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Obviously, there are other factors to consider like male fertility and how often a couple has sex, but there you go.
Shouldn’t the probability of conception after 60 months for a 35 year old be the same as the probability of conception after 0 months for a 40 year old? People get married at various ages, but there are definite trends that vary across demographic groups. We don’t all start our work days at the same time, despite what morning rush hour might have you think.
There are statistics here and there, but none provide a good overview of the probabilities.

In fact, even this statistic is over-optimistic: at this age, fertility is rapidly decreasing, and a 1% MFR at age 45 will mean a much lower MFR at age 47 and the negative binomial model breaks down.
Even though the 35 year old at 60 months is at the same AGE as a 40 year old, the circumstances described by this study are very different for the two.

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