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Big Brothera€™s Scottish contestants now and then, where are the likes of Jason Cowan and Shahbaz Chaudhry now? THE 56-year-old woman will spearhead the Dona€™t Stop a Beating Heart campaign which is being launched amid fears that Scotland could relax abortion laws. A SCOTS woman who had an abortion so she could care for her daughtera€™s baby is to feature in a new pro-life campaign. We will not share your email with anyone for any reasonBut lately many feminists seem more focused on setting “acceptable” conditions and standards of debate than on taking political action to combat sexism and sexual assault.Last week, scientist Matt Taylor’s momentous Rosetta mission achievement of landing a spacecraft on a comet was overshadowed by a garish bowling shirt he wore to a press conference depicting busty, leather-clad anime women straight out of the Heavy Metal comic series. The event was sponsored by a student pro-life group and had all the ingredients to provoke an impassioned campus protest: two men, both right-leaning, debating an issue not often debated in England.

And what do they know about terminating a pregnancy anyway?It’s a fair question, one that could have been put to either journalist in a spirited debate (the very thing we expect to happen within the walls of a university). Or better yet, instead of wasting an evening listening to two men do battle over who controls a woman’s uterus, the aggrieved, pro-choice student could have simply skipped the event altogether.But for those who were offended that someone with a penis might discuss abortion at all, opting to skip the event wasn’t enough. Does anyone really want to return to the period of sidelined, shrill feminism?”To sit at the “cool kids’ table of society” is to be in a position of power, backed by the rallying cries of other feminist cool kids. This newly exalted position also comes with responsibility to challenge fellow feminists and engage in debates about everything from reproductive rights to pay equity.
And now, more than ever, feminists at the head of that cool table should fight feminism’s increasingly censorious instinct as doggedly as they fight for equality.READ THIS.

Some 75 students signed a lengthy letter condemning his “overly narrow view of the purpose of processes that allow survivors to report sexual misconduct and seek support on college campuses.”The letter gave the impression that Rubenfeld had no support at Yale, but some students have quietly taken his side. There are concerns it could lead to abortion tourism, with Scots travelling to England to terminate late pregnancies or vice versa if different restrictions apply.

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