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One Milwaukee is a citywide initiative to help bridge the gap between the haves and the have nots in Milwaukee. The Pregnant Boys campaign was developed at BVK, Milwaukee, by creative director Gary Mueller, art directors Brent Goral, Giho Lee, copywriters Mike Holicek, Jeff Ericksen, photographer Tim MacPherson.
Are they really pregnant or is that just special effect stuff or something like that?If they really were pregnant wouldn’t that be weird for the doctor to be looking at a boy`s private? Well you know some people are born deformed or with extra limbs well some people can be born with the reproductive system of the opposite gender. Because the questions that people were asking about these boys actually being pregnant were scaring me.
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Aadam Asif is one of only 17 people in the UK to suffer from Niemann-Pick, Type B, which causes an enlarged liver and spleen.
He was born with the condition, which caused his stomach to protrude, but doctors only discovered he had the disease last year.
Aadam Asif, eight, has a rare genetic condition called Niemann-Pick, Type B, that causes his spleen and liver to be enlarged.
Tragically, there is no cure for the disease and Aadam is not expected to live to see adulthood.
His devastated father Mohammed, 36, had no idea he and his ex-wife were both carriers of the Niemann-Pick gene.
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The removed foetus measured 20 cm in width and had a fully formed spine and limbs, including fingers and toes. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The organisation is running a print and online campaign raising awareness of issues surrounding teen pregnancy. It is an arm of the RED brand, which is the continent's largest omni-media group focused on Africa's youth.

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