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Concerned mothers-to-be should consult a doctor to help decide which foods can be eaten during pregnancy. The concern with eating tuna while pregnant is that many fish have been shown to contain mercury. Fish is a generally healthy food and, when eaten in moderation, may help a developing baby to have better cognitive skills after birth. The variety of tuna eaten also plays an important factor in the tuna-and-pregnancy equation.
Raw tuna used for sushi and sashimi dishes should be avoided completely during a pregnancy. Over-consumption of tuna while pregnant can cause brain damage or nervous system issues in a baby. Concerns regarding the safety of sushi for eating were increased following reports have shown over the high levels of mercury in tuna and swordfish. There are a few reasons that sushi should not be avoided completely according to the American Pregnancy Association. Seaweed is rich in calcium as well as phosphorus, iron, iodine and carotene and it is used in many sushi varieties.
Other types of fish are also present that should not to be avoided completely as they contain high amount of mercury than other types of fish. Other types of sushi are also available which contain low level of mercury and these types of fish can be enjoyed by pregnant women on a more regular basis. Some of the popular items of the list which have lower mercury levels include awabi (abalone), hamaguri (clam), ebi (shrimp), ika (squid), sake (salmon), hotategai (scallop), kaibashira (shellfish), mirugai (surf clam), anago (conger eel), shako (mantis shrimp), uni (sea urchin roe), tako (octopus), and nori-tama (egg).
It was recommended by FDA that nursing mothers, young children, pregnant women and women who may become pregnant should avoid eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel and tilefish because of high levels of mercury in these fish.
The FDA also advises that women who are pregnant can safely eat an average of 12 ounces of other types of cooked fish each week.
Many types of fish contain mercury that, in large amounts, can be harmful to an unborn baby. Different elements that can be found in the ocean contain mercury, which builds up in some fish that absorb it through their gills. This suggests that a woman who consumes tuna while pregnant can actually be helping her baby. As a general rule of thumb, a pregnant woman enjoying canned tuna once or twice a week should have nothing to worry about.

The New York Times commissioned Lab tests and found so much mercury in tuna in 20 Manhattan restaurants and stores that eating six pieces a week. Sushi is cold rice that formed into various shapes and decorated with bits of raw fish or seafood according to dictionary.
But avoid eating raw seafood, because it can contain parasites such as tapeworm, which eats important nutrients in your body that are needed for your growing baby. Kajiki (swordfish), Saba (mackerel), shark, and tilefish are the types of sushi that should be avoided during pregnancy due to safety concern. The list of sushi that not avoided completely includes shiro, hamachi, makjiki, toro, inada, meji, buri, kanpachi, masu, ahi, katsuo, and maguro. In terms of mercury content, Kani (crab), seigo (young sea bass), and suzuki (sea bass) fall in the second to lowest group of fish. But, it is significant to be alert, it is only a myth and it does not mean that sushi cannot be enjoyed during pregnancy. Eat up to 6 ounces (one average meal) fish per week that you take from local waters if no local advisories are available about the safety of fish.
Tuna consumed in small portions does not contain enough mercury to harm a pregnant mother or her baby.
Shark, tilefish, swordfish and mackerel all have very high mercury levels and it is suggested that pregnant women do not eat these varieties of fish. Pregnant women who wish to eat tuna are best off having one or two sandwiches made from canned tuna each week and to avoid eating tuna steaks until after the baby has been born. Most sushi is made using yellowfin tuna, which contains a higher amount of mercury than some other varieties of tuna. Concerned mothers to be should always consult a doctor to help decide which foods can be enjoyed during pregnancy. Crab, fish, lobster, shrimp, tuna, I enjoy it all. I was concerned that I would no longer be able to indulge myself with fish because of the potential risk of exposing my baby to mercury. Certain foods should be avoided by pregnant women because they may pose serious health risks for the baby and also for herself.
The acceptable levels that set by the Environmental Protection Agency would exceed by these foods according to the newspaper reports. However, none of these warning specifies about which bacteria and which parasites of Sushi are harmful during pregnancy. Unfortunately, fish during pregnancy (raw or cooked) can have PCB and chemical contamination.

The vitamins and nutrients which present in sushi can really be advantageous to the growth and development of the baby.
According to a USGS report by Phyllis A Lyday, when it comes to vitamins and important trace minerals, seaweed packs a stronger punch than any other food. Most people recommend these types of fish to eat only once a month, women who are pregnant are counseled to avoid them in total. Yellowfin tuna, albacore tuna, yellowtail, bonito, bluefin tuna, bluefin, big eye, trout, and blue marlin are the types of fish which are used in these sushi dishes. Six-ounce servings of these sushi dishes can be enjoyed by pregnant women six times a month.
Whereas it is essential to only eat sushi in restraint and evade certain types of fish for pregnant women. Incorporating a little bit of fish into a diet during a pregnancy can actually be beneficial, though knowing what types are safe to consume is important. But, as with anything, tuna in moderation can be healthy. I will need to, however, come up with new recipes on how to prepare tuna. Also, keep in mind that the risk of bacteria is not quite as high as one may think when sushi is cooked. All raw sushi should be avoided during pregnancy, even rolls made with less mercury-potent fish, because uncooked fish also can be contaminated with other types of bacteria that can be dangerous to an unborn baby. So, don't be afraid to leave it out, it won't compromise on taste. Mashed up, hard boiled eggs can be a good substitute for mayo. Mine is usually smothered in mayonnaise, but I don't want to eat too much fatty food while pregnant. Pregnant women, who plan to eat sushi, should be alert to how commonly they can enjoy certain types of fish. Based on unfounded health claims, it converses of ignorance and injustice to reject one of that culture’s basic foods.

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