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There are chances likely that some medication may cross the placenta and find an entrance into the baby’s bloodstream. Drugs taken during labor or at the end of pregnancy can affect the baby after they’re born.
Chances are that the medication can alter the normal course of development and harm the baby inside.

Some drugs can turn dangerous in the beginning stage – if we take the example of thalidomide used often to cure morning sickness, which means that in state of pregnancy it is taken in such times when foetus’s limbs are developing and other major developmental changes are taking place.
If you have started your urge to conceive or likely to get pregnant, in such cases it is highly advised to consult your doctor regarding the medicines you are currently using and any new medicine being prescribed to you. Others drugs can be very harmful in later stages of pregnancy, or may affect the labor process.

Anaesthetic drugs and some painkillers are likely to leave a baby drowsy which can have effects of breast feeding early on.

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