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In 2014, the humorous tweets continued to grow in volume and became widely adopted by high school and college students on Twitter[5], Vine[9] and Tumblr[2] as a way to commiserate over their poor academic performance.
Valedictorian is based upon GPA, points which can be easily elevated by academically-easy classes like cooking, Auto-CAD, woodworking, Drama, and Music. On Twitter, the phrase is usually accompanied by photographs or animated GIFs depicting a variety of futile or ineffective attempts at accomplishing an infeasible goal.

The attached image shows Fez (portrayed by Wilmer Valderrama) of That ’70s Show attempting to seduce Jackie’s mom. The “me trying to get my grades up” jokes saw a significant spike between May and June as the end of the academic year approached in schools across the United States. In the following months, a number of variations on the same theme began to surface on Twitter as the end of the semester approached.

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