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It is pretty much awkward smiles, swallowed up words, a lot of thinking at the start of an arranged marriage. A drive along East Coast Road for example, is one thing that can help you both with spending some time together.
It might not be similar to some major sport adventure, but a Go-Karting trip out, is sure heighten your sense of being a team and starting out on small adventures while still having fun! If you’re an animal lover, particularly dogs or cats, visiting an animal shelter could be the best way to start planning your small family.
This could be the best excuse to make a quick short trip to some great locations near your towns or cities.
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But stories do start off like this, works on a bit time spent with each other, things are learnt, memories made and end up being one of the greatest love of all times .
Guys generally love driving or riding, as much as you want to sit in a quiet corner and talk, ladies, once in a while give this a shot.

The guy meets the girls noisy friends and the girl gets to know all the historical stories of the Groom from his friends! Get working on those moves and who knows, might come in handy if you can just share a special dance together at the wedding.
This is definitely a gesture that is from just the two of you straight to the hearts of your closest circle of friends. Other than that, we have had Brides mention that their conversation started at all because of the Wedding Planning that they were supposed to start working on, like designing Invites, food tasting, planning Wedding Outfits and the rest of the long list. While it might be hard to get comfortable with each other while a huge lens is pointed at you, it doesn’t take much time!
It would help you start off things other than the usual life, like your dream destination or your favourite hobby. If you’re lucky, your photographer half the time hides away from where he can get good shots of the both of you!
We’re pretty sure those that had a happy love marriage took time to work on their relationship in a much similar way.

Well, if all this fails, turn up that stereo in your car, you’ll for sure get to know a thing or two about what sort of music you both love! There is definitely going to be a point in your life, with your person, when you wouldn’t feel you’ve talked enough even after narrating the entire life time of story they’ve missed out on in your life. Plan ahead and reserve a roof-top candlelight dinner or hushed away corner in a garden, it could be your night, just about the two of you.
A Wedding Planning talk would of course help you get to know each other’s likes and dislikes.

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