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Christmas celebrations can provide you with the perfect opportunity for you and your partner to share the news of your pregnancy to your family for many a reason. Another reason why Christmas is so perfect for announcing your pregnancy is that you will be sending out Christmas cards to your friends, so when a personalised card comes through their letter boxes they won’t think anything of it… until they open it of course.
Instead of the average reds, greens, silver and gold decorations on the Christmas tree, use only pink or blue depending on the sex. Not all the family will be able to make it (I’m sure they would change their plans if they knew the news you were revealing) and you need a way of sharing the news with friends and neighbours.
Why not bake some delicious biscuit or cookies in baby shapes that relate to a new born baby, it can be the gender symbol or anything relating to a baby. Pregnant smokers will get food vouchers worth up to ?650 if they agree to give up cigarettes, under a scheme proposed by the Scottish government. Women who quit will receive grocery vouchers worth ?12.50-a-week during their pregnancy and for three months after their child is born.
To qualify, they will have to prove they have given up smoking by taking a weekly breath test at a local chemist, which records carbon monoxide levels. Ministers believe the initiative could help thousands of women quit every year, saving the lives of children and protecting them against ill health. However, critics claim the scheme is a waste of taxpayers’ money when public finances are already overstretched.
The Give it up for Baby (GIUFB) scheme, which was launched in 2007, has been taken up by 400 women and cost ?43,496 to run last year.
The Scottish government is also looking at the national rollout of another pilot scheme in Tayside, quit4u, which offers all smokers ?12.50 a week in shopping vouchers to quit. However, Sheila Duffy, chief executive of the anti-tobacco charity ASH Scotland, said the scheme had been shown to work.
Alex Salmond, the first minister, said ministers were “actively considering how to roll the GIUFB pilot out throughout the country”. Shona Robison, the public health minister, added: “We’re working with NHS boards to encourage pregnant smokers — or smokers planning a pregnancy — to quit. By the time I was pregnant, I had already been living without garbage for several years, so most of my shopping and consumption was pretty habitual. By far, the biggest challenge at this stage (which continues to this day) was the sudden accumulation of baby stuff. The midwife gave me a list of items to have on hand during the birth, and I went line-by-line on the list and found alternatives a€“ or checked in with the midwife to see if any items could be avoided altogether. In reality, I labored at home for a very long time and then ended up at the hospital for an emergency c-section. During the newborn phase, the main danger zones for garbage are related to food and diapers. And for diapers, we used cloth diapers – mostly Bum GeniusA a€“ which continue to serve us well. Just as I collect my non-garbage (anything that I cana€™t reuse, recycle or compost), I have kept Jacoba€™s non-garbage too.
Raised garden beds have become very popular these days, and while the success of the method is not without reason, a sunken bed might be much better suited for your local environment.
Plants in containers, however, operate in a partially different fashion, as they arena€™t growing as part of a natural system.
With the revitalization of home food production seems to be the re-recognition of plants as powerful, natural medicines.

