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For about 20 percent of couples, there's no obvious reason why it's taking so long to conceive.
The lesson: "Blood type serves only as an alert -- it's not a risk factor," stresses Lubna Pal, MD, the study's senior author and a researcher in reproductive endocrinology, who doesn't want healthy women to worry needlessly. For prospective dads, the usual fertility workup (sperm count, volume, concentration, motility and morphology) doesn't reveal the whole picture, says Sheena Lewis, a professor of reproductive medicine at Queen's University Belfast. The lesson: Consult with your doctor about a test such as the comet assay, which, Lewis says, measures the amount of DNA damage in individual sperm. In the winter, couples who live near the Arctic Circle don't conceive as often as usual -- and it's not because they don't have sex in the nearly-round-the-clock dark, report scientists at Austria's University of Graz.
The lesson: We're exposed to many sources of BPA throughout the day -- and levels constantly rise and fall with exposure, Hauser says.
Unfortunately, other hormone-altering chemicals -- PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) and similar pollutants -- linger in the body, says Germaine Louis Buck, PhD, at the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development. The lesson: Louis Buck says the best thing to do is to limit exposure by cutting away the fat from meat or fish (how to prepare fish to reduce PCBs) and eat fewer animal products overall.
Among some researchers, there’s a concern that electromagnetic radiation (EMR) may scramble a man's sperm, with the cell phone being a primary offender. The lesson: Research is ongoing, but to be safe, keep laptops and cell phones away from privates.
Doctors believe that the number of eggs you have at birth determines the length of time you will remain fertile. I’ve written before about why not to get a flu shot, but the concerns are different for expectant mamas.
Pregnant women are more susceptible to the flu and to serious complications of flu, like pneumonia.
Babies are at high risk of complications from the flu, but cannot get vaccinated until they are 6 months old. I don’t fault my pregnant patients for choosing to get a flu shot, and I even understand that their doctors think they are providing sound advice.
In fact, the warnings on the inserts of flu vaccines clearly state that “safety and effectiveness have not been established in pregnant women or nursing mothers,” yet the shot is routinely administered to these very women for the protection of their pregnancies.
There are also known long-term health risks to getting flu shots including serious health conditions such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome, vascular disorders, and narcolepsy. When pharmaceutical companies develop a new flu shot each year, they have to guess at which three of out of hundreds of potential strains will be most likely to infect the population. The largest scientific study to date included 49,585 pregnant women who were part of the Kaiser Permanente healthcare organization in Northern California over five flu seasons, as well as 48,639 live births among the same pool during the same time period.
Regarding the claim that flu increases risks to the fetus, this report in the Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons concluded that true flu infection had no significant impact on labor outcomes, health of the newborn, or maternal well-being, and recommends that the CDC should withdraw their recommendation to recommend the flu shot during pregnancy. One thing your doctor and I can certainly agree upon is that we don’t want your newborn to get the flu.
Avoiding cold and flu when you have a newborn in the house should be taken very seriously whether or not you choose to get a flu shot during pregnancy. Aside from commonsense measures, the key to defending against the flu (for any human) is to build a strong immune system.
In my family we try to get plenty of sunshine so that our bodies can naturally produce vitamin D.
In addition to vitamin D, there are other natural remedies such as elderberry syrup and colloidal silver that can be quite effective at warding off cold and flu.
While you are correct that the flu shot is not one of our most effective vaccines, it’s inaccurate to say that there have not been studies of its safety. It’s also problematic to say the flu is not dangerous to pregnant women, who are much more likely to have complications.
Last year I got the preservative free flu shot when I was in my second trimester with my 3rd.
This article doesn’t prevent much data to show that the flu shot can cause actual harm.
They recently started pushing DTaP at my office saying that the immunity will pass to the baby.

