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Honestly, I was trying to make a bigger point about our so called leadership in America and how depraved as a society we have come.
I truly wish the degenerate reprobate liberals would make up their minds about babies in the womb.
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The Florida woman lost her baby after she was shot in the stomach earlier this week, allegedly by a woman with whom she'd been feuding on Facebook. Police said Makeisha Nicole Brooks was six months pregnant when her 35-year-old neighbour and acquaintance Virginia Denise Wyche allegedly shot her in the stomach and killed her baby.
Shocking footage taken after the shooting by neighbour Christopher Cash shows the victim slumped in a chair as others rush to help her. The pair had supposedly been fighting on Facebook late Tuesday night, and Brooks went to Wyche's home around noon on Wednesday to confront her about it. The fight turned physical, and according to the arrest report, the pregnant woman slapped Wyche before being shot. The suspect's mother, Lillian Jordan, said she is as confused as everyone else about what led up to the shooting at her home. A fund-raising campaign started by a dying teenage cancer sufferer has passed the incredible total of ?2 million. Stephen Sutton, 19, started the Just Giving page and chronicled his bucket list of last wishes after being diagnosed with colorectal for three years ago. With support from celebrities such as Piers Morgan, Jason Manford and Duncan Bannatyne, donations to the page rocketed, doubling from ?1 million in little over two days. CHEROKEE NATION — A woman who was stopped for allegedly speeding never expected what was about to happen to her as the officer approached her. Then, if anything illegal is found during the search, the officer can make an arrest to boost his career, regardless of whether the person has harmed anybody.
Emily Newman remained seated peacefully inside her vehicle as the officer began circling her with his attack dog. That’s when the dog suddenly lunged into the car and started attacking Emily, according to a family member who witnessed the incident.

This particular attack was so vicious that part of Emily’s face was literally mauled off. The piece of flesh was later found on the road and given to medical staff to be stitched back onto Emily’s face. No further details have been provided by the department as to why the dog was allowed to attack the woman.
An investigation is ongoing and more information should be released soon, according to reports. Filming Cops was started in 2010 as a conglomerative blogging service documenting police abuse. No, your dog woulda been shot once it was 10 feet from the cop, and then the rest of what you said. Right isn’t that what they say no matter what shoot up a kindergarten, beat up old blind woman and shoot her dog.
That is why the Founders and Jesus Christ (Luke 22:36) ordered all citizens to be armed everywhere they went ! I consider myself lucky, i too was pulled over: they said i was going 21 over the posted limit.
I think we , as civilians, should have a right to protect ourselves from cops or their dogs! I see many k9 cops I am right next to a station, they never attack me , they bark but I know better not to walk up to them and never does a police officer walk up to me with his dog.
Killer cops are making their dogs killers too – the dogs only do what they are taught and trained to do.
DOJ: 169 Changes Needed in Police Dept With History of Kidnapping, Beating, Corruption, Poor Leadership, etc.
The current total stands at ?2,126,540.00 from over 88,000 donations which will go to the Teenage Cancer Trust. The aim isna€™t to demonize the natural concept of security provision as such, but to highlight specific cases of State-monopolized police brutality that are otherwise ignored by traditional media outlets. I don’t mean this as a joke but when is it going to be enough of a moral outrage for the American people to act?

If the public would learn the real laws they have access to, they’d not be these victims, and cops would stop their insanity. Supreme Court has ruled on numerous occasions that resisting a false arrest is not merely a citizen’s right, but his DUTY ! I may not be that smart but I am an ex-cop so I know how the dirty bastards work – lol. It is pretty much a daily event to where a police officer or one of their attack dogs maul, beat, sexually assault or murder a citizen more often than not for some minor victimless offense.
And before the Lincoln coup on DC in 1861 that no one today seems to be aware of, it was the armed PEOPLE who were the Law Enforcement. But it seems to me that the cop knew exactly what he was doing by trying to intimidate an innocent person for speeding….
If this is their training then maybe their training needs to be changed and those responsible for said training should be charged..
In fact, the Supreme Court has gone so far as to rule that if a law enforcement officer is killed as a result of actions stemming from a citizen’s attempts to defend themselves against a false arrest, it is the fault of the officer, not the citizen.
Seriously people in the communities where these things happen need to start going after the offenders. I have watched the videos, and there is no doubt in my mind that Kelly was murdered by these officers.
It seems that is the only thing that may work because pursuing them legally through courts and or prosecution etc.. This is just absurd – getting pulled over for speeding and getting a chunk bit out of your face?

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