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I am a professional portrait photographer who specializes in maternity photography in the Boulder and Denver Colorado area.
I enjoy using fabrics, textures and colors to accent the full round shape of a pregnant woman.
The maternity photography studio session includes all of the digital hi-res images on a DVD. Newborn photography sessions are best when your baby is under 10 days old.  It’s important to bring newborns in early because they still sleep quite a bit.

My creativity, along with my experience, allows me to create beautiful pregnancy pictures of a pregnant mother. I also enjoy including other family members in the maternity photography sessions; whether it’s a partner, sibling, or even a pet!
All of the pregnancy images are edited and four images of your choice will be retouched completely, including stretch marks, scars, and anything else you would like done. We can move them and put them into poses without them getting upset!  I also schedule 2 hours for newborn photography sessions.  This helps if your baby needs a change of outfits, diapers or just needs a snack.

To discover images and hq pictures, type your search terms into our powerful search engine box or browse our different categories. Along with the pregnancy images, you will receive a full copyright release so you may use the images however you would like.

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