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Below is an example page of the Printable Companion Pose Guides that come with YogaDownload brand audio classes.
You need to have Adobe Reader on your computer to open our printable companion pose guides.
Printable companion pose guides are .PDF files which show the sequence of yoga poses that correspond with a particular class. Printable companion pose guides are available for all YogaDownload (YDL)  brand audio yoga classes, as well as some of the classes offered by our content partners. A download link for a your printable companion pose guide, along with the download link for the corresponding audio file for the class, will be made available in the 'downloads' section of your account page after you complete your purchase. Once saved to your computer, we recommend that you look over the printable companion pose guide before performing your class.

Coming soon - you can also refer to our complete online yoga Pose Guide for a list of yoga positions, larger views of the poses, and detailed information about each yoga pose.
Wednesdays 7pm-8pm with CatherynSaturdays 12 - 1 pm with CatherynThe perfect class for the expectant mom. Pose guides can be saved to your computer and easily printed for use as a visual reference before and during your practice.
You will be able to preview each pose guide before purchasing a class, but the preview versions will not allow you to print or save the guide.
If you find there is a pose that is unfamiliar to you, we suggest looking it up in our 'Pose Guide' section so you may become familiar with the pose before starting your class. If the instructor gave both the Sanskrit and English names during their instructions, the English name is used for the pose guide.

It helps if you put the pages back to back before laminating so that you have a page showing on each side.
Laminating is very inexpensive, usually around 30 - 50 cents per page (so if you put the pages back to back it is per every two pages).

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