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Food-loving globetrotters, here’s a bit of sound advice: If you’re headed to Vietnam’s northern city of Hanoi, we’d recommend you pack a pair of elastic-banded pants.
You could spend a week eating your way through the hectic, motorbike-clogged streets of Hanoi’s Old Quarter and never eat the same meal twice. The close cousin to the steamed Chinese baozi can be stuffed with ingredients ranging from pork to mushrooms and quail eggs.
When dawn breaks, we suggest you seek out these rice-flour rolls wrapped around minced mushrooms and pork. Made with turmeric and plenty of coconut milk, the crispy rice-flour crepe classically encases shrimp, pork, onions and perhaps sprouts too. Draft beer is sacred to Vietnam, where tipplers wile away the hours sipping on this crisp, unpasteurized and unfiltered lager—its name roughly translates to “fresh beer”—that’s usually sold for about 25 cents a mug. Carnivores should seek out this southern-Vietnam dish: A bed of rice noodles is topped by tender grilled beef, chopped cucumbers, lettuce, papaya slivers, fresh herbs, crushed peanuts and heaps of crunchy fried onions.
Get your sinuses running with a bowl of this spicy beef-noodle soup that hails from Hu?, Vietnam’s last imperial capital.
When lunchtime hits in Hanoi, the air is perfumed with the scent of sizzling grilled pork, the key component to the city’s signature dish. Slow-moving sea snails are cherished in Hanoi, where they’re served in a steaming noodle soup with a tomato-based broth. Jumpstart your nervous system with a steaming cup of ca phe s?a nong—that is, potent coffee mixed with sweetened condensed milk. Chunks of fish are anointed with plenty of turmeric, then sizzled with heaps of dill and served with rice noodles. The cool, fresh summer rolls are made with rice paper wrapped around herbs, vermicelli noodles, shrimp, pork or whatever vegetables and protein you have on hand. You’ll notice the echoes of Cantonese cuisine in this soup stuffed with squiggly yellow noodles, roasted duck and Chinese broccoli.
Almost everything in Vietnam tastes better after being dunked into this salty-sweet-sour dipping sauce. The classic Vietnamese noodle soup is sold from sunrise to last call on street corners citywide.
Take advantage of Vietnam’s fruit bounty to savor a smoothie made with sweetened condensed milk, crushed ice and your choice of, say, strawberry, mango or lychee. Nothing beats brunch, especially a heaping portion of hash browns, covered with the perfect balance of melted cheddar and jack cheese and scallions. Pasta lovers everywhere will drool over this penne pasta dish with blackened chicken breast, bell peppers, tomatoes, red onions and Cajun cream. Most people head out to Postinos for a glass of wine, but its bruschetta shouldn’t be missed.
This burger definitely deserves to be arrogant, served between a slightly sweet tasting potato bun, the savory charbroiled patty is topped with pickle slices, grilled onions, lettuce and melted cypress grove cheese. Hailed as one of the best taco shops in Arizona, and declared as much by food celebrity Guy Fieri, La Santisima is where it’s at for truly authentic tacos.
From the king of gourmet pizza downtown, Federal pizza offers the Casanova pizza, which may be a bit off the beaten path for your typical pizza connoisseur. La Bocca’s menu is full of great dishes, but their truffle mushroom pizza is something you cannot miss with sauteed mushrooms, roasted tomatoes, goat cheese, mozzarella, fresh spinach lightly tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.
Usually you can find a good burger almost anywhere you go to eat, but this one takes the bun. Located at 10th and Roosevelt streets, nestled amongst houses in the Arts District, Welcome Diner offers a selection of biscuit sandwiches as its main culinary item. You’re going to drink a lot when you visit this cocktail parlor, and its wasabi popcorn is not only addictive but makes an absorbent bed for the libations coming down the hatch. Filled with everything but the kitchen sink, including ham, pork sausage, bacon, green pepper, mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, zucchini and assorted cheeses.
This meal-replacing smoothie is the perfect on-the-go breakfast filled with vitamins, protein, espresso, nonfat milk, peanut butter, banana, chocolate and ice.

