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Chances are your girlfriends never got around to spilling the nitty-gritty details of what happens during labor.
Labor room pros say a new mom-to-be is often surprised that a doctor isn’t with her during the entire labor process.
Depending on how long you’re at the hospital before you give birth, you may interact with many different people.
Depending on where you deliver, you may or may not automatically get an IV (a flexible catheter placed in your vein to drip in fluids and medication) during labor. Rather than just a quick injection, epidurals — which block the nerves in the lower half of the body, thus providing pain relief — are given with about a liter of fluid, the equivalent of drinking three cans of soda in half an hour.
No matter what kind of labor your mother or sister had, neither you nor your doctor can predict how long or tough your first delivery will be.
Answer these questions: When you stub your toe, bang your knee or bonk your head on the cupboard what do you do?
We can organize coping mechanisms into five categories, auditory, kinesthetic, tactile, visual and olfactory. Visual–A When you go to the dentist or get stuck in traffic if you imagine yourself on a beach this is a good modality for you. Olfactory–A If you sniff every candle in the store or have a supply of essential oils, consider this modality. As you prepare for labor, pay attention to the things in your life that bring you peace, build your confidence, distract you and help you relax.
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Most hospitals have eight- or 12-hour shifts, so if you’re there for 36 hours, you might deal with three different nurses and three different doctors before the baby arrives.

Some hospitals insert IVs as a matter of course to prevent dehydration and to save a step later should you need pain meds or Pitocin, a synthetic hormone that stimulates uterine contractions and is sometimes given after birth to speed up the delivery of your placenta. That's because the medication can dramatically decrease your blood pressure if it's not delivered with fluids, and that can reduce your baby's heart rate.
Whether you are planning to labor without pain medicine or with an epidural, you will experience at least some powerful contractions. A majority of people make some kind of noise when they stub their toe, but for some reason people think that labor should be a quiet process.
Use a birthing ball or rocking chair when you need to rest, otherwise walk or slow dance with your support person.A Rose Medical Center has cordless monitors, so you can move even when your baby needs to be monitored.
Work with your support team to identify coping methods that can be translated into use during labor. At Rose, we believe our doctors are heroes and thank them for the great work they do for our community! Because despite the blood, sweat, and tears that are all part of childbirth, amnesia sets in pretty quickly once that adorable baby finally arrives. Luckily, more and more hospitals and birthing facilities no longer make IVs routine, especially if the mom-to-be specifies in her birth plan that she’d like to avoid one.
Here's what happens during labor if you get an epidural: You can't get up to pee during the process, and afterward your nerves will be too numb to control your urine.
I am not advocating screaming, but mantras or moans in a nice alto range can be very helpful.
If you honor you natural need to move, you will find positions that will help your baby descend into your pelvis. Work with your support people so that they can help you a€?goa€? to your happy place, not just what you see, but feel, smell, taste and hear when you are there.
Your support person doesna€™t have to be professionally A trained–a little lotion and a foot rub can transport you away from contractions. And no matter how much moms-to-be read up on the subject beforehand, doctors, nurses, and midwives say there are still some experiences that surprise their patients on a regular basis.

Disappointing, yes, but you’re really better off waiting it out in the comfort of your own digs. Even if you do end up with an IV, it’s important to keep moving, which will help your baby get in the best position to come out.
At that point, say hello to your catheter (a small, flexible tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder), which allows you to go right where you are. The great news is that all of us have coping mechanisms that we have used and that work for us, you just may not recognize them.
Imagery is when you a€?seea€? your contractions gently opening your cervix and your baby getting lower with each wave. The most important thing to remember is to expect the unexpected, since no birth ever goes exactly according to plan, and relinquishing some control over the process will go a long way toward easing your nerves.
Try to walk a bit, and move around on a birth ball or squat, holding the railing of the bed. As annoying as it sounds, you won't feel the catheter while your epidural is in effect and it'll be removed once it's time to start pushing. You can use imagery to prepare for labor and increase confidence by imagining yourself coping well withA the different stages. If the scent begins to annoy, or you want a different scent, just put the cotton in a plastic bag and take it away. Do not take it personally if the laboring woman all of a sudden tells you a€?dona€™t touch me.a€? What worked in early labor may not work during transition.

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