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Motherhood marks a new beginning in the life of a couple and is, without doubt, the best gift that God has given to women. Often such families – unsurprisingly – approach various hospitals, doctors and religious places, praying to doctors, God and everyone else for a child, but nothing ever happens. But before we begin understanding the vastu defects that prevent birth of a child in the family, we must understand the logic of elements (remember the five element – earth, water, fire, air and space) behind conceiving a child, maturing of the child in mother’s womb and finally the delivery of a “healthy” child. I bet you know that the first step to getting pregnant is to have intercourse (sex) with your life partner. Based on above 5 facts, we’ve created lists of do’s and don’ts of vastu shastra when it comes to conceiving a child. If a couple sleeps in NE bedroom, then the lady won’t be able to conceive a child; even if she conceives, the “water” element of NE won’t allow adequate heat to reach the fetus, resulting in miscarriage or abortion. Once a lady conceives a child, she must not stay in SE bedroom as too much amount of heat of SE corner either leads to miscarriage or premature birth.
Make sure that there’s no staircase or anything heavy at the center of home as it leads to various complications in pregnancy. Never allow a pregnant woman to stay in dark, always make sure that there’s light around her. Don’t allow a pregnant lady to see anything depressing such as a gloomy or miserable movie, TV show etc. A pregnant lady must avoid wearing dark and drab colored clothes such as black, dark red etc.
Avoid paintings that depict negative feelings and moods such as war, violence, cruelty, grief etc. Avoid – or minimize the use of – all electronic gadgets such as cell phones, TV, tablets, laptops etc. A married couple may sleep in the SE bedroom of a home, but as soon as the lady becomes pregnant, the couple must move to SW bedroom.
An unmarried girl can occupy the NW bedroom in a home; this will make sure that she gets married at the best possible age and hence has better chances of enjoying motherhood at appropriate age. Hang paintings that are pleasant to mind and eyes such as a beautiful scenery or an awesome landscape. A pregnant lady must meditate during morning in NE room as beneficial UV rays are abundant in NE during morning time.
We sincerely hope that you truly understand and are in a definite position to apply these vastu shastra principles of pregnancy in your life. If you feel that the information provided above is good and valuable, then please share it!
As you might have read in the very same article that the NE bedroom is the worst one for married couples. Yes, one thing can be done, if you have elderly people in your home, they can occupy this room and you can occupy theirs. If the only bedroom in your home is in NE then at least try to sleep in SW corner of the bedroom with you head in South or West. As a nurse working in the area of infertility for nearly 20 years and now running my own IVF clinic, I have seen many people over the years come to the clinic having heard a lot of myths about getting pregnant and often making the same mistakes. It is important that you seek a medical opinion if you are female and under the age of 35 and have been trying for a pregnancy unsuccessfully for 12 months or more.
Most people who I have spoken with have said that they were making at least one of the following mistakes when trying to fall pregnant. Many women (and indeed some doctors) automatically think that ovulation occurs 14 days after the first day of a period starting. If a woman is having 28 day cycles (from the beginning of one period to the beginning of the next) then yes, ovulation is occurring around day 14, but not everyone has a perfect 28 day cycle. The thing to remember is that ovulation occurs around 14 days before you get your period, so it’s a good idea to track your cycle length for a few months so you can work our when ovulation is likely to be occurring for you. Many couples fall into the trap of thinking if they save up their partners sperm for a month or more then there will be much more sperm and it will be more virile.
So what is the answer – I’m sure not many men will object to this recommendation – ejaculate frequently! Being overweight (and obesity) has been linked to women experiencing problems with ovulation (egg production) which subsequently causes irregular menstrual cycles. Research has very clearly demonstrated a link between excess body weight and polycistic ovarian syndrom (PCOs).
When you have lots of weight to lose, it can be daunting to look at your long-term weight goal. If you’re overweight and trying to get pregnant, start with the goal of losing just 5 percent of your weight. Well, in fact, research is starting to show that the potential for obese males to have a reduced sperm count does exist.
Recent research has shown that male obesity can result in reduced quality and development of their embryos and a reduced pregnancy rate.
There is a food that some pregnant women are already aware that they should be avoiding, but not many women who are trying to get pregnant know about this. No, you don’t have to avoid all types of fish, because most fish can be beneficial to your fertility as they are high in Omega 3 fatty acids. One fish that many people eat quite frequently is “white” tuna fish in the can.  This can have high levels of toxic mercury in it and should be eaten only in small quantities. You should try to completely avoid shark (also known as flake), swordfish, king mackerel, and tile fish (also called golden or white snapper), tuna steaks (fresh or frozen), orange roughy, Spanish mackerel, marlin, and grouper because these fish contain the highest levels of mercury. It is not necessary to avoid all fish, only those that are high in mercury, because fish is loaded with protein, vitamin D, and omega-3 fatty acids — all of which are an important part of a healthy diet. There is an ongoing debate about whether drinking coffee (or other caffeinated beverages) can cause a delay in getting pregnant. If stopping caffeine is too hard for you to go “cold turkey”, or if you are unwilling to break it, you should cut back on your intake. Whilst the research relating to caffeine and infertility is still not conclusive, I would encourage people to stay on the safe side and avoid caffeinated beverages while trying to get pregnant. It’s important to remember that male fertility factors contribute to approximately 40% of all infertility cases.

