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Promptly running out to grab soil samples and my soil test kit, here’s what I found out. There are some readily available, organic sources of nitrogen to test if your plants would grow better with a nitrogen boost.
Used coffee grounds can be collected in mass from any Starbucks, where they give it away for free.
I did a side by side comparison of those 3 nitrogen sources on my red twig dogwood babies.  Honestly, I dont expect to see results this late in the season, but ya never know.
One last note, planting a fall cover crop of legumes in bare areas where plants are done growing can greatly increase nitrogen levels, breaks up compact soil and guards against soil erosion. I have seen small differences in P and K in different soil samples, but the nitrogen levels are always low. If I test commercial potting soil it gives high N, but that is probably due to some readily available nitrogen ion, that the kit detects, but it doesn’t detect the normal soil nitrates. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. The Hach Soil Fertility Test Kit is designed for economical on-site evaluations of soil fertility.
Designed for economical on-site evaluations of soil fertility, the Hach soil fertility test kit provides a simple, effective way for analysts to determine nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium content of the soil.
Many projects have used cameras to document the presence of wildlife in certain areas, but few compare to the scale of Snapshot Wisconsin , a citizen science project using trail cameras to study wild animals living throughout the state.
Those leading the project say that the sheer scale of the operation along with the number of cameras involved makes it unique.

For the first time, researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland have found methane-producing microbes in a set of freshwater springs called The Cedars in Sonoma County, California. Scientists took water samples from the springs and compared methane levels of samples where the microbes were destroyed versus ones containing live microbes. Thanks to a sediment survey recently completed on Texas State University’s campus lake , known as Spring Lake, we now know that the water body existed more than a thousand years ago, according to a release from the university. The cores showed that there was an ancient lake where today’s Spring Lake sits, and that the water body likely existed between 1,600 and 1,200 years ago. Organic Phosphorus Sources - promotes root development, improves flower color and disease resistance.
Garden Lime - (pulverized limestone) Mix into the soil as directed to neutralize acid soil, or raise the pH to an alkaline level. Dear User, Please use the drop downs below to locate your city by first selecting the country and then the state. If you’re unsure about your soils ph and essential nutrients, it might be time to check with a soil test kit. I agree with Marie that fall is the time to test your soils ph and nutrient fertility then add the correct amendments to your garden soil before spring.
1- Straight compost and 2- plain compacted topsoil with no amendments, testing each for soil Ph, Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium. Researching organic sources of nitrogen, I found a few other people with the same test results and some interesting information about a soil test kits ability to pinpoint accurate levels of nitrogen.
The availability of nitrogen varies with temperature, moisture and activity of the organisms living in it.

In the spring, till the remains right into the soil.  I planted soybeans purchased from the grocery store. Instead of a few cameras, the project is relying on more than 4,000 of them planned for launch in coming months. As of mid May, some 500 cameras had been deployed, mostly in Iowa and Sawyer counties, the first two counties in the state to take part. Serpentinization is a process common on the ocean floor where water reacts with rock to produce a green stone, releasing methane, hydrogen and heat as byproducts. They found that, not only were the methane levels higher in samples with live microbes, they were about 650 percent higher than in samples where microbes had been destroyed. Investigators in the work didn’t uncover any clues as to what might have created the lake but they guess that beavers or prehistoric people may have played a part. If you still can not find your city in the list, please CLICK HERE to submit a request for inclusion of your city. As the plant sends available nitrogen to feed new growth, older leaves lose their color, becoming uniformly pale,  then yellow and eventually white in extreme cases.
That’s way expert ?? I checked out your site, had no idea all the things you can test! Several hundred more cameras will be deployed in the near future as the camera network scales up.

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