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The eleven other ladies were clearly well practised at the exercises, despite my being reassured that this was a new beginners class (I’m sure they practice at home to DVDs for a few weeks at least before coming the the actual ckass) and they all were in Lycra, with posh mats and most of them were wearing make up. Legal informationThis site contains a personal blog written and edited by Karen Reekie, The Owner. So I arrived (late) and shuffled into the class, got myself settled right at the back, and realised I hadn’t thought about a mat, to use. It is not easy but Pilates really is a good way to get back into shape after having babies. Please see the ways that we may be able to help you review a product or share news about a service that fits into the content and ethos of our site. All photographs are my own, or are used with the owner's permission and are not to be copied.

Please see the Disclosure related to the forms of compensation we receive in relation to sponsored posts and advertising. Everyone had brought their own, so I had to shuffle to the front and borrow one from the instructor. I did realise that you need bottoms which are elastic at the ankle or when you do some of the moves your trousers tend to start sliding down your leg… and in my case showing the entire class my hairy unshaved lily white legs…!
It is actually good to do Pilates before running again because the hips really are out of sorts.
I could just about manage cross country running,  tennis or hockey (running around a field in the bracing Scottish winter, hitting a ball at a stick and yelling at my team-mates I LOVED!) but classes like aerobics, gymnastic or dance classes (not ballet, I can do that, although I will still stand at the back of the class) I hate being around other people, feeling like I am the only one swaying to the left or star jumping to the right, whilst everyone else goes the other (correct) way. Also I liked a longer length ie to my hips top so as to prevent me revealing further unpleasant mummy tummy flesh!

I did some one-on-one Pilates before classes because there are some crucial small movements required and if done incorrectly can cause strain. I have a couple of really good books that help point out these movements and how to do them correctly.
See it as a journey because you do see incredible improvement in posture, strength, flexibility, etc.

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