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This topic is selfish in comparison to what goes on in the world to women and their children everyday, not just woman, but all living things. If you came to this site pro-choice, has the info you've seen here changed your views?
So, we wait.  We go back in another week and see if anything has sorted itseld out, and if both the baby and my body are still uncooperative by Friday the 13th (yes, indeed!), we have chosen this propitious day to bring our little guy into the world, ready or not. The tail is still there, though, as you can see in the photo to the left.The hormonal changes occuring will make mom tired, sensitive and possibly nausated, to mention some of the more common pregnancy symptoms.
I am also going to link to pictures of what these babies look like after an abortion takes their lives.
When I told them I was pro-life, they made a point to tell me they were "not political" They will not try to sway your decision.

And still, your little tic tac is approximately 10,000 times larger than when you conceived.
The risk is falling rapidly!Mom’s Body Your uterus is now double the size compared to when you first got pregnant and it is expanding quickly. This is a very normal part of pregnancy and you are not alone with your emotional roller coaster ride.The hormones responsible for your moods, may also result in weird, vivid dreams at night. Don’t worry if you start to have weird dreams about your child and pregnancy, or even dreams unrelated to anything normal. Anxiety about becoming a new parent can creep into your subconscious and have a direct effect on your nighttime dreams.The possibility of miscarriage is still very real, and a big stress for many pregnant women. It can be a very difficult time, especially since you have just gotten used to the idea of being a parent.

In most cases, even if you have had one miscarriage before, you are still certainly more likely to carry your baby to full term with no complications. If the doctor or midwife can see an embryo with a beating heart and of the right size when 8 weeks pregnant (i.e next week), chances are very high that it will not be a miscarriage. Image: Image of 7 weeks belly by Mylissa pregnant 2014-10-17+Paula Sharetweet Tags pregnant Related Articles What a midwife does and who else you need for giving birthMay 27, 2016 Dad-to-be feeling pregnant too? Nice to meet you!I'm Paula: mom, writer, blogger and researcher on everything related to babies, teacher in Finance in my "other " life.

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