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THE HEALTHY PREGNANCY BOOK guides expectant mothers and fathers through all stages of pregnancy from preconception through birth, focusing on how to enhance the health of mother and baby.
The Healthy Pregnancy Book is the must-have resource to fit the greater demands of today’s savvy parents.
Jennifer is excited to share her newly revised and updated eBook formerly called Slim Mom Secrets. The best way to add calories so you don’t put on excess body fat (and how many calories you need to add for your growing baby).
Nine warnings you must not miss to ensure the safety and health of your baby and yourself, including which sports are dangerous to engage in while pregnant.
The “secret” exercise that strengthens your pelvic floor and promotes easier labor and delivery (backed by a medical journal).

How to get comfortable sleeping, including a specially-designed prop for the last two trimesters.
Discover some of the best styles and which fashions look best on you while you’re pregnant (plus, what to wear while you work out).
Why pregnant moms are susceptible to varicose veins and what you can do to keep from getting them (start today for best results).
Jennifer shares her personal story of giving birth to her son, and how she “beat the odds” and avoided a C-section.
The big debate: natural childbirth or not?  See what experts have to say about this hot topic. A must have list on what to take to the hospital!  This will help you be ready and not forget any crucial items.

Are you worried about having postpartum depression?  Discover the four things your brain needs to get your emotions back into balance so you don’t slip into that deep, dark hole. Have you ever felt like shooting the scale?  Save your tears–I’ve got answers for you.
In this uniquely authoritative and comprehensive month-by-month guide, the Searses address emotional and physical changes that take place during pregnancy, baby’s brain development, healthy pregnancy habits, pregnancy superfoods, optimal weight gain, fitness, managing stress, sleep, choosing the right healthcare provider, birthing choices, the transition into parenthood, engaging personal stories, and more.
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