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Sometimes, you accept your fate after that single test, shrug it off and go wait for your period to start. Unfortunately, for women trying to conceive, and more so for those who have been on the case for a while, we have had this awful awful experience. Because I knew my 2 week wait symptoms were so deceptive, every cycle I would make sure I watched out for the symptoms I had the previous cycle which, obviously, did not lead to anything. The day I would take a pregnancy test, my ??pregnancy?? symptoms would be so strong that I would barely be able to get out of bed. It definitely was worth the wait, and immediately erased the pain from my earlier disappointments. Whether in black and white, as with the digital tests, or that lonely line from the regular tests, the sting is just as painful. I have discussed the 2 week wait and its faux symptoms have in another article, but reference has to be made to how we go through the motions and have symptoms so strong that we are sure this cycle SURELY has to be the one.
Then I would experience a completely new symptom that would convince me that, since I didna??t have that symptom the previous cycle, it could only mean one thing; pregnancy. Often times, I would feel so ill and nauseous, that I would mostly be useless to myself that day.
If you are still walking that road, I join hands with you in prayer and wish you the breakthrough of a positive pregnancy test, that will lead to a happy and healthy pregnancy, which will heal all the heartbreak from the previous failed cycle.

Fibroids usually are as a result of excessive estrogen, which often comes hand in hand with diminished progesterone, both of which can wreck havoc on your cycles, and ovulation i n particular.
I also read online that early menopause can occur before the age of 40 and this got me scared. I use a private hospital on the mainland which is run by a Gynaecologist who works in the Lagos state General hospital. It’??s day 1 of a new cycle, and you are armed with the fierce determination to do everything differently this cycle. I was convinced each cycle was different from the previous one, but they mostly turned out the same. Give yourself the morning, afternoon, evening, or even the whole day to be disappointeda?¬¶to cry, vent, whatever works best for you.
You eat right, take your vitamins, watch out for your ovulation with a keener eye than an FBI agent, you have enough sex to get you covered and then you wait. Even though I had digital tests, I couldn’t be bothered to waste them, so I used one of the regular ones at first.
Because you are so sure you have done everything right, you mark your calendar for the day your period is supposed to show up, making a mental note to stock up on pregnancy tests before that time.
The day or 2 leading up to my period, I would have so many damp panty moments, that would see me racing to the toilet to check.

You mustn’??t forget that are in a brand new cycle, there is really no time to waste. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw 2 lines, so much so that I immediately ran to fetch my digital ones.
You go through the 2 week wait with so much confidence; experiencing all the symptoms you are supposed to. Then when I would see nothing, I would be so pleased because, after all, increased cervical mucus and period-like feelings were one of the most common pregnancy symptoms, right?! If you are trying naturally, start prepping yourself and your partner for your ovulation, and make sure you guys get enough sex in. And the second before the result would jump out at me, deep in my stomach I would already know. But even after 100 false alarms, the moment my real period would come, my heart would sink with the knowledge that it was for real this time. If you are going the assisted route, now is the time to speak with your Doctor to decide on what is the best route for you.

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