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I think it helped, though, that I used to do yoga and was a bit flexible during my pre-pregnancy days. In the latter part of my second trimester, Light’s movements had become more frequent and stronger. Light’s movements, although challenging at times, were my assurances that she is alive and safe inside. This is surely one thing every one of us pregnant women will experience in our second trimester. I read that pelvic pressures were absolutely normal as my baby grows, and that I had to continue doing the KEGEL exercise. My OB changed my iron supplements from Iberet-Folic to Sangobion, which has a stool softener.
The second phase of the glorious 9-month journey, the second trimester comes with a new set of body changes for you while your baby continues developing in the womb. These thirteen weeks see major developments in the growing fetus as the skeleton and other bony structures begin to mature, followed by the fat layer under his translucent skin [5].
By the end of the trimester, his hearing skills [7] are developed enough for him to respond to your voice. These 13 weeks are often considered the best in the 40-week journey as most of the unpleasant symptoms from the first trimester begin to subside around this time, while it is still too early for the late pregnancy symptoms to come. You will probably start to feel some of the pregnancy aches as the growing uterus leads to back pain and round ligament pain [12]. Since the nausea and vomiting takes a back seat around this time, your appetite is likely to get better while you may be having certain food cravings as well [14]. An ultrasound scan is performed halfway through the pregnancy, between the 18th and 20th weeks (the anomaly scan), to evaluate the size and physical features of your baby [23]. The fetal skeleton is visible through the transparent skin [17] during early second trimester while an ultrasound also allows you to find out your baby’s sex after week 18 [15]. Maternal serum alpha-fetoprotein and multiple marker screening are both optional screening blood tests offered routinely during the second trimester. Warning signs: While occasional mild headaches are quite normal, make sure to contact your health care provider in case of sudden shooting headaches as they may indicate high blood pressure or even preeclampsia [20].
Fetal nutrition: The umbilical cord continues growing thicker to carry more nutrients to the developing fetus.
Exercise: Working out throughout pregnancy is the best way to keep your weight gain in check, with swimming being a suitable exercise as the water helps you relax by supporting your growing belly.
Once you have taken care of your diet and lifestyle to keep your baby healthy, you can move on to the fun part. Your baby todayThe developing eyes are now facing forward and the baby's right ear can also be seen here. It's never too early to start planning what you'll need to buy for your baby, even if you don't want to start shopping just yet. Now that you're in your safer second trimester, you may be tempted to start buying a few baby items, unless you're superstitious and would prefer to wait. Tell us your due date to receive our daily newsletter and find out what is happening in this day of your pregnancy!
When the going gets tough, follow these tips to help your marriage during the stressful newborn months. Sign up for our free email newsletters and receive the latest advice and information on all things parenting. Sign up to stay informed with the latest womens health updates on MedicineNet delivered to your inbox FREE! It’s not a nice sight to see on my legs so I try my best not to overdo them and my feet. On my 24th week, the pressure on my pelvic area had become painful at times, especially standing up after being seated for a long time.
He is almost as big as a lemon at the start of this trimester [1], growing about the size of a zucchini by the time you enter the next stage [2]. Some women are lucky enough to even feel their baby’s first movements (quickening) during this period [8, 9].

