotional turmoil our partners go through. So I salute all women who go through this and men, don't expect any plaudits, because we go through nothing compared to our partners.
Next time you decide to moan at your partner or moan to a friend, really think: could you do it? The last thing you want to do is to scare her with stories of sleepless nights, labor pains, sagging skin, etc, no matter what someone you know experienced. We have pressure, joint pain, aching muscles, a baby punching our organs, and stretching skin that make sleep and normal activity very difficult.
She will feel less alone and as if she has a partner who has an understanding of this physically and emotionally demanding time.

When she complains about how hard pregnancy is, just remember that these are just her feelings for the moment, don’t take them personally, and try to validate them. If she is scared of upcoming labor and childbirth, let her know that you KNOW she is capable and will have no problems. She needs to eat nutritiously, exercise, get plenty of sleep, give up things like caffeine and alcohol, and avoid junk food and other toxins for the baby.
You’ll also be showing your baby mama just how committed you are to her and your baby. Be sure to check out these ten essential items for a fit, comfortable pregnancy for some fantastic ideas.
My experience of taking care of my wife: A rose a day + being caring, positive and confident at all times. She may not want to know how big her uterus is, and she certainly may not want to be told how she should behave or what the books say about how she should be feeling. You can support your pregnant wife by being a comforter when she needs it, helping to reassure her if this is a first baby that she will be a great mom, and letting her know you are there to help.
When we found out she was pregnant, she began to have issues related to the pregnancy which landed her in the hospital. I am currently 5 and a half months pregnant with my second child, and am completely afraid that my husband will resent his new daughter for the stress that we have experienced throughout this pregnancy.
He was truly excited about being a dad, and was always there to support me, curious to know what I was going through and how he could help.
I was afraid that I was moody or emotional, and tried to be aware of it at all times, but he constantly told me that I was great.
I conceived in January and lost it in March, on our anniversary (I had kept the pregnancy test a secret and was going to give it to him as his present). When I found out I was pregnant again, I told him, and his first response was anxiety, stress, worry how we were going to do this and anger at me.
I was extremely sick with morning sickness from about week seven through week 13, and then felt fine.
I was calm when I asked if I needed to be concerned about him pursuing a relationship with our friend, as prior to this hiking incident, he had told me personal information about her that she had told him, things I wasn't really comfortable with, but didn't want to make a big deal about because he was telling me and no flags came up in my head. In response to my question about a possible affair, or interest in having one with our friend, I was told by my husband that I shouldn't worry about any interest of his towards this woman, as he has had plenty of extremely attractive women make it known that they wanted a sexual relationship with him, and that he wasn't attracted to our friend.
I, of course, was extremely hurt and when I started crying, he told me to go ahead and cry like the insecure baby I was, and that if I was so concerned about him leaving, I should do more to make myself more attractive to him.
He has recently said he cannot stand spending time with me, and that if I don't quit asking or saying what have I done or why don't you like me anymore, any thoughts of mine that he is going to cheat will come true and they will be my fault as I have wished for it.
I am trying not to be a downer, and I try to listen to what I can do to make him like me, but it's all one sided, as when I try to talk with him about my feelings (which is very rare, I am not one who wears everything on my shoulder) he rolls his eyes and twists what I a saying and says I am misguided and have not original thought of my own.
If you are an expecting dad to be, and you have done any of the said above, please go home and no matter how much she pushes you away, tell her you love her and apologize, and connect and make time to show her that you want her.
She was like this a lot in the first trimester, had a good second trimester, and I can only assume the change in hormones is completely controlling her like this. 30 thinks the woman is crazy because of how hard she was pushing her best friend to have an abortion, rather than allowing her friend to make her own decisions about what goes on in her own body.I don't think the poster cares what the friend's views on abortion are. She offered to help pay, shared her favorite suction site and even continually reported how lifeless and insignificant our "cell" was at each week's interval.
My reaction to her abortion acceptance set me apart from her crazy friend (who, by the way, is dating a felon drug addict fresh out of prison she had never met before who keeps using drugs) and I've had to suffer being labeled the unsupportive one at that time.
She resentfully and angrily agreed not to have her in the delivery room and I told her that if her heart doesn't side with my heart, her words are not going to be enough for me and I'd have to insist she follow her heart and have the crazy friend there. I've been going on and on and I really don't know why, but if you understand some element here or if the story helps to portray the principle, great. I know he means well, and honestly I can't help snapping at him one minute and then wanting to cuddle the next. How can you show the mother of your baby that you support her and care about what is happening to her? Everyone is different and her state of mind will be the number one factor in her own experience, so don’t put negative messages into her head and plant a seed of fear. As the father, one of the most loving things you can do for the woman carrying your child is to offer a massage right before bed. Understanding the massive hormonal and physical changes she undergoes will also better equip you to be more sympathetic when she has mood swings, cries over something small, has morning sickness all day, or just wants to sleep.
As scary as sex may be to you right now, remember that in no way does it harm the baby or your partner in a healthy pregnancy. If she worries about impending motherhood, let her know you think she is going to be a wonderful mother and that the two of you will figure it out together.
Avoid smoking around her, drinking alcohol in front of her, staying out late with friends, eating junk food that you wouldn’t want her (or your baby) to eat. If she is uncomfortable sleeping, help her arrange pillows around her body and make her comfortable. Respecting your wife’s degree of involvement in the physical and emotional changes that occur during pregnancy will definitely be more helpful than impassively informing your wife she’s not doing it like the books say. I have wanted to confront her about this but I don't want her to lose the baby, mine or not.
We took trips together, the sex was great throughout, he would exercise with me and tell me how great I looked, and how attractive he found me. My birthday was the following week, and I was down about losing the baby, but knew that it is not rare and that it didn't mean I couldn't have another. He owns his own business and it is very stressful, but we had talked this through and planned it out with additional insurance and we had both been active participants.
However, this morning sickness time period was during the hot summer months and I was in charge of our garden (I tilled the soil on mother's day, did all the design and planted 99 percent of the veggies on my own) and no matter how early I got up to go work in the garden, I couldn't make it through more than an hour of the work. Exactly one week from his blow-up at me for suggesting we spend some time together, he decided to go hiking with a woman we are both friends with, at night for several hours, and didn't bother to tell me where he was with our 3 year old daughter.
He had never done anything like that before, and I couldn't eat or sleep for about three days trying to figure out what the hell happened. He told me I remind him of his mom, and he is no way attracted to anyone who looks like that.

