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The one thing that catches many new parents off guard is just how much less free they feel, particularly in the first months of the new child’s life. While these changes may be jarring for the first few months of parenthood, you might be surprised by how much you get used to them. If you are the type of person who is happier at home with a good book or movie than out with friends, then you are already well suited to make the transition into a life of parenting.
Fortunately, most people know that the first few months of parenting are particularly time-consuming for the parents, and your good friends should be understanding. Having a new baby in the picture makes some very obvious changes in the parents’ relationship. Lisa Pecos is a wife and well accomplished writer on natural remedies and natural approaches to family health. CDC: Men, No Sex for 6 Months if You Travel to Zika-Effected Region Visit Bellyitch the Blog's profile on Pinterest. The process by which your baby becomes a boy or a girl, according to what's written in his or her genetic code, is awe-inspiring. We take for granted the fact that we can eat when we want, sleep when we feel like it, and go out on a whim. However, many new parents live in small homes or apartments without much room to inconspicuously stow away all the baby’s stuff. Because once you have a child at home, there will not be much time to go out and socialize.
On the other hand, some people are less understanding and may distance themselves from you now that you are a parent.
Now that there is a third person in the family, the focus will be less on each other and more on the baby. The first month to six weeks can be particularly rough, and after that the baby’s sleeping habits should become more consistent.

The biological process occurring before you can say it's a girl or it's a boy is a complicated one. So if you are about to welcome your first child into your life, only you can know how you are going to handle it. With a child, however, suddenly you will be forced to think twice about all of these things, and life will never be the same-at least for the next eighteen years.
Even small tasks within the home-say, cooking dinner or taking a shower-require you to coordinate with your partner or secure your child safely in her crib or chair within your sight. In all likelihood, you will love your child so much that you will not consider this loss of freedom a bad thing.
Be prepared for your baby’s clothes, toys, books, and furniture to make your living space feel quite crowded. Friends can always come over, but if course you will have to coordinate their visits with the baby’s sleeping and eating habits.
But for the most part, if you stay actively engaged with people via phone, email, and social networking, then your social circle does not have to be greatly diminished. Meanwhile, you both may become quite fatigued from playing catch-up with the baby’s inconsistent sleeping hours. Then, you will find that you have more time to rest, and there will be much more time for you and your partner to spend together without the baby between you. Some people have been preparing for years to become parents and are more or less ready, while others receive their first child with no more than a few months to prepare mentally, socially, and financially. In fact, being a parent may give your everyday life a sense of purpose and meaning that you never had before.
In fact, many new parents feel the need to get rid of much of their own unneeded stuff to make room for all the baby’s needs. And though you can always take your baby out to visit, the baby’s needs will restrict what you can do out in the world. As a result, you may not feel as close to your partner as you used to, and your intimate life likely will suffer.

Whatever your situation, there are ways to handle the new arrival so that your life and your family’s life become better. No matter what activity you are engaged in, from now on you will always have to be aware of where the baby is, and she will have to be within sight or earshot at all times. And these are not to be underestimated; for such little people, babies and the things they need take up quite a lot of room.
So, each of their sperm carries one of the 2 sex chromosomes, which sex chromosome is in the sperm that fertilizes the egg dictates the baby's sex. This means that dad, although he can't control wether an X or a Y gets to the egg first, chooses you baby's sex. Humans have roughly 25,000 genes, yet only 1 gene located on the Y chromosome, the SRY gene is required for male development. How does a single gene out of so many hold the key to whether your baby will be a boy a plain an simple explanation is that this gene activates other boy genes.
The internal and external sexual organs of boys and girls developed from the same basic body plan, but you know, at birth, you can clearly distinguish the 2 sexes just by looking. Male and female hormones caused the embryonic gonad and 2 sets of ducts to form male or female structures. If a Y chromosome is present, SRY is activated signaling production of the male hormone testosterone and the development of the embryonic gonads into testes. The phallus stops growing forming a clitoris and the skin around it becomes the outside of the vagina. This all starts by the end of the first trimester although you won't know if you're having a boy or a girl until your ultrasound around week 16.

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