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A vasectomy is a procedure in which the vas deferens is severed and tied off, preventing sperm from reaching the egg. However, it is recommended to have an analysis of a semen specimen after vasectomy (SSAV) to determine the success of the procedure before ceasing to use alternative methods of contraception. In fact, of the 62 percent of women in America who use contraception today, the birth control pill is the most popular form.
Remember, the birth control pill is only 99.9 percent effective in preventing pregnancy and that is only IF you take it exactly as your doctor recommends.
Besides not taking the pill regularly and on time, there are a few more reasons why you can get pregnant while on birth control. There are some types of medications that produce liver enzymes, and this can create lower hormone levels. If you know that you have to take one of the above medications for a short time, then you must also use a backup birth control method for the duration of the medication plus four weeks after completing the medication. To eliminate any chances of falling pregnant while on birth control, you should consider using multiple birth control methods at the same time. During the first seven days of starting the pill, especially if you use the Sunday or Quick start birth control pills.
If you vomit within the first two hours after taking an active pill, then you must treat it as a missed pill.

You should also treat it as a missed pill if you experience severe diarrhea (> 3 loose stools in 24 hours).
Contrary to popular belief, surgical methods of sterilization, like vasectomies or having your tubes tied, are not 100% effective.
This is performed as a permanent form of birth control, which leads some to ask if pregnancy after vasectomy is possible.
Although the possibility of becoming pregnant following a vasectomy is low, the possibility is still there.
However, in the same way that a woman can undergo surgery for tubal ligation reversal, a man can have a vasectomy reversal surgery if a couple decides to try to conceive.
If, however, you forget to take one or more pills during a month, of if you take a pill too late in the day, then your chances of getting pregnant rise to 5 percent, or 1 in 20, according to Palo Alto Medical Foundation.
More than 10.5 million women in America use the pill, state the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
This is because your liver metabolizes alcohol, and any substance that affects the liver can affect how your body absorbs the pill. Because of this, and the fact that most birth control pills already contain low dosages of estrogen, these drugs may be more likely to decrease the overall effectiveness of the birth control pill. If you know that you will need to take the medication on a long-term basis, you should definitely talk with your doctor to discuss an alternative form of contraception.

Although the most common form of birth control is the pill, it does not prevent against STDs.
If your partner is experiencing pregnancy symptoms, she may consider taking a pregnancy test.
Less than one in every 100 women who take the pill each day will become pregnant; however, 9 in 100 women who sometimes forget to take their pill each day, or take it at the wrong time, will become pregnant.
Therefore, it is a good idea to use another barrier method of birth control that does protect against STDs. If you combine one of the other methods with just spermicide, you can increase effectiveness to around 99%. With the Rhythm Method, you will only have a 1-9 percent chance of falling pregnant, depending on the individuals and how exactly the method is observed.

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