He saw the pictures, went to the bathroom and told me to have a good rest of my day at work.
Sex has been absent from the relationship and when I try to at least initiate for his pleasure alone, he turns away from me. She acknowledges this and then while I'm walking back home, she drives off and won't answer her phone.
I think he's very concerned about the outcome of his girlfriend's pregnancy, which, as the child's father, is his right. It's so emotionally difficult for the ladies, especially when there are other children and a house to maintain as well as working full time.
Sometimes she just wakes up and doesn't want to talk to me, leaves me in bed alone and leaves home without saying a word. She's been a dream and is really dealing with the changes that are happening inside her physically and emotionally.
This is fine with me except when my husband dismisses my fears with a scoff and refuses to plan together to make sure we are financially ready when the baby comes. Her mood swings are severe and the simplest conversation will easily spin out of control with a fit of anger and hatred.
He doesn't try to understand that I'm very emotional right now and he's definitely not making things easier for me by avoiding me, being distant, and not listening to what I am trying to explain. It can be tempting to just step aside and wait for an obvious sign for what you should be doing or a clue from your wife, but believe me, she is too busy trying to manage her own new role to also explain what she needs from you. A foot massage can help with swelling and discomfort all over, and a leg and lower back massage will help get the blood moving and lymph system draining.
She will also have one less thing to worry about, when labor starts she won’t have to explain to you what is going on and can just concentrate on what she needs to do. While not all expecting moms may feel like making love, many still want to feel close to their partners in this way, so make sure you’re in tune with her feelings on this matter.
You can encourage (not nag or lecture!) the healthy habits by going grocery shopping with her to find healthy foods you both will eat, and go on walks with her to help her get in her exercise.
If she is sick all day and having trouble with cooking, offer to do it for her or to pick up dinner. I am not saying that I will be the father or dad to another man's child because I will not. On this night hike, our friend decided to let my husband know that she and her husband were separated. I vomited three times over the whole incident, but I didn't confront him about it for several weeks as I wanted to get someone else's perspective to make sure that I wasn't hormonally overreacting.
He also informed me that the only time he has been attracted to me in our 11 year relationship was when we didn't live together for three months following the birth of our daughter (because of work) and thus far, I have been a disappointment when it came to being a wife. When I got home that evening, he said he felt bad because he hadn't given much thought to the pregnancy until he saw the ultrasound. The baby has been moving for several weeks, but only recently can one feel it from the outside.
I have no idea if I did something to upset her or what the hell is going on because she just refuses to talk to me. However, I think their relationship has much larger problems than her pregnancy, and he needs to decide if he wants to go forward with the relationship himself.I wouldn't want to make the decisions he's facing. She was initially devastated and she reconsidered her pro-life stance on abortion and began to consider all of her options the very next day. I sat in the cold trickling of the water until I realized I didn't have much time left to stand up. I feel so tired and drained, I can't even take my other children to play or manage to even get laundry done. I'm so proud of her.Um yes, she does drive me a bit crazy sometimes, but I'm sure she could say a lot worse about me. You can also help her by turning off tv shows or movies with scary images of childbirth or parenthood, and stop caregivers or friends from relaying negative stories as well.
If she doesn’t want massage, offer to bring her a heat pack for her back or to draw her a foot bath with epsom salt.
Take extra precautions to avoid meaningless arguments, and do not burden her with any unnecessary information that may cause her tension or stress. I am left feeling like a jerk because I can't take an interest in the pregnancy or the baby because of this. Then the daily chores needed to be attended to, and by the time he got home, I would hear about how lazy I was and how he was sick of having the responsibility of taking care of everything around the house and running a business.
I had made two phone calls to his phone, and the first was asking when he would be home so I would know when to start dinner, and the other was an hour after he was usually home because I had heard nothing from him for five hours and was making sure that he and our daughter were OK.
He says he sort of forgot about it, but how can you forget about something like that when you sleep next to the person it is directly impacting? He happened to rest his hand on my belly one night and the baby moved, and he jerked his hand away and said "Ugh, that's gross!" He loved to feel our first daughter move. It was devastating because from the day I met her, I was attracted to her selfless love and gracefulness. I am destroyed because I want to support my girlfriend and if she calls out to this abortion supporter, I could fall to pieces.
This could happen, and this could potentially harm me spiritually, emotionally and mentally. I don't mind that too much, but I love this girl, and for her to say she hates me, it hurts.
If you can, the perfect gift for an expecting mother is a gift certificate for a pregnancy massage. Remember that the baby feels everything she feels, and a stressed out mom = a stressed out baby.

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