In college I was vegan, and my favorite treat was the Coffee Coco Loco tSoynami — a blizzard of soft serve almond-based ice cream and vegan-friendly ingredients.
These award-winning tacos are comprised of BBQ pork, roasted corn and tomato slaw, pickled onions and creme fresca. It doesn’t matter which type of pizza you get from Oregano’s, but trust us when we say it’s worth the 45-minute wait for your deep-dish ‘za. I know this sounds basic, but this is the best slice of cheese pizza I’ve ever had on the West Coast. Del Frisco’s is the ultimate happy hour spot, located in the center of a huge business district at the Esplanade.
This fun appetizer comes highly recommended from just about everyone who steps through Culinary Dropout’s door. The city is a wonderland of cheap eats and drinks, offering an endless variety of soups, noodles, buns, rolls and sandwiches paired with plenty of fresh herbs — and fresh beer, too. It’s given a Southeast Asian twist by stuffing it with pate, mayonnaise, pickled carrots and daikon, jalapenos and gobs of cold cuts. The swine is served alongside a sweet ’n’ salty broth, slices of green papaya, rice noodles and fresh herbs as far as the eye can see. The noodle soup is composed of a tomato-based broth filled with plenty of crab and bobbing chunks of tomato. It’s composed of fish sauce, citrus juice, sugar, water and, if you prefer, garlic and hot peppers.
The broth is typically made from long-boiled beef bones and spices such as star anise and cinnamon. Even before buying the tickets and places to stay, I usually take a look of the typical food need to try. ChocolateThe French have transformed the chocolate to art, so it is in Paris that you are going to find the highest concentration of chocolate shops.
FalafelThis is something you will find listed in every guidebook of the foods you must try when visiting Paris. PizzaIf you spend a dinner out in Paris, for that budget you can probably buy a round-trip ticket to Naples and have all the world-class pizza you could ever want..
Duck ConfitThis platter was first created to preserve fresh duck meat for future consumption. Join us on our social networks and help us improve our work by sharing your travel thoughts and ideas!
The spuds deluxe also comes with a choice of two fillings (tastes best with bacon and mushrooms) and you can top it off with an egg cooked any way you like. The charred skirt steak taco includes guacamole, house slaw, grilled onion and crispy leek. And most importantly topped off with white truffle oil that makes the pizza give New York pizza a run for its money.
The Bear, a sausage of your choice wrapped in warm flat bread, smothered in barbecue sauce, peanut butter, and gouda, topped with cracker-jacks. Served with a mix of veggies and chicken, the base for the curry is an avocado broth along with that heat you expect to get with good Thai food. The Delux Burger uses premium (and trust me you can tell) beef, caramelized onions, bits of bacon, blue cheese and arugula served on a toasted baguette. Snoh Ice Shavery is an Asian dessert shop that blends the concept of ice cream and shaved ice into a fluffy treat. The Churchill Grilled cheese is made with smoked mozzarella and Fontana cheese, a honey drizzle, seasonal greens pesto, and to make it complete you can add bacon jelly or a slice of spam if you’re feeling adventurous. Although you can’t really go wrong with any of them, The Bumblebee stands out as one of the best. The sandwich has a delicious, oozing marinara sauce and shredded melted mozzarella cheese on a slightly toasted roll. The rice is topped with lotus root, roasted garlic and whatever meat or fish happens to be on hand.

But because I can’t spend all the time or budget on food, it is important to prioritize.
This is a great chance to treat yourself sweet with the most intense tastes of chocolate in the world. Tourists love Falalel, that’s why you are going to find crowds of people at the falalel restaurants. The favorite selection is the wheel-shaped choux, made with praline buttercream and sprinkled with caramelized almonds. Of all the mouthwatering French pastries, the little round macaron is still one of the most popular ones. And you can start by trying taste your way through each region’s stars, from the mildest to the sharpest cheese. Pair it with the grilled shrimp taco filled with corn salsa, red onion, queso oaxaca and salsa verde. Cripsy beer batter, fresh shark, wrapped in a fresh corn tortilla with crisp cabbage, topped with salsa of your choice from the extensive rotating list of salsas (Tomatillo is recommended for this one). What really makes this pizza is when you order it to go, you get the arugula and dressing separately, which you shake together in a box they give you, and apply it directly on the pizza right before consumption. I bit odd, but when used on the bratwurst is the perfect combination of sweet, salty and savory. Perfect to order for take out, pour a big heaping ladle onto a mound of rice, place a few avocado slices that conveniently come with it, and you’re good to go.
Grilled Maui onions, Cajun spices in the burger and in an aioli sauce with creamy jack cheese.
One of their treats that takes the “cake” has rosewater buttercream atop an orange olive oil cake. Fresh hot biscuit, with a big piece of fried chicken, smothered in local honey, and some house mustard. Start your cure early with these to-die-for Parmesan fries loaded with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, tomatoes and bacon, topped with sour cream, and two sunny-side-up eggs. All I add is a little garlic, Parmesan and red pepper and it makes me feel like I’m in New York. It’s a series of turkey pastrami, melted Swiss cheese, creamy coleslaw and an amazing homemade spicy honey mustard. You can try these different platters or dine on dairy delights at specificaly cheese restaurants. Whether you’re just in town for the weekend or are a regular at some of the restaurants below, here are the 50 best things to eat in Phoenix (in no particular order). Each bite you get a little salt from the prosciutto, some sweetness from the dates, and a fresh crunch from the arugula. It’s light and refreshing enough to beat the heat when you’re craving something sweet. The neighbourhood, the traditional Jewish quarter of Paris, is full of falafel joints, they run like a machine.
La Patisserie des Reves, Jacques Genin, Boulangerie Bo, Le Moulin de la Croix Nivert & Sebastien Degardin. Nothing unusual, just high-quality ingredients, and the nearest perfection you can get for a burger.
If you want to try one of the favorite elections choose the croissant au beurre, is made with pure butter and usually long and straight.

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