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Kim Kardashian gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, but just five days before delivering her first child, she was lounging poolside.
Kim and her boyfriend, Kanye West, may have welcomed their daughter a little earlier than her expected July arrival, but Kim seems to be enjoying motherhood already. To calculate all data about your pregnancy, enter the 1st day of your last menstrual cycle.
Now baby got a special agent a€“ surfactant, which will help him to breathe its own after birth. Using the Pregnancy Calculator helps to calculate the probable conception date, to estimate how long have you been pregnant, to know the fetal age and much more. All you need is to enter the date of your last menstrual cycle and the amount of menstrual days in the data field, and push the button.
So far I think I have got the morning bit of our routine down, but the evenings are still all over the place. Sleeping: Currently Eduardo is waking about twice a night to feed, which I can't complain about at all! The 21-year-old's mother Kim Hannant, pictured with Eva Rose and Jake, is today urging all pregnant women to ensure they have the seasonal flu jab, which is available free of charge to all expectant mothers, as well as others in at risk groups including anyone over the age of 65 and people with existing health problemsA  WHY HAVE THE FLU JAB?A  The flu jab is available every year on the NHS to protect adults and some children, at risk.Flu can be an unpleasant illness.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Kim showed off her pregnant stomach in a skimpy bikini while hanging out at a spa in LA with friends, including Robin Antin and makeup artist Joyce Bonelli. As promised I will be making weekly postpartum updates for the first month, followed by monthly ones for the first year. Just like with my overall recovery, my body has actually bounced back a lot quicker than last time. I weighed 142lbs the morning of induction and the day after I left the hospital I had lost about 10lbs. I try to feed him at 7am every morning, then Jonathan takes him into our bed while I get showered & ready at 8am.
Emilia's continues as normal (playtime, dinner, bathtime, bed) and Eduardo feeds & sleeps on demand the rest of the evening.

In the beginning when we were in the hospital Eduardo did seem to feed longer & a lot more than Emilia did.
He has grown out of one of his babygrows and his vests are getting a little bit tight but he's definitely not ready for 0-3 months size yet.
The ladies snacked on a fruit and cheese plate during their three-and-a-half-hour stay, and while Robin and Joyce drank cocktails, Kim sipped on pink lemonade. Forget about calculations in your mind and notes in diaries – use our pregnancy calculator to find out the date of birth of your baby. I think this is largely due to the fact that I'm a lot more active and have been so much busier with two kids rather than just one newborn baby!
At one week postpartum I have lost a total of 15lbs and my stomach actually looks smaller than it did at 2 weeks postpartum after my first pregnancy! I found this very encouraging as you never know when you're breastfeeding how much milk they are getting! I have tried to get one going just so that Eduardo could be more in sync with his big sister's but I don't think he's really ready yet. Some days we do bathe the two together but he's still so little, there's no need for him to get washed every night. The sunny afternoon wasn't the first time Kim flaunted her baby bump in a bikini during her pregnancy, since we also saw her in a two-piece during her family getaway to Greece back in April. Breastfeeding is definitely the main reason why the weight has been melting off, as well as helping my tummy to go back down & my uterus contract. I am currently slathering on the Bio Oil as well as Bloom & Blossom's Anti Stretch Mark Cream which is amazing stuff!
He doesn't even follow a 3 hour routine because he is quite a snacky feeder like Emilia was. Then Jonathan & I swap and he takes Emilia, I take Eduardo and we go downstairs for breakfast.
I am definitely looking forward to when he will go a bit longer between feeds, just because at the moment it can be exhausting! With my last recovery I could not sit down comfortably and going to the toilet was a nightmare.

I apply both products day & night and have also been making sure to drink lots of water which helps with skin elasticity. He tends to feed for very small periods of time which means he won't settle for much longer than 2 hours. If Eduardo needs a top-up feed I give it to him while eating my breakfast, otherwise I put him in his bouncer till 10am.
Breastfeeding makes me really thirsty anyway, so I have probably been drinking more than 2L a day! I try & still eat breakfast with Emilia every morning because I know she really misses it if I don't! The second reason is that the breastfeeding has been a LOT easier being that I only stopped 6 months ago, so my boobs were a lot less sensitive. So I have been sort of half feeding on demand, half trying to establish some sort of routine if that makes any sense!
On weekdays my sister Erika comes from 10am-1pm to help look after Emilia which is the sole reason why I've been able to get any kind of work done! The last time I had cracked & bleeding nipples, I was in so much pain every time Emilia latched on I would cry. I wake Eduardo up for another top-up feed sometime after 11am and then put him down for a nap while I film.
The first few days were a little bit painful with Eduardo as my body got used to breastfeeding again but after about day 3 it was plain sailing. As a result of all of this I have been much more active this time around and I felt "normal" much sooner - hence why I felt ready to leave the hospital one day after giving birth!

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