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Lauren's secrets to Smart Training, Eating, and Living with real authentic stories of inspiration along the way. I am truly excited to share this beautiful story about a wonderful couple who has clearly made some amazing life lasting changes.
During my first pregnancy I suffered from extreme lower back pain and sciatica and it was very early on in the pregnancy which was strange. I told Lauren about my previous back issues and how I was very concerned that the kettlebell exercises looked so hard on your back. The strength, conditioning and new found health I have achieved through both kettlebells and the influence of good nutrition will stay with me forever and I will be able to pass that on to my children. I’ve been actively involved with some form of sports or fitness activity for as long as I can remember. In my opinion, a significant part of being able to successfully maintain my level of activity came from eating a fairly well balanced and nutritious diet.
My days of exercising for 1 to 2 hours per day were reduced to 1 to 2 hours per week and gradually decreased to almost 0 hrs per week as time went on. The day I finished Graduate School I made a commitment that I would do my best to try and set aside more time to exercise and stay overall more active. After just a few short months, I noticed that my body was becoming leaner and stronger and also was loaded with energy.
With that said, Lauren convinced me to give one of her infamous monthly Fat Loss Challenges a try. I am a fitness, strength, conditioning & nutrition coach that was put here on earth to change peoples lives. The place where you'll never do anything half glutes™ TRAIN WITH LAUREN BROOKS anywhere in the world! Baby Chloe is 6 Week s Six weeks means I get the clearance to start exercising again!!! The Next Chapter Life after divorce I write this knowingly that I may be judged harshly by some.
Please feel free to email us at if you have any questions or comments!Unfortunately, we will be unable to answer medical related questions. I had random lower back problems for a couple years prior to that also but just seemed to me like I had a weak back. She promised me that once I learned the correct form I would only be strengthening my back and core which will help me in the long run. I grew up playing football, soccer, basketball and baseball and also participated in a few short distance running races just for fun. As we all know, when we are young it’s easy to not eat as healthy as one should and can still get away with it. I mean going out and playing a friendly game of basketball with friends was a struggle, or going for an easy bike ride at the beach was just too hard.

I started out by just walking a few miles several times a week, and then moved on to jogging a mile or two per week. They have truely transformed their bodies with exercise and eating healthy and my nieces are eating helathy as well.
And I still eat some sweets just not the muffins and cookies and cakes that I used to go for - now it’s a little frozen yogurt or dark chocolate. Clearly I became inundated with both work and schoolwork and unfortunately to keep up I chose to eliminate exercise all together. I had not seen them in almost 8 months and really would not have recognized their bodies without their faces.
I'm a mother of 5 and have reclaimed my body with amazing nutrition and increased activity exponentially! Anyway, I decided to shed the rest of the weight by training for a triathlon in my neighborhood. On average I would say I spent 1 to 2 hours per day exercising or doing some form of fitness activity. I noticed that I had a little more energy which was good seeing as we just had our first child and would definitely need the extra endurance for that. At first it didn’t interest me in any way as it looked awkward, nor did it really seem enjoyable or beneficial.
Also, Kettlebells provided a great environment for my wife and I to work out together which was really rewarding. I didn’t actually do an organized triathlon – I did my own little one in my neighborhood! Crazy work schedules meant fast food for lunch, junk food for snacks and midnight dinners right before bed only to wake up and do it all over again the next day. I did not make any real changes to my diet as I really wasn’t convinced that would have much of an impact on how I was feeling. During that winter our local pool had closed for repairs and so I couldn’t swim as part of my normal routine. Again I continued to drop the weight with my regular Kettlebell routine, going  from 205 lbs to 200 lbs. Within just one month my weight dropped 6 lbs, my muscles became leaner and more defined and my energy level was off the charts. Fitness is only part of the puzzle to have the happy and healthy quality of life people strive for. My energy level was decreased to the point where I felt I needed to nap each day and even on the weekends had little to no energy or desire for that matter to exercise. One thing was obvious though I wasn’t really losing any significant weight or gaining any new muscle definition.
After several weeks of watching my wife do the videos I reluctantly chose to give Kettlebells a try and I haven’t looked back since.

However, there was still one significant piece missing that would ultimately help me get to the next level and that was the nutritional aspect of my routine.
I started like many others just doing Lauren’s Volume 1 video at home using a 26 lbs Kettlebell. I’ve lost 15 lbs since then and consistently maintain a weight of 185 lbs to 187 lbs.
I know these aren’t super heavy bells but I also know my limitations and have learned to listen to my body. I mixed this new Kettlebell routine in with my running and biking and then worked my way up to signing up for one of Lauren’s classes. Partly due to my competitive nature and partly in order to keep up with my fellow triathlon focused co-workers. She really proved that Kettlebells was an effective way of strengthening one’s body while having fun at the same time. I ate a fairly well balanced diet but clearly still ate my fair share of fatty and non-beneficial foods on a regular basis. My core is so much stronger and flatter, my arms have become more defined and my posture is much straighter which I believe is all related to my new routine and diet.Clearly, one can see the true benefits of staying active and eating healthy. It was a terrible pattern that I had got myself into and really missed the days of feeling energetic and just overall healthy. I started gradually increasing my running distance from 2 to 3 miles, to 5 or 6 miles per week, riding my bike 10-20 miles per week and swimming 1 mile per week. I went from doing Kettlebells once a week to combining it into my routine 3 or 4 times per week.
It did feel great though being active again and slowly but surely the weight started to come off.
It doesn’t have to be drastic just enough to make a difference in your life so that you can have many more years of health and happiness. After about 2 years of consistent training I was able to bring my weight down from 235lbs to 205lbs. In fact a buddy of mine challenged each other to go out and do our own Half Ironman distance race (1.2 mile Swim, 56 mile Bike and 13 mile Run) which took about 6 hours to complete.
It was a great achievement and I never would have thought that I could have done it seeing as where I’d let myself get to just a short time ago.

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