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Scientists say that what we eat may improve our chances of getting pregnant juts as well as fertility treatment. According to the recent study conducted by Dr Emma Derbyshire and her colleagues from Manchester Metropolitan University couples undergoing fertility treatment including intrauterine insemination and ovarian stimulation were 33 percent more likely to conceive, while those who switched to healthier diet habits had 32 percent more chances to get pregnant. Couples, who are trying to conceive, make any efforts to boost the chances of getting pregnant. Many men and women know about the importance of healthy eating when trying to conceive and during pregnancy. Many women, who are trying to conceive, want to know if they are pregnant as early as possible. While many parents-to-be claim that the most important thing is to give birth to a healthy child, most of us still secretly give preference to a boy or a girl.
We already know the numerous health benefits of the Mediterranean diet that may prevent such problems as obesity, diabetes and heart disease. If you want to get pregnant, but are still on birth control, you will need to discontinue using your contraceptive method. Many women have heard about the old wives tale that a woman should lie with her feet up after sexual intercourse to boost her chances of successful conception. Many women, who lost their pregnancy, are concerned about the chances of getting pregnant again. Men and women, who want to conceive a baby girl, may need to spend their holydays in tropics, a new study suggests. Dr Kristen Navara at the University of Georgia analyzed the world-wide data of sex ratios in 202 countries during a 10-year period.

Sperm quality is one of the most important factors that affect couple's chances of conceiving a baby.
Loes Segerink, a at MESA+ Institute for Nanotechnology in the University of Twente, came up with a smart chip that will be able to tell about sperm count and sperm motility. When you use basal body temperature (BBT) method, you need to track the BBT every day at the same time every morning during your menstrual cycle.
One of the essential things when you want to get pregnant is to find out what are the most fertile days in your cycle. The gender diet to conceive a girl will help to increase your chances of conceiving the baby girl of your dreams. Ovo je prica o zivotu i vladavini jednog od najvecih turskih, ali i svjetskih osvajaca u povijesti. I have had polycystic ovarian syndrome for many years, and my gynaecologist has advised me to lose weight if I want to fall pregnant naturally. I am wondering if my PCOS could play a part in not being able to fall pregnant again without losing weight.
Being a healthy weight at the start of pregnancy and throughout pregnancy also has important benefits for the health of the pregnancy and baby, such as lower rates of gestational diabetes and high blood pressure. In terms of health and wellness, we now know that women who start their pregnancy within the healthy weight range and maintain a healthy weight throughout their pregnancy are less likely to have a baby who develops obesity and diabetes during childhood and later in life.
I would suggest focusing on healthy nutrition: each day, lots of vegetables, two pieces of fruit, meat, chicken, fish, nuts and seeds with some whole-grain, natural complex carbohydrates, and regular exercise. This answer was written for Birth by midwife Melissa Maimann from Essential Birth Consulting.

Knowing your most fertile days is important for successful conception and many parents-to-be use various tools to for this purpose.
However, some healthy eating habits can be harmful for your fertility and make it hard for you to conceive. Using home pregnancy tests is the easiest and the most convenient way to know if you are pregnant at the comfort of your own home. Is it possible to select the gender of your baby and what are the chances of having a boy or a girl? Many women, who use long-term birth control methods such as an IUD wonder if it can affect their fertility and when to remove an IUD before getting pregnant? Now, it seems that this is really true, as scientists found that women, who lie on their back for 15 minutes after the artificial insemination have better odds of conceiving a baby. It is known that one in four pregnancies end in miscarriage, but this number is even greater because many women lose their pregnancies without even knowing about it, especially if it happens in early pregnancy.
We think this is because of the positive modelling that occurs for children of parents who adopt healthy eating and lifestyle habits.
After that the temperature will stay high for the rest of the cycle and drop before your periods.

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