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Teigen and Legend got married two years ago, but Teigen told fellow supermodel Tyra Banks she would have had kids five or six years ago if it had happened naturally. Teigen also said she had been bombarded with insensitive questions about why she hadn't started a family yet. After struggling to get pregnant, Kandi Burress and Todd Tucker are finally expecting a new baby.
Tags: bravo reality showsbravo reality tvbravo's real housewives of atlantabravo's real housewives of atlanta 2015chateau shereecynthiacynthia launches eye wear lineDr. I currently live in Louisiana and have worked in marketing and public relations for nine years.
The 34-year-old star, who has a daughter -- North West, shared about her struggle at the E! Trishala wishes 'happy birthday' to late granddad Sunil Dutt in the most adorable way possible!
Housefull 3 movie review: This paisa vasool entertainer will make you bow down to Akshay Kumar's comic timing! Judge Douglas Gerlach, who presided over the case, said that Thomas had not provided adequate evidence to prove he was a man at the time he got married to Nancy. Nancy Beatie’s attorney, David Higgins, told reporters that if Thomas appealed the judge’s decision, his client would likely join him. Get this story and more dating and relationship news sent directly to your inbox! Click Here to subscribe to our free newsletter.

Pittsburgh’s Action News 4 reports that charges were finally filed on Bill Cosby Wednesday for sexual assault.
The news comes after Teigen publicly revealed in September that she had spent years struggling to get pregnant. As Mark Zuckerberg, Tyra Banks, and Chrissy Teigen have all recently discussed a€” you have NO idea what's going on with couples in terms of health issues. Notable struggles in Phaedra and Cynthia‘s marriages lead you to believe that we may see multiple divorces before when this season wraps. Jackie’s office (Married to Medicine), Kandi explained that the couple had been trying to get pregnant the old-fashioned way, but nothing happened. I enjoy dance, traveling, TV, talking about TV, and sometimes pretending I'm on TV (just kidding). Thomas, a transgendered Arizona man who birthed his three children after discovering his wife couldn’t become pregnant, is having a hard time divorcing his wife Nancy of nine years.
The lack of sufficient evidence to prove his gender at the time of his marriage means the marriage was never valid. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who is also expecting a child, recently wrote that he and his wife had suffered three miscarriages.
And finally, the return of Marlo, Sheree, and Nene are the icing on the cake to a drama-filled season 8. The couple had been struggling to get pregnant, but after using IVF, Kandi was now 12 weeks pregnant.

Meanwhile, Cynthia discovered a video of Peter that went viral featuring him in a compromising position with another woman. Jackie, Kandi went on IVF and Kandi was proud to announce she was 12 weeks and 4 days pregnant. He cited a recent state proposal to protect businesses from being sued if they prohibit patrons from using restrooms that don’t accord with the sex on their birth certificate. Porsha’s new and much younger boyfriend, Duke, came to Atlanta for a romantic visit, and Phaedra was still adjusting to life as a single mom.
During her ultrasound, Kandi mentioned that since they already had two girls, they were hoping this baby was a boy. David Cantor, the attorney representing Thomas, said that the ruling was frustrating for his client and especially for his girlfriend, Amber Nicholas, who appeared with him as he spoke to reporters. At the party, Kenya got into it with Peter when she confronted him about the video, but she didn’t stop there. Jackie urged Kandi to cut back on her work load because she is considered a high-risk pregnancy- she is over 35 years-old and has had fibroids in the past. I’m so glad this marriage is thriving after everything they went through with Mama Joyce last season.

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