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The truth is that many applicants turn in MBA applications devoid of any genuine passion or enthusiasm. You can set yourself apart from these applicants by having something you’re really enthusiastic about to talk about as part of your application – it could be at work, it could be volunteering, whatever.
Your first reference point when studying for the GMAT should always be The Official Guide For GMAT. Once you’ve gone through and know the content of the GMAT forward and backward, try branching out to other resources – Princeton Review, Kaplan, Manhattan GMAT and Magoosh are some good ones. Recognize that having people to vouch for you is an important part of your application, and start building these relationships now. Even if a recommender is your immediate supervisor at your current workplace, make sure you are developing a reputation as someone who goes above and beyond in your work.
If you’re applying to selective business schools, you need to take some risks instead of doing what everyone does. Maybe you have a chance to take on a new role at work, move to a new country, or exercise leadership in a cross-functional project. Getting started on these six things right now will make the rest of the application process that much easier, and it’ll make you a stronger applicant.

If you're thinking about going to business school, understanding the ins and outs of b-school admissions testing is an absolute must. According to Financial Times, a quarter of the top 100 EMBA programs worldwide take place entirely in the United States. If you’re a female entrepreneur, there has never been a better time for you to both attend business school, and start your own business.
The post 6 Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your MBA Admissions Chances appeared first on EXPARTUS. There are a lot of things in your control you can do to make sure the odds are more in your favor. So adcoms read these applications and immediately forget them – you can’t bore your way into B-school.
While a phenomenal score isn’t an automatic acceptance, a below-average GMAT can severely hurt your chances.
Go the extra mile for your recommenders so they’ll go the extra mile for you when you apply to B-school.
You need to have clear personal and professional reasons for why you need an MBA and why you need it now, not two years ago or two years from now.

Before you have an answer that the schools you’re applying to will believe, you need to have one that you believe. Researching schools is an essential step to going beyond the rankings and figuring out what defines each program so you can find the right fit. Visiting a school is one of the biggest favors you can do for yourself as an MBA applicant.
Go to online webinars, attend an info session in your city, meet with alums – go for all of it! If you want to know how you stack up against other applicants, you can get started finding that out right now too – just sign up for our free assessment! Knowing this will be a central reference point you use to make a compelling case to adcoms.

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