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Whether a mama-to-be is in the market for cute, sexy, comfy, or homemade, there are plenty of options to accessorize that belly. Cats are one of the most popular costumes for women of any age, but what about a cat's stereotypical love of yarn? One of pregnancy's most classic phrases, a "bun in the oven" is the perfect Halloween costume for an expectant mama.
While you may not think of your pregnancy through construction terms, this couple created the perfect punny Halloween costume featuring "under construction" and "bump ahead" signage. When the little one comes along, parents won't have much time to indulge their inner baby, so parents-to-be should get all of their whining out of the way well in advance of the birth.

Like the pregnant nun, the shotgun bride is one Halloween costume that's sure to get a chuckle no matter how many times it's been done before.
Earth mamas-in-training can practice what they preach in this easy-to-assemble costume, which can be made by simply adorning any green, stretchy clothes with whatever nature-related accessories are lying around. Adorning an about-to-pop belly in some sort of a pumpkin costume is a no-brainer: this cleverly designed, handmade pumpkin skirt can be worn many ways, and for many years, something practical new parents will appreciate. Kotzendes Einhorn ist ein Blog fur Liebe (Opve), Kultur und Revolution in Zeiten der Lethargie. Halloween may normally be all about the cute kiddo costumes, but pregnant ladies have an awfully fun — and relatively rare — opportunity to dress up their bump.

Extra points to the couple who really are planning a walk down the aisle at nine months pregnant! Show off those gorgeous gams and cover up swollen ankles in this surprisingly flattering little number.
Es wurde im Dezember 2009 von Daniel Decker gestartet und sieht sich als offizieller Blog des Einhornismus (aka Einhornism) an.

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