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10 Signs That Labor is NearAfraid you won't know what to expect when "the big push" actually draws near?
What Really Happens During LaborEven with nine months of preparation, childbirth can still be full of surprises.
3 Signs of False LaborCan't decide if what you're experiencing is merely cramps or a sure-fire signal that baby's on his way?
The Lowdown on the Delivery RoomSoon-to-be first time mama and have the jitters about the labor-and-delivery process? Managing Labor Pain NaturallyHoping to have your labor and delivery be as natural as possible? Labor Procedures and InterventionsGet the scoop on what procedures you might have during labor, and how your practitioner might need to step in to help bring your baby into the world.
Preterm LaborAs eager as you are to meet your baby, it's better for everyone if your pregnancy reaches full-term. Delivering in a HospitalLearn more about the pros and cons along with how to find the right hospital for you. Medications to Manage Labor PainTake the labor out of childbirth by learning about the many ways to manage your pain. Stages of ChildbirthFrom that first contraction to the final push, here's what to expect during labor and delivery. Emergency Labor: What to Do If You Have to Give Birth AloneEven if you have a solid birth plan in place, the unexpected can (very rarely) happen. Premature LaborPregnancy usually lasts about 40 weeks, but sometimes it could be cut short because of premature labor.
Your Post-Delivery Body: What Happens in the First 24 Hours After Giving BirthYou may be a pro at pregnancy, but do you know what happens immediately post-pregnancy?
10 Inspiring Quotes About LaborCelebrate the wonder of bringing new life into the world with these breathtaking photos and quotes. Why You Might Need a C-SectionLearn why your doctor may opt for a C-section, and what to expect if a surgical delivery is necessary.

What Happens During the Cesarean Section ProcedureScheduled or last-minute, C-sections don't have to be scary.
Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)Worried you won't be able to experience a vaginal birth after a C-section? Why (and How!) to Hire a DoulaIt's a doula's job to ensure your pregnancy is as safe, memorable and empowering as possible. Taking a Hospital (or Birthing Center) Tour During PregnancyScheduling a time to view the hospital or birthing center where you'll deliver your precious bundle can help relieve anxiety and better prepare you for the big day! Delivery Options and ExperiencesFrom traditional hospital delivery to birthing center to water birth to home birth, today's expectant mom has a whole menu of delivery options to choose from. Tattoos and EpiduralsHaving that pain-relieving injection during labor isn't necessarily off limits when you're sporting a lower-back tattoo (even though it may surprise your anesthesiologist!).
When and Why Your Doctor May Change Your Due DateYou've already marked your calendar and shared your news, and now your doc says it's all wrong.
Childbirth Education ClassesWhile there's tons of information regarding how to maintain a healthy pregnancy and what to expect (like, right here!), childbirth classes give you hands on experience.
Natural Ways to Induce LaborIf you're looking to induce labor naturally, these techniques might help spur your body — and baby — into action. 10 Craziest Birth Stories of 2013If you thought your push story was crazy, read this round up of bizarre birth stories that happened this year. Wackiest Birth Stories of 2012Of course no two births are the same, but sometimes there are those extra-special labors and deliveries.
Moms Talk Dads' Delivery Day DutiesEveryone knows mom's the star of the show on delivery day, leaving dad to play the supporting role. Funny Pregnancy StoriesThere's a lot to love about pregnancy, especially those moments you can't help but crack up about.
Real Moms' Water-Breaking StoriesEven with nine months of prep work, your water is likely to break when you least expect it. The material on this website is provided for educational purposes only and is not to be used for medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment, or in place of therapy or medical care.

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Medication use may be an indicator of depressive symptom severity, which is a direct or indirect contributing factor to pre-term delivery. From the best ways to manage labor pain (whether you're considering acupressure, an epidural, or a tranquilizer) to what the three phases of labor are and the labor procedures you'll undergo, learn as much as you can now about what to expect when you deliver the child you're so eager to hold in your arms. Here are 7 steps you should take if you find yourself in a situation where you might give birth alone.
Here's what to bring to the hospital or birthing center to make labor and delivery (and your stay!) go more smoothly. Check out how (and where) WTE mamas spent their water-breaking moments and comment with your own story.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. What To Expect author, Heidi Murkoff, gives a sneak peak of delivery-room tools that will be on hand for the birth of your sweetie. The study also asked about the women's history of depression that required medication, such as tranquilizers or sleeping pills.Overall, 335 women (11 percent) delivered preterm. In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois).
Click image to get bigger picture, and if you find Pargnet Dalveri interesting, you might pin it to Pinterest. Among the women who reported having depression during pregnancy, 75 percent had a history of depression and 62 percent used medication in the first half of pregnancy.Another finding showed that without medication use, elevated levels of depressive symptoms at mid-pregnancy and history of depression did not pose an increased risk of preterm delivery.

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