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I wanted to share some advice about preparing for pregnancy that I carried with me from the first time around.
Funny how that happened so quickly when I wasn’t sure how it could even be possible to love another person as much as I love Cooper. So even though separate pregnancies can take on their own meaning and direction, there are a few tips that I’d recommend across the board for any woman considering becoming pregnant. Below are the 7 most prominent tips that stand out the most for me that I want to share with women thinking about getting pregnant. If you do the best you can to build good habits into your lifestyle before getting pregnant, it is easier to maintain good habits when you’re pregnant. I did a much better job solidifying my habits before this current pregnancy, and it has been significantly easier to eat well this time around.
Taking a daily prenatal vitamin in addition to a well-balanced diet prior to pregnancy will help you to build stores of all of the nutrients your body (and baby) will need once you become pregnant.
Prior to my current pregnancy, I had been taking some supplements to support my nervous system. After becoming pregnant this time around, I discovered that many women swear by magnesium as a treatment and preventative for morning sickness. It turns out that building my stores to an optimal level may have helped lessen the impact of any morning sickness I experienced. The key here is that it’s the magnesium that gets you moving again, and it doesn’t have to come from the milky or chalky variety.
I’ve just continued to use my Natural Calm magnesium drink (much more light and refreshing), and I added in an occasional magnesium oil spray. A few months back, I took some pretty aggressive measures to get my high stress level under control.
In addition, constant stress during pregnancy is not healthy at all for a developing fetus. Talk to your doctor, naturopath, or pharmacist about natural remedies that may be helpful for the type of stress or anxiety you’re experiencing.
Activities like meditation and yoga can also be helpful if you prefer to avoid the supplement route. Strengthening your core before you get pregnant may help to prevent or lessen some aches and pains during pregnancy. Progesterone and relaxin are a couple of pregnancy hormones that your body starts to release upon becoming pregnant.
Loose joints are joints that easily get stretched too far or even sometimes get knocked out-of-place. The research I’ve done has led me to believe that it’s much more difficult to strengthen your core muscles after the fact.
With a strong set of core muscles entering into pregnancy, it’s easier to do maintenance work instead of attempting to build weaker muscles. I have been diagnosed with a slight case of scoliosis by several practitioners in the past.
I’ve been treated by chiropractors for nearly two years, and have also recently completed some work with an osteopathic physician. If you have issues caused by misalignments, they are only likely to get worse the more pregnant you get.
In addition to potentially causing aches and pains during pregnancy, misalignments may play a role in the positioning of your baby. I’ll be receiving regular chiropractic care throughout this pregnancy in an attempt to prevent excessive pelvic pain, and in hopes that baby #2 will not end up breech.
I’m much more relaxed this time, but I was pretty much a nervous wreck being pregnant with Cooper. Maybe friends or family can lend you some books or guides on pregnancy that you can refer to throughout your 9-month tour. If you’re currently trying to become pregnant, good luck to you and I hope you enjoy every minute of your pregnancy.
I tackle life with enthusiasm and positivity, and I'm on a mission to spread the feel good factor to others. In order to live the pregnancy period healthily, it is essential for a woman to make sure that she is healthy and fit before conception. These food products contain all essential minerals and vitamins for nourishing the body optimally.
All the extra body fat would be eliminated with the help of daily exercise.  Also the stamina and energy level of a woman would also be increased. Therefore, it is very important for a woman to quit smoking at least six months prior to planning for pregnancy.  All the waste from the body would be flushed our within six months, thus preparing the body for healthy pregnancy. The consumption of birth control pills should be abandoned as soon as you plan for pregnancy. Whether having children is in your 10-year plan or you’ve decided now is the time to start trying, it’s never too early to begin preparing your body for pregnancy.
So, in the midst of all the planning and excitement, don’t forget to focus on yourself, the mom-to-be.

Physical therapist and American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) member Marianne Ryan PT, OCS, is the owner and clinical director of MRPT Physical Therapy in midtown Manhattan, New York. I also intended to add that pre-pregnancy nutrition is crucial and worth a mention, though that is a whole other article entirely. In addition to what Marianne wrote about so beautifully, I have found that incorporating Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement lessons really helps.
Even though I learned a lot being pregnant with Cooper, I’ve been thrust into the discovery mode again.
And I’m throwing in some bonus tips that I wish someone had shared with me leading up to this pregnancy (or even the first).
So I’m just now starting to realize that what I may have assumed was stomach rumbling the first time may actually have been Cooper moving around early on. With the contrast between this experience and the last, I can already feel that I’m forming a special and unique bond with our second baby. It’s fairly common knowledge that many women experience a difficulty eating food in the beginning of their pregnancies due to morning sickness. Sometimes cravings can become difficult to manage, especially the ones involving sugar…. Magnesium is often used by people to promote a feeling of calm, and can be particularly helpful in falling asleep more easily at bedtime. Coincidentally, I did experience some this time around despite the complete absence of nausea during my pregnancy with Cooper. If you suffer from this during pregnancy, and you likely will, the most common recommendation is Milk of Magnesia. A few sources say that absorbing the mineral through the skin is more effective during pregnancy, so it’s another option to consider.
When I am stressed, I tend to feel it first as a tightening and growing discomfort in my stomach. I knew I wanted to become pregnant in the near future, and I didn’t want the stress to cause problems.
I’d prefer to avoid making any recommendations in this post, because I’m not a trained professional. I had no idea where to start with meditation, and I actually found a couple of free apps to help me get my feet wet. Get yourself into shape as much as possible before getting pregnant, because the pregnancy hormones will kick in immediately. Within a few short weeks after getting pregnant, these hormones cause your joints to loosen up. I have been trying to take brisk walks on most mornings to stay as fit as possible, but I’m already encountering increasing pain in my joints the more walking and activity I do.
And the nurse practitioner at my obstetrics office says that physical activity can potentially make pelvic girdle pain even worse. But if you’ve had neck, back or pelvic pain prior to pregnancy, you may consider having a professional take a look.
You’d be surprised at how early these underlying issues can surface when you become pregnant. Considering the fact that I experienced pelvic girdle pain throughout my first pregnancy, I have a suspicion that it could have factored into Cooper’s positioning.
I needed an enormous amount of info and advice to help reassure myself I wasn’t going to hurt him. Especially during my first pregnancy, I was comforted by having a resource I could carry with me at all times for quick reference. This certainly doesn’t cover everything, but sometimes it’s the hidden gem of non-traditional advice that makes the biggest difference.
Each and every woman wants to live a healthy pregnancy period, so that the baby is born healthy and fit. In this write-up, we shall discuss about a few natural and effective ways of preparing the body for pregnancy.
It is important to feed the body with all the vital nutrients, so that it remains well nourished.
It is important for an individual to keep in mind that the key to healthy pregnancy is healthy diet. Ladies should leave the consumption of alcohol five to six months prior to planning for conception, so as to flush out all the toxins from the body.
It may take a month or even a year for you to conceive after stopping the intake of birth control pills.
Ensure your body is ready to carry a baby by addressing before pregnancy any pain or problems associated with posture or weakness. Ryan has been practicing for more than 30 years and is a board-certified orthopedic clinical specialist specializing in the treatment of the jaw, pelvis, and spine. Being aware of how to move more efficiently in a coordinated, stress free way, helps for later as the body changes with pregnancy.
Even though some of the symptoms are reminiscent of the first time, I’ve had lots of new and different experiences already.