It is important that the male partner is also considered if you are having trouble falling pregnant. There are more myths about stress and pregnancy and stress and fertility treatment outcomes than about any other area of reproductive medicine.
It’s very popular to blame stress for everything from not conceiving naturally to a failed IVF cycle.
It is not uncommon for the many people to blame the female if a pregnancy is not happening – “You took too stressed, which is why you are not falling pregnant.. Realize you’re not alone.  Talk to other people who are trying to start a family or perhaps access individual or couple counseling, or even a support group. Read books on infertility and stress management, which will show you that your feelings are normal and can help you deal with them. Take time out as a couple, organize a date with each other once a month or even once a week. If you would like more information on preparing yourself for pregnancy or just want to know if you are on the right track email or phone with your questions and we will do our best to answer you.
Latest News & EventsWatch this fantastic ABC Science Animated IVF animation taking you through the 7 steps of in vitro fertilization. Some women have misconception that exercising during pregnancy can harm them and their baby.
Squats, chair poses, staff pose, triangle poses are the other exercises that are helpful for hip extension. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same.
Aacharya Kamal Nandlal Vaastu lays down norms for significant women thence pregnancy vastu tips that they posterior deliver axerophthol sizeable baby and there is no. The pregnancy of a married woman is celebrated by each and every family member, friend, and colleague and also by distant relatives. All the medical reports come normal and doctors say that there’s no complication, the baby must be around the corner. Now, for a moment, think about the element that’s responsible to excite a couple so much that they have an intercourse.
In fact as per vastu shastra for toilets you must not have any bathroom under a staircase or beam. You can sleep with your head towards South or SW (Yes, it’s a vastu dosh to have a window there, but the ill effects are lesser than sleeping with head in NE). Generally the mistakes relate to what they have been told by other people, forgetting that not everyone is the same – we are all individuals. By sharing this with you, it is my hope that you will be able to conceive that long awaited bundle of joy soon. If you are female and over the age of 35, you should consider seeking a medical opinion if you have been trying unsuccessfully for a pregnancy for 6 months. For example a woman who has 35 day cycles is likely to be ovulating around day 21; a woman who has 25 day cycles is likely to be ovulating around day 11 and so on. Given the stress that trying for a baby can create, it’s no wonder that many women have this complaint. This means that some of the compounds in the lubricant are actually toxic to sperm and in fact will stop the sperm in their tracks.
The end thought is that more sperm and more virile means a better chance at becoming pregnant – in fact the opposite is true. By frequently I mean couples with relatively normal semen parameters should have sex every second day for up to a week before the date of ovulation date. With irregular menstrual cycles it is very difficult and sometimes impossible to work out when the best time to try for a pregnancy will be. Excess body weight can also lead to an increased risk of miscarriage and difficulty achieving a good response if you need to use assisted reproeductive procedures sich as inseminations and IVF.
That means the goals you set should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely. Studies have shown that reducing weight in overweight women can restore menstrual cycle regularity.
For example, obesity can lower levels of the male hormone testosterone (which is directly linked to sperm count). This research was then confirmed by studying a group of obese men undergoing IVF treatment.
A well balanced diet is certainly what we should all be aiming for however, today I ‘m going to talk about a food that can be both good and bad for your fertility. When you conceive you often don’t find out you’re pregnant until about 2 weeks later when your period doesn’t show up and you have done a pregnancy test.
There are plenty of good fish choices such as salmon and rainbow trout that contain low levels of mercury and are high in healthy fats.
Exactly how caffeine and infertility are related isn’t really understood.  Although a recent study published in Science Daily (July 20, 2011) suggests that Caffeine may reduce muscle activity in the Fallopian tubes that carry eggs and embryos from a woman’s ovaries to her womb. That’s right about 40% of patients who see a doctor because the are having difficulty getting pregnant are found to have a male problem (i.e. Even though infertility is very stressful, there isn’t any proof that stress causes infertility.
Many couples who are being treated for infertility have as much stress as couples who are battling cancer together. In reality exercises help to strengthen pregnant women’s body and prepare her for childbirth.
Since pregnancy is crucial stages make sure that you do all the exercises under professional supervision. In fact it only requires little modification in your weight training program and customizes it for pregnant women. But there is no reason to worry as you can make up for less weight by increasing the number of reps. According to the American Psychological Association, pregnant women must do safe and effective routine exercises for staying healthy and fit during pregnancy. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider.

Vastu for Pregnancy Use Vastu in your gestation away keeping your Phoebe elements Hoosier State Vastu tips for expectant mothers.
But time flies and finally nothing happens; the baby that the family wanted so badly never came.
