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The purpose of birth control is to prevent pregnancy, and as far as contraceptives go, intrauterine devices (IUDs) are generally the most effective method short of abstinence [source: Nemours Center for Children's Health]. Just because IUDs are highly effective doesn't mean there's no chance you can get pregnant while using them -- although there are differing opinions on which of the two types of IUDs (hormonal and copper) is most effective.
If you do get pregnant while using an IUD, it can increase your odds of a miscarriage or difficult pregnancy.
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Choosing the right nutrient is very vital to give your body the fuel to boost the chance of getting pregnant. Increase The Chance Of Getting Pregnant Other factor that you mustn’t forget is to overhaul your nutritional plan and your sex timing! Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.

So if you're sexually active and looking for birth control that provides the greatest peace of mind, an IUD is probably your best bet. Complications can include pre-term delivery, vaginal bleeding, clinical chorioamnioitis and placental abruption [source: Kim, et. Folic AcidIncrease the intake of foods that contain folic acid toreduce the risk of birth defects and premature birth. Vitamin BTake adequate amount of Vitamin B-6 to increasefertility, and vitamin B-12 to improve spermquality.
In general, copper IUDs are less likely to lead to ectopic pregnancy than progesterone IUDs [source: Daiter]. Youcan find those in various natural sources such as dark leafygreens, asparagus, citrus fruits, beans, peas and lentils,avocado, okra, brussel sprouts, seeds and nuts, cauliflower,beets. Good sources of Vitamin B aremeats, chicken, salmon, cod, greenpeas, broccoli, wholegrain, beans and legumes.
A hormonal IUD can prevent pregnancy for up to five years, and a copper one works for up to 10 years.

Oysters are high in zinc but you can alsofound it in whole grains, various kinds ofseafood, beans and eggs.
While this form of birth control is highly effective, its success in preventing pregnancy is dependent on whether the device stays in place correctly. To help ensure correct placement, the IUD has a string that hangs out through the cervix into the vagina so that the woman can occasionally check.
Physicians usually recommend that a woman have regular checkups with her gynecologist to monitor the IUD. It is especially important to have an IUD examined four to six weeks after it is first inserted.

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