I like the magnesium drink called “Natural Calm” in the lemon raspberry flavor, and I still take it now. But I did some research and found some natural, over-the-counter supplements that helped me to relax.
These issues can cause immediate discomfort, even if you’re early in the pregnancy and haven’t gained any weight. Many of these types of practitioners are certified in special techniques for pregnant patients. Each week, I see what all the websites have to say about baby’s development and things I might be experiencing. I found some free ones for pregnancy exercises and yoga that I use nearly every morning now.
We got to take the new blood test for a steal of a price and found out that we’re having a little girl! All kinds of healthy food products like milk, yogurt, fish, nuts, green vegetables, fruit juices and fresh fruits should be included in the diet.
A woman should do regular exercise for around half an hour, so that the body remains in good health and shape.
It all depends upon one woman to another, as the performance of the body functions may differ in each woman. To strengthen your muscles, use pelvic floor contractions (commonly referred to as Kegels), which involve gently squeezing the sphincter muscles (rather than the buttocks and thighs).
Learning proper breathing and relaxation techniques from your physical therapist will help prepare your body and mind for a healthy pregnancy.
Exercise will help reduce the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body and will boost your muscle and cardiovascular strength—strength you'll need to carry that extra baby weight.
Poor posture can have a major effect on every part of your body, particularly with regard to pain during pregnancy.
She has developed a hands-on patient-centered approach to treatment techniques with strong attention to individualized needs.
As women learn that they are pregnant, we move into Pregnant Pauses lesson, created for pregnancy. Escaping a stressful situation helped tremendously, but I still had some lingering anxiety that kept my nerves on edge.
Even if a woman conceives in spite of being a regular smoker, there are increasing chances of the baby being born dead or handicapped.
The good news is a physical therapist can evaluate, diagnose, and treat pre-pregnancy musculoskeletal issues and continue to help you during pregnancy and post-childbirth.
These tightening exercises help prevent leakage when a woman sneezes, coughs, etc, and also can help reduce pelvic pain during pregnancy. As your belly grows, the abdominal muscles that run vertically along either side of the belly button can be forced apart, like a zipper opening.
Once you become pregnant, consider engaging in relatively low-impact activities such as swimming, walking on even surfaces, biking, or using an elliptical machine. A physical therapist can evaluate your posture and suggest muscle-strengthening exercises and lifestyle education (such as not sitting at a desk for long periods, and carrying your grocery bags properly).
Ryan has extensive experience in treating prenatal and postpartum patients with particular emphasis in helping women to restore their stomachs with core exercises.
However, many women do Kegels incorrectly (perhaps because muscles are too tight and need to be relaxed before strengthening). If these abdominal muscles separate from each other too much, the result can be low back pain, pelvic pain, or other injuries as your body tries to compensate for its weaker core. With proper technique, your core and pelvic floor muscles will contract automatically, and this will lead to optimal stability and injury protection. Runners should be aware that loosening of their ligaments may make them more susceptible to knee and ankle injuries. Establishing healthy posture habits—pre-baby — will better prepare your body for the extra weight of pregnancy and lessen your chances of low back and pelvic pain. Her experience as an educator includes Columbia University School of Nursing– Nurse Midwifery Program, where she taught physical therapy treatment and exercises for prenatal and postpartum women, and New York University Dental School where she taught in the TMJ clinic.
Physical therapists who specialize in women’s health can instruct women in how to perform these exercises safely and correctly. Also, when the muscles and ligaments that support a woman's pelvic organs weaken, the repetitive jarring of running can cause these organs to descend.
She also serves on APTA’s panel of experts for high-risk pregnancies, authored the book, “The Mommy Tummy Solution,” and has an active blog called MRPT Physical Therapy. But beware, some exercises, such as sit-ups, increase the likelihood of developing diastasis recti. Physical therapists strongly recommend that, to prevent this condition, women wear undergarments that offer pelvic floor support, or compression shorts that support the pelvic floor both during and after pregnancy.

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