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Women naturally stop menstruating during pregnancy, long-term breastfeeding, and menopause. If you have primary ovarian insufficiency and you’re under age 30, your doctor may check your chromosomes to see if a genetic abnormality is the cause.
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The difficulty of treating scoliosis in the young is controlling the scoliosis without interfering with growth of the spine. Treatment in children under 10 years of age aims at avoiding fusion (except in special circumstances). In young children, plaster jackets are applied around the trunk under a general anaesthetic to straighten the curve.

Braces similar to those used in adolescents are commonly used when there is a progressive curve between about 20 and 50 degrees. The cause is unknown, but possible factors include birth position and sleeping position after birth.
Given that scoliosis is driven by growth, one occurring in younger children is more likely to need treatment than those seen in adolescence. However, after the operation they are lengthened by placing a rotating magnet on the skin. For reasons that are not known, the bigger the curve the more likely it is that it will be in a girl. Long term, this can lead to breathing and blood pressure problems (pulmonary hypertension) in adulthood. The principle of the surgery is to put anchor points on the upper and lower ends of the curve (screws or hooks), without exposing the rest of the spine.

It tends to improve with simple measures such as stretching and changing sleeping position. A scoliosis developing over the age of 5 does not significantly impact on heart and lung development. Casting is useful in treating small, fast-growing children where a brace would be quickly outgrown, or when curves are too big to be braced (generally over 50 degrees).
This avoids repeated trips to the operating theatre and more frequent lengthenings probably protect the spine from the stiffness seen in a). Early diagnosis and treatment is important as the smaller curves are truly curable in most cases.

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