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After a lot of consideration I decided to try again to get pregnant and go back to the Czech Republic for a new FET (Frozen Embryo Transfer). A frozen embryo transfer can be used to produce a viable pregnancy by first thawing the frozen embryo, and transferring it into an appropriately prepared uterus.
Frozen embryos is a term used to refer to those embryos that are not transferred during in vitro fertilization cycles and are subsequently cryopreserved. I have been testing since 6dp6dt and got some great pink lines on days 7 and 8dpt but then the lines started to get lighter. I thought I should put a couple of pictures here of our embryos that we had transferred on November 6! I’m back home after an almost 24 hour trip so I spent almost the whole Sunday (today) sleeping and now I’m feeling a little better! I have lately received some emails requesting more information on the clinic we used in the Czech Republic for our latest fertility treatment and also about our experience and trip. And I have to tell you that “money” was the main reason and the lack of it our greatest motivation to try to find a way.
An egg donor cycle in the US can cost close to $25,000 so obviously it is not for everyone! We were not new to the idea of treatment abroad since I have had three IVF’s already over-seas in Brazil for which the second try gave us our daughter.
I found clinics all over the world where it might be a possibility for us to go for treatment and I contacted many of them.

I also found a great online-community from the UK and many of the women were going to the Czech Republic for treatment and they were all very helpful and knowledgeable and helped me a lot!
It took us about 6 months from the time I started looking for a fertility clinic overseas for us to commit to our treatment with the clinic in the Czech Republic and start organizing our trip for our first try at IVF with the help of a egg donor!
I have been trying to decide what to do next, if I should go to Tampa to see the new fertility Dr.
It took me more than one hour to find a song that would be appropriate to use with this montage but I think I got it!
Stepan to let me know when I need to start taking Norethisteron and when I need to stop taking it to be able to have the embryo transfer some time during the week of December 7th to the 12th. The one today, even though still there, is so faint that it is starting to look like an evaporated line. I purchased the tickets yesterday for the trip to the Czech Republic so everything is set for the FET.
Stepan about adding steroids to my protocol and he agree with it but didn’t tell me which steroid he wants me to use but told me I will take it when I get to Brno.
So if you want to learn more about fertility treatment in the Czech Republic just keep an eye out here.
After my last IVF cycle we learned that we would need egg donation if we were going to have a second child and we could not afford the high cost for an egg donor IVF cycle at a clinic in the US without getting in too much debt.
I would have done an egg donor cycle in Brazil but they just allow shared donation with patients who are going through IVF themselves, and I didn’t like that too much.

But not all of them replied back to my emails and some replied they required a first visit to go see them before treatment, and I didn’t want to do that. That week is the best for me to travel to the Czech Republic for another round of treatment, otherwise I will need to wait probably until March. I will be going along with my DD and we are leaving on October the 31st to Prague where we will spend two days.
I think anyone going trough IVF to try to conceive will probably need all the eggs they can get. I want to be able to do any medical pre-tests locally and not have to travel overseas twice to be able to have a cycle. I’m now very happy that I made up my mind and have decided to go back to the Czech Republic for my two very special embryos in waiting! We’ll be going to Brno (where the clinic is located) on the 3rd of November and the transfer should be happening (crossing my fingers) on the 4th or 5th of November. Hopefully one or maybe both will decide to stay after transfer and will give us the opportunity to get to know them in person!

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