For those with type O who have been struggling to conceive, she says, the best thing to do with this information is to weigh it with other factors known to reduce fertility.
Problem is, those tests don't detect sperm DNA damage, which Lewis and her colleagues pegged as the major culprit behind "idiopathic infertility" (when doctors have no clue why you're not pregnant yet). The slowdown may happen because they're deficient in vitamin D, which the body synthesizes from sunlight.
But because it can be hard to get enough from the winter sun or from food, the Endocrine Practice Guidelines Committee recommends a moderate 1500–2000?IU daily supplement.
Keep your daily load as low as possible and find BPA-free alternatives to those water bottles, cans…and, yes, that pocket rocket.
Regardless of diet or exposure, a delay doesn't mean doom: About 80 percent of the couples conceived within a year of trying.
Keep up the regimen when you're pregnant; that same bacteria-triggered inflammation is associated with miscarriage, low birth rate and premature birth. Several studies found a connection between sperm damage and the habit of carrying a cell phone in a pocket or hip belt, near the reproductive organs. Your fertility is mostly determined by genetics, which influences how many eggs you are born with.
They don’t take decisions about their health lightly, yet I am surprised by the number of pregnant women I know who get a flu vaccine without a second thought. High fevers in the first trimester have been associated with an increased rate of birth defects. Flu during pregnancy seems to increase the risks of miscarriage, premature birth, and low birth weight.
Babies born to pregnant women who have received the flu shot are less likely to develop flu and related complications.
I do, however, believe there is an urgent need for education around the flu shot during pregnancy, and that we need to take pause before we mass-inoculate our childbearing women against a largely harmless illness.
As I explored in this post about the tetanus shot, the toxic substances in vaccines unnecessarily raise your body’s antibody titer (the number of good guys fighting the bad). This is usually based on the strains that have affected other global populations in their most recent flu seasons. Luckily there are safe and effective measures to take that are far more effective than flu shots. If you have small children that are heading off to school or daycare, it may be inevitable that sick germs penetrate your home.
Sure, you may still get sick, but if your body is well-rested, nourished and healthy, your symptoms are likely to be less severe and it will be less likely that your cold or flu will advance into life-threatening pneumonia. Despite living in sunny Southern California, I find that many (if not most) of my patients have inadequate vitamin D levels when checked with a blood test. Read about foods to fortify your immune system in this post, and cold and flu remedies that actually work here.
Edward Yazbak, MD, “Influenza Vaccination During Pregnancy: A Critical Assessment of the Recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP),” Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons 11, no. I posted at least 5 other sources that say vaccinations are for the health of the baby and are not dangerous to pregnant women– but this blog author will only post one of my sources. I was pretty much forced by my obgyn to get the flu shot while pregnant with child number 3.
My OB told me definitely not to get one in the first trimester of pregnancy but it is true that you are more at risk for a worse case of the flu being pregnant. But a study at Yale University School of Medicine got our attention when it found that, among female fertility patients in their 30s, those with type O were twice as likely as other blood types to have a hormone profile that made their ovaries seem older than their age.
For instance, if you also smoke or your mother reached menopause at an early age, this finding might prompt you to adopt a healthier lifestyle and to talk to your doctor sooner than you might otherwise.
In their study, a striking 80 percent of cases with that diagnosis were resolved after testing for sperm DNA damage. Traces of PCBs are nearly everywhere, but a major source is animal fat, where toxins can accumulate. Periodontal (gum) disease delays a positive pregnancy test by two months or more, found an Australian study. Another study targeted that other indispensable EMR-emitting tool: the WiFi-enabled laptop computer.

For every egg ovulated during your reproductive life, about 1,000 eggs undergo programmed cell death. This in turn can create an autoimmune response where the body is actually weakened from the vaccine, leading to more susceptibility to infection and chronic illness.
Do you best to teach hand washing, prevent your children from touching or sneezing on your baby, and load your older children with immune boosters. While babies are born with immature immune systems, breastfed babies are blessed with a shared immunity with their mothers and are less likely to get sick than their bottle-fed peers.
For most people in the Northern Hemisphere, a supplement is the best way to build up your immunity, and there are many delicious food sources for getting enough vitamin D as well.
I have gotten grief from my current OB provider (switching soon) and this post gives me the actual information to backup my decision.
Or otherwise have contact with -- and absorb too much of—things that contain the estrogen-mimicking plastic-softening chemical BPA (Bisphenol A).
While women with healthy mouths took an average of five months to conceive, those who had periodontal disease took a little over seven months.
Compared to non-users, men who used laptops on their laps—for four hours with WiFi on -- had 25 percent immobile sperm (vs. Other things, such as smoking cigarettes and certain types of chemotherapy, can accelerate egg cell death and promote an earlier menopause. The best thing we can do to help deter the flu is as simple as washing hands with soap and warm water! Most of the articles include very small study numbers…183 is nowhere near an adequate, or even respectable, number to report. In my heart, even though it would be so hard either way…I would rather have something happen because of trying to protect myself and child. Vitamin D-deficient rats have elevated FSH levels, take much longer to conceive, and more often miscarry. In one investigation that took place at the Massachusetts General Hospital Fertility Center, patients with the highest BPA levels produced 24 percent fewer eggs than average; of those eggs, 27 percent fewer could be fertilized, and fewer embryos implanted. Making them wait to hold your bundle of joy is better than them infecting your newborn with the plague. When only 220 pregnant women were admitted for confirmed influenza complications in the 2012-2013 season, to even bother publishing such small studies is laughable at best and purposely misleading to the public at worst.
She was my only child to have issues with eczema and I now believe I have Hasimotos (which I may have for years). And in IVF studies, low vitamin D is a predictor of failure, while sufficient levels are associated with a four-times higher success rate. In another study, scientists exposed immature eggs to BPA; the higher the dose, the likelier those eggs were to degenerate or, oddly, act as if they were fertilized even though they weren't. Swollen gums and deep pockets around the teeth breed bacteria, which enter the bloodstream and trigger inflammation -- potentially reducing an embryo's chances of implantation. See how far any of these studies gets with application of the gold standard for research: a randomized, double-blind trial.
I don’t know if getting the flu shot during pregnancy contributed but it makes me mad that I did.
The good news is that our bodies metabolize BPA rapidly, explains study author Russ Hauser, MD, MPH, ScD, a professor at Harvard School of Public Health.
All other retrospective articles are prone to high levels of error through bias and poor data collection.
What about all the years my older children got the flu shot or nose spray for the flu because I was told it was a good thing.
Now, I find out that if your immune system is weak you can still have lingering viruses in your body that contribute to adrenal fatigue and autoimmune issues.
I HAVE to get my children vaccinated due to daycare and school and my husband is a teacher and completely believes in them.

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