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Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet! Note: This only affects The Nest's community members and will not affect members on The Bump or The Knot. In all of this, THIS is a concern?!  I'm married, went through 5 years of IF treatments to get PG, and I didnt' get a gift from my DH for getting PG. Why are you avoiding his calls?  That seems very immature, especially when you're saying you want things to work.
You are 37 years old and are having unprotected sex with a guy you've been dating for 3 months?
Three months is extremely premature to expect him to be able to say he wants to be with you "forever".  He barely knows you (or you him) and all of a sudden there is the commitment of having a child involved?

3 months, nowadays, is not enough time to really know if you want to spend THE REST OF YOUR LIFE with someone, let alone have a baby by that person.
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Having an mistake after 37 years makes me feel like this might have been planned a bit on your part.2- You've only been dating for 3 months and you're upset because he doesn't love you. However, you need to seriously consider that you will not be married to this man in the future. In addition, The Nest community member's avatars will be replaced with generic default avatars. He is (understandably) shocked that you're pregnant, let him absorb the information and decide how he wants to proceed with you and this baby.3 months isn't enough time to know if you're in love with someone or if you'll be with that person forever.

I think it's a cowardly action but you did mention that dated someone else for 10 years and he might be interested in her. I am only 22 years old but I am going through infertility treatments and even though we havent been successful yet, I would never expect my husband to "give me a gift" thats a load of crap, he already did that. I do.Just because you spend, like, every day together doesn't mean this relationship is going to last.
For most ppl 3 months isnt enough time to commit(it was for me and my husband, but if you werent sure about the relationship and he wasnt sure then you shouldnt have been sleeping together.

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