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This exquisite hairstyle is also borrowed from a POC culture, specifically an Indigenous one.
I recently published a short story that about my complex identity and unrestricted imagination.
Sindy just spent so much time and effort talking game to Pilar and when she leaves, Pilar starts talking shit about her to Kevin, saying that she barely listened to anything she said. Why do guys always feel the need to invent stupid manly alliance names like Chilltown, The Brigade, The Sheyld, Fortress, Newport, Chop Shop, etc. A yoga expert has been accused of intentionally driving her car off a 200ft cliff in Hawaii killing her twin sister, who was in the passenger's seat. The powerful victim statement of a Stanford rape case that has shook America was read out on television during a compelling live broadcast Monday, during Ashleigh Banfield's Legal View on CNN.
The mugshots from the night of the arrest and one taken after his guilty verdict of a Brock Allen Turner, a ex-Stanford student convicted of raping an unconscious 23-year-old, have been released.
A petition calling for a judge who gave a Stanford University rapist only six months in jail to be fired has attracted 100,000 signatures. Bretagne, a 16-year-old golden retriever who was the last surviving search dog helping to find survivors after the twin towers came crashing down on September 11, has died in Texas.
Thousands of people have been sharing their 'sluttiest' stories on Reddit, from love bite contests to having sex with their boss in a car - and sleeping their way around the world. A Reddit user asked: 'What happened at a wedding that let you know the marriage was going to end in a divorce?' The enlightening thread has received more than 10,000 comments.
The rich kids of Instagram flaunt their wealth on social media, and now their parents are getting in on the act, showing off private jets (bottom left), designer shopping sprees and even a pet cheetah (top right).
Women who recall their parents' comments about their weight are more likely to be fatter as adults, - and less likely to be satisfied with their size, researchers from Cornell University found. Researchers at Oxford University and the University of Queensland found that archerfish (pictured) were capable of discriminating one face from up to 44 new faces.

Researchers from Imperial College say that a 'triple jab' mimics gastric bypass surgery by tricking subjects into feeling full - and initial tests show it reduced hunger by a third. Scientists at the University of Cambridge believe that people drink wine more quickly if served in a bigger glass because the brain is fooled into thinking there is more to consume. Phil Jackson was in New York City for an American Express event (left) where he spoke with ESPN's Hannah Storm about some of his most memorable coaching moments, and shared a story about the day O'Neal (right in 2000) showed up to practice nude. Despite undergoing numerous surgeries, Elizabeth Gilreath, 11, giggled during a press conference after she was scalped on a carnival ride in Nebraska last month.
The mysteriously-named 'Pink Drink' has become a status symbol on Twitter, with men and women posing with it as if to show that they are part of an exclusive brightly-coloured-beverage club.
Hillary Clinton was declared the winner of the Democratic nomination this on Monday as she campaigned in Los Angeles. They just assumed, as most white people do, that nobody watching Star Wars would care or know enough about Asian cultures to notice.
I feel like they thought it would get in the way of Kohnny, but they still should have shown it over Ashleigh and Zack’s stupid showmance! Brock Allen Turner, 20, (top right pictured in booking shot) was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault in March and sentenced to just six months in county jail on Thursday. The 44-year-old revealed the news live on air during the show's special Tuesday Trending Fishbowl segment, in which she brought every anchor on set to share in her joyous news.
Simpson has been pictured and a new prison mug shot released shows the former NFL player smiling.
With a host of honors to her name and countless searches behind her, Bretagne was honored - as any human would be - one final time before her death. Yulianna who hails from Moscow posed in a Ferrari 458 Spider, costing more than A?199,000 (top centre), while one mum treats her young daughter to shopping sprees at Louis Vuitton (top left).
One woman said Paris Hilton (top left in 2003 and bottom left at 14) was a 'snob' while another said Leonardo DiCaprio (centre top in February and centre bottom as a child) 'ate lunch with teachers' because he 'didn't get along' with other kids.

The Associated Press, which runs the premiere delegate-tracking service, first made the call and was quickly followed by NBC News, CBS and CNN. Sarah, Britnee, and Naeha don’t have a name like The Vagina Warriors, although that would actually be pretty awesome.
A row of firefighters stood at attention as Bretagne walked with her owner, Denise Corliss, into the Fairfield Animal Hospital in Cypress, Texas. Another was driving to Wimbledon in a Ferrari (bottom right), while one wealthy woman couldn't decide which shoes to pick from her extensive collection (bottom centre).
Actress Kristen Bell (top right in March and bottom right in her teens) was always the star in school plays while Kanye West was said to be great at poetry and confident he would be a famous rapper.
Almost eight years from the day that she bowed out of a tight race against Barack Obama, Clinton made history with the announcements, becoming the first woman to top a major political party's ticket in the United States. Bretagne began suffering from kidney failure and when she stopped eating, Corliss knew it was time to say goodbye.
Quirky singer Kesha was apparently 'normal' and 'the best singer in the school' and Lady Gaga 'wasn't doing very well in class' because she was too focused on her music career.
AP determined tonight that Clinton had enough superdelegates in her corner to win the nomination at this summer's convention without the votes that will be cast in Tuesday's elections in six states and one final contest next week in the District of Columbia. The dog, who was also a volunteer firefighter, had also aided in searches during Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Ivan and Hurricane Rita.

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