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Monica Beyer is a mom of four and has been writing professionally since 2000, when her first book, Baby Talk, was published. Pregnancy is delightful for some, with giddy anticipation of the new family member on the way. Here are a few strategies that you will likely want to employ to make your holidays flow as smoothly as possible.
One of the hardest things about the holidays can be the parties, the gatherings… the obligations. The holidays are lovely and fun, but if you overdo it, it can be more uncomfortable than you’d like. After last year’s holiday campaign from Kmart featured men shaking their stuff in Joe Boxer, the retailer has launched a new “Jingle Bellies” initiative.
Amp up your comfort and take care of yourself (and your baby) no matter what trimester you happen to be in as the holidays roll around.

For others, pregnancy is physically challenging and wrought with many emotional distractions. There are tons of options in maternity wear these days, but make sure that you consider comfort first. Take your prenatal vitamins every day, wash your hands constantly and drink plenty of water.
First, it featured men “playing” drums on their stomachs, and now they have one where five pregnant women are dancing (quite aggressively, if we might add) to the tunes of “Santa Baby”. Either way, the holidays present unique situations for all pregnant women, no matter how far along you are.
Loose, breathable (and stretchy!) cotton is excellent for pregnant women, and make sure you dress in layers — because, as you know, you may be freezing one second, only to be breathing fire the next. Get into the sunshine for a little bit each day to boost your vitamin D production and ask your doctor about supplementing if you don’t get outside enough.

Pencil yourself in to fewer engagements than usual, or opt out completely if you’re not feeling up to it. And remember — next holiday season, you will have another family member, and the holidays will never be the same again. By the way, in case you wondering if the women are faking being pregnant, Kmart has confirmed that they really are expecting babies. Pregnancy can make you a little swollen, so choose your most comfortable shoes to wear while you’re out and about.

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