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If you're trying to get pregnant, or have the sneaking suspicion that you might be after having unprotected sex, there are tell-tale signs of very early pregnancy that you can watch out for before you even do a pregnancy test! Each woman's body experiences the very early signs of pregnancy in a different ways, and according to Zita, "everyone has their own peculiarities when they're pregnant." Since there are a lot myths out there, we've done our research and found out all of the signs that you should be aware of.While these are the most common signs, if you are pregnant you may experience some symptoms and not others and some women may only have one!
Remember these are only signs and the only way that you can be 100% sure you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. Nausea and Vomiting - Zita says: "Around 70 or 80% of women will suffer some form of nausea. When I started writing on Babble Pregnancy over a year ago, I was deep in baby fever mode and wanted to add to our family. While talking about infertility has overall been a positive experience, there are a handful of comments I’ve heard from well-meaning people that I am SO over.
There are some people who have expressed their confusion with me for trying to conceive when I "already have" three kids. Use a Facebook account to add a comment, subject to Facebook's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
The main thing to do is to listen to your own body, you are the one who ultimately knows if something is not normal.

These changes are essential in preparing your body to feed your baby.Missed period - This is the first very early 'concrete' sign of pregnancy. I wrote a lot about getting my husband on board with another child, preparing to get pregnant, and everything in between.
We had all the personal before-we-get-pregnant-again check lists done and we were in a great space (in all areas) to add another human to our crazy mix. I’ve had my fair share of difficult pregnancies and our own obstacles to get through, but this is a new one for us.
People love to give it and usually it's so generic like "just relax" and it never helps anyone. I have grown tired of people wondering why I am "still trying" after so many losses, issues in the way and because I have kids already and "should be grateful".
They ask like it's the most simple thing in the world with a tone that we just don't know what we're doing. It all seems to be related to when I write about my feelings here on Babble or my personal blog.
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However, many women have irregular or infrequent periods (oligomenorrhoea), which makes the lack of a period an unreliable indicator of pregnancy. I think we’re doing a great job at staying positive while still healthfully expressing any upset over the fact that this is harder than we had anticipated.
I’ve heard stories of success, obstacles, and triumphs from others that have brought me so much strength.
I know there are stories of how some couples "just stopped trying" and it happened, but that's not for everyone. There seems to be a stigma over talking about infertility and apparently you can't discuss how you're down about it without being told you're depressed. I'm not, I assure you, but I do healthily allow myself to feel what ever I am feeling -- sad, happy, angry or whatever.

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