We have the capacity to multiply our garden supply, both in diversity and sheer mass, for absolutely free. Disclosure: One Green Planet accepts advertising, sponsorship, affiliate links and other forms of compensation, which may or may not influence the advertising content, topics or articles written on this site. Since its emergence in early January 2016, the hashtag has caught on, particularly among women on Black Twitter, while some male users have expressed their disapproval for the malicious nature of the tweets. First of all, your family won’t find it suspicious when you invite them all over which will help you to preserve the element of surprise. Christmas is all about spending time with family, sharing and giving, so could there be a better time of year to announce it? You could also add baby items on the tree such as ‘dummies’, small toys and little baby shoes.
Why not get a professional photo done of you, your partner and any other children you have with you holding your stomach, inside you could attach a copy of your ultrasound and sign it from you and your partner, any other children and ‘bump’.
They say pregnant mothers should give up for the sake of their unborn children rather than for financial gain — and quitting tobacco would save a 20-a-day smoker about ?35 a week anyway.
Half of smokers gave up after a month of enrolling, but the figure fell to 31% after three months and 21% after a year. It is important to see how good local initiatives such as NHS Tayside’s Give it up for Baby can be scaled up and delivered more systematically.
Mothers-to-be who smoke run a higher risk of miscarriage, and their children are more at risk of cot death and health and developmental problems.
We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet. I had to re-donate a lot of hand-me-downs because we wanted to keep the piles to a minimum.
During my first appointment, I talked about my zero garbage lifestyle and asked whether there might be ways to reduce or eliminate garbage from the birthing process. For example, instead of disposable plastic sheets, I got a waterproof mattress cover, which I figured could be used later while potty training the little guy. Once our healthy baby and I were finally resting in our room, I mused about all of those great reusable (and unused) birthing supplies sitting in a pile at our house. I did not collect any of it for our a€?non-garbagea€? bags, but Ia€™m sure that anyone whoa€™s been in a hospital can imagine the amount of trash generated during three days in the hospital. I was fortunate to have no trouble breastfeeding, so that eliminated any need for formula, which would have come with packaging.
We (almost) always plan ahead with lots of reusable wipes and cloths, and plenty of back-up clothes.
Ita€™s not that simple because I have been applying everything that I’ve learned from multiple years of living trash free. Like my non-garbage, his is comprised mostly of little bits of plastic (wrapper from vitamin D drops, band-aids, a bit of plastic packaging from baby Tylenola€¦). In essence, we a€” the cultivators a€” have to piece together the right ingredients for them: a potting mix.
You can insist that they all must come over for some mulled wine (but not for mummy to be) and some mince pies and they’ll be none the wiser. Here are some ideas to help you reveal your and your loved ones most exciting news of your lives so far.
Then once you’ve revealed your big news it’ll make more sense to them why you have a bright pink (if it’s a girl) decorations on your tree.

Photographers such as venture photography know how to get the perfect picture of you during pregnancy so it saves you and your partner messing about with the camera.
Jacob wears cloth diapers, eats homemade food, and plays with mostly hand-me-down toys that will eventually be re-purposed or given away. I had to face all over again the challenge of denying myself something that always comes in packaging (crunchy things a€¦ dear, beloved crunchy things). If we got a baby gadget that seemed like it would break or need to be thrown away, I almost always donated it. My midwife was interested and excited to try, and it was not too hard to reduce our waste to almost nothing. Instead of paper towels and other disposable cloths, I stocked up on lots of towels and rags.
Fortunately, a friend was planning a home birth a few months later, so I was able to pass the pile along for good use elsewhere. I did use a pump sometimes, so instead of those disposable plastic bags used for freezing milk, I used small canning jars. I did have to keep an eye on incoming clothes, toys and other baby items that our loving friends and relatives sent to us. Secondly, those of your family who live far away may be down to visit, so you’ll be able to surprise them all your loved ones at once. If you want to be subtle, then make the outside of the cake look as normal as possible but colour the inside blue or pink. I got around this the same way that I coped when I started the zero garbage challenge in 2009.
A few exceptions were the baby thermometer, baby Tylenol, and the snot sucker thing (yes, gross, but wea€™re holding on to it just in case). A few disposables had to be included, such as latex gloves a€“A but it was really not much.
Yes, I always have to plan ahead and make sure that we have snacks on hand a€“ but so do parents who throw things away. If you are reading this and you have specific questions about howA exactlyA we overcame a garbage hurdle, please leave your questions in the comments! It will be so much more memorable witnessing the look on every family member’s faces when they hear your exciting news than having to tell each of them over the phone. To keep it more of a secret until you break the news you could decorate the tree as you do usually, but add pink or blue lights. I tried new cracker recipes, stocked up on crunchy veggies and dip, and laughed at myself whenever possible. It turns out that the zero waste baby challenge has not been a very big challenge after all.
I love talking about the nitty gritty details, but I cana€™t assume that everyone finds our step-by-step garbage-free diaper routine quite as intriguing as I do!
Once you’ve spilled the beans, you could turn on the lights to reveal the sex of your baby. I simply apply all of the same decision-making and problem-solving from my pre-baby life, and I can find alternatives for almost anything.

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