The hCG hormone levels gradually decrease, with the better balance of estrogen and progesterone levels contributing to reduced symptoms of fatigue and morning sickness [10]. Many women, especially those in their second or subsequent pregnancy, start getting Braxton Hicks contractions or the false contractions usually after the 20th week [13]. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that eating for two does not mean having two portions of every food on the table (although you could easily eat that much if given a chance).
Your sonographer measures the baby’s head circumference to ensure proper skull and brain development [16]. Depending on the medical history of the mother, one of these tests is performed to assess the risk of certain genetic disorders and neural tube defects such as Down syndrome, trisomy 18 and spina bifida [18, 19]. Other possible warning signs at this stage include severe back or stomach cramps, bleeding, watery discharge or leaking amniotic fluid and diarrhea lasting for days [21]. But at the same time, harmful substances are also more likely to reach the baby through the cord. Short-listing the names you like for your coming baby, taking a babymoon, shopping for maternity clothes and decorating the nursery are just a few of the things you can do. Your baby spends most of the time in a curled position, often with legs crossed, and hands close to the face.
A good reason to start shopping in this trimester is that your energy levels should be at their pregnancy peak. Get shopping and safety tips for choosing a bassinet, play yard, or other crib alternative that will fit in your bedroom, per AAP guidelines.
If your baby is a girl, her uterus and ovaries are in place, and a lifetime supply of eggs have formed in the ovaries. I had to hold on to my husband for support whenever I needed to take a step up or a step down.
It had become harder to walk and I had to be more cautious of my surroundings so I wouldn’t slip.
Sleeping on my back had become more difficult because the weight of my belly was putting more pressure onto my organs, making it harder for me to somehow breathe. Unfortunately, I already had varicose veins (mostly on my feet) even before I got pregnant. Now, even when I’m just seated for a short period of time, when I stand up, I can really feel something heavy pushing down there. It’s just hard because my appetite seemed to increase in the middle of the second trimester. I think overall during my first trimester I only had to pee one more time in the middle of the night.
Another good news is that the risk of miscarriage has now dropped considerably, as over 80% pregnancy loss occurs within the first 13 weeks [24]. However, constipation, heartburn, indigestion and frequent urination are some of the symptoms that are likely to remain [11]. In later months, you will find it too tiring to carry your belly, as well as your bags, around the stores and a shopping trip may not be your favorite pastime. Although, I have to admit that I am having a harder time now (starting from my second trimester) compared to the first trimester.
But in the latter part of my second trimester, it had become more difficult to do those things. However, for me, here are the Top Ten CHALLENGING experiences of my second trimester of pregnancy.
But overall, I also felt like for a pregnant woman, I was doing pretty good with balancing my body.
That when I dropped something, it took me longer to pick it up (and I had to make twice the effort doing it). It usually took us about half an hour to an hour travel time to get to the office so I was sitting in the car for that long. I can eat (in moderation) almost anything I want without having to worry about getting big. One time, though, it was hard because both my legs cramped and I couldn’t reach them on time.

Learn what you can do to accept and love your pregnant body in our Pregnancy and body image section.During the first trimester your body undergoes many changes. They say that as you enter your second trimester, your pregnancy experience will become much better. Definitely there was a big change in the way I walked and the way gravity felt like during my pre-pregnancy days compared to NOW.
I also had to adjust moving into tight openings and to make sure I didn’t bump my BUMP. Ask friends to recommend their favorite strollers, cribs, slings, and car seats, then check prices so you can plan your budget. I just never imagined that it would be this difficult to control my weight gain (which is important, by the way), especially since I was eating in moderation.
I had to wake up my husband (who was happily snoring beside me) to help relax my leg muscles. During the second trimester, though, I had to go to the bathroom twice during the night and in the morning, every 2-3 hours or so. Okay, it was a happy experience feeling more of your baby’s movements and seeing your baby grow (as your belly grows). DoctorI've just told my parents I'm pregnant but they reacted very negatively because they don't approve of my partner.
I dragged myself to completing my daily to do list during the last month of my second trimester. Creating a baby with someone is the ultimate commitment, and marks an important life-changing event. For your parents, it is a signal that your partner isn't going anywhere, however much they might disapprove of him.Once things have calmed down, suggest that your parents take the pregnancy as an opportunity to reestablish their relationship with your partner and wipe the slate clean.
If you feel you must use depilatory creams and bleaches, do a patch test first and keep the room well ventilated to avoid fumes.If you're waxing, be aware that your skin may be more sensitive during pregnancy. But it is just as important to stay informed about your pregnancy during these months.You might notice that symptoms like nausea and fatigue are going away. This is sometimes called the mask of pregnancy.Numb or tingling hands, called carpal tunnel syndromeItching on the abdomen, palms, and soles of the feet. Plus, many women find breathing difficult and notice they have to go to the bathroom even more often.
This is a normal, natural process that helps the birth canal (vagina) to open during the birthing process. A woman who has an ultrasound in the second trimester or later might be able to find out the baby's sex.Eyelids close to protect the developing eyes. They will not open again until the 28th week.Head growth has slowed, and your baby is much longer. You can nearly see through it.Meconium (mih-KOH-nee-uhm) develops in your baby's intestinal tract.
You might feel slight fluttering.Your baby is covered by fine, downy hair called lanugo (luh-NOO-goh) and a waxy coating called vernix. This protects the forming skin underneath.Eyebrows, eyelashes, fingernails, and toenails have formed.
If your baby is a girl, her uterus and ovaries are in place, and a lifetime supply of eggs have formed in the ovaries.Your baby stores fat and has gained quite a bit of weight. Your baby's organs are ready to function on their own.As you near your due date, your baby may turn into a head-down position for birth. Most babies "present" head down.At birth, your baby may weigh somewhere between 6 pounds 2 ounces and 9 pounds 2 ounces and be 19 to 21 inches long.

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