But definitely the intensity of the heat and warmth, while maturing a baby, is way different and less than the heat needed for mating.
For these women, having intercourse on or around day 14 is not likely to result in a pregnancy.
Woman often treat vaginal dryness with vaginal lubricants however, published research has shown that many if not all existing vaginal lubricants harm sperm, resulting in sperm death and significant loss of sperm motility (ability to swim forward).
There are some lubricants on the market which provides moisture when it really counts but do not contain a spermicide and may be used even when trying to conceive – – a time when some couples experience increased vaginal dryness due to stress or other contributing factors. Being over the desired weight for females can disrupt the hormonal balance that are necessary for the production of an egg. A weight reduction of 5% is enough to restore normal menstrual cycle function in up to 60% of overweight women.  Furthermore, it is also known if an overweight female reduces her weight before undergoing IVF treatment, the chance of becoming pregnant is dramatically improved. Obese males can also develop an apron of fat around the genital area heating up the testicles and potentially reducing sperm numbers. As the men’s body mass index (BMI) increased, there was a significant reduction in pregnancies and births and an increase in pregnancy loss. At this stage the baby has already been exposed to everything you have put in your body during those two weeks. The experiments were conducted in mice, but this finding goes a long way towards explaining why drinking caffeinated drinks may reduce a woman’s chance of becoming pregnant. Research has suggested that miscarriages and low birth weight have been seen more commonly in women who ingest more than two cups of caffeinated beverages a day.
However, if you have a really strong addiction to caffeine – wean slowly to avoid some of the withdrawal symptoms that are associated with caffeine withdrawals such as headaches. All these are comments are common, and for women and couples trying to become pregnant just having people say this to them is stressful enough. Occasionally it is found in some women that having too much stress can change her hormone levels and therefore cause the time when she releases an egg to become delayed or not take place at all.
You might also enjoy reading our Tips To Help You Become Pregnant which contains further information related to female age and it’s impact on fertility. You can get enrolled with hospitals and yoga experts that take prenatal pregnancy exercises. Initially you must lift the lighter weights and then gradually progress to the heavier ones. Apart from winning advices from antiophthalmic factor gynaecologists its important to follow some of vastu tips to bear group A healthy child. The answer is “Yes”; if there are certain vastu doshas (that we’ve described below) in a home, then those vastu doshas (defects) will never allow the lady of the family to get pregnant or conceive a child. Whilst it is known that sperm are capable of being successfully stored in the female tubes for several days and still be able to fertilise an egg, it is thought that the egg itself is only capable of being fertilised for a much smaller period of time – around 24-48 hours after ovulation. Some lubricants may contain a spermicide and therefore should be avoided whilst trying to conceive.
Research has shown that storing sperm in the testes for a long period of time (a week or more) can actually be detrimental to the sperms vitality and by the time they are ejaculated will most likely be very sluggish and still relaxing on their banana lounges!
Don’t forget about combining frequent ejaculation with a healthy, well balanced diet and regular exercise. This can lead to woman experiencing problems with ovulation (egg production and release), which subsequently causes irregular menstrual cycles.
However, hopefully because you are planning a pregnancy you have managed to cut out most of the obvious things that would be harmful to the baby such as alcohol and smoking, but you might not have thought about fish high in mercury.
Drinking 6-8 glassess of water a day is also a great way of reducing the effects of caffeine withdrawals. There is not a lot of evidence to support stress causing infertility but there is a lot of evidence that infertility causes stress.
This article is especially written for young mothers to Apart from taking the modern medical examination guidelines into consideration Vastu. It’s the fire element that heats up the body and desires so much that a couple indulges in an intercourse.
In fact scientists suspect that the longer sperm stays in the testicular ducts, the more it is exposed to rogue oxygen molecules (known as free radicals) that may damage it. It is also thought taking a daily vitamin supplement such as Menevit which contains a combination of antioxidants that are thought to support sperm health for couples planning pregnancy is also very beneficial.
With irregular cycles ti is very difficult and sometimes impossible to work out when the best time to try for a pregnancy will be. The particular type of mercury that is best to avoid is called methyl mercury and it is commonly found in some types of fish. Information provided whether medical or scientific, may or may not be relevant to the viewer’s circumstances and should always be discussed with a medical professional prior to acting on it.
In fact a study where 118 men were recruited whose sperm had a higher-than-normal level damage.
Fertility Solutions provides lifestyle support and advice to all its patients as well as the multivitamin supplement Menevit, if you would like to purchase Menevit and be on your way to better sperm health then contact Fertility Solutions. Vaastu to overcome Infertility & Business passing Vastu pregnancy vastu tips tips for chamber Duration nine by. Before the test, approximately 34% of the group’s sperm was rated as damaged, meaning that it was classified as ‘poor’ in quality.
The men were asked to ejaculate daily for seven days, and were not given any drugs and told not to make any changes to lifestyle. After seven days, their sperm was examined again the average of damaged sperm fell to 26%, placing it in the category of ‘fair’ in quality.

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