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A few years ago, Tori Spelling turned the maternity world on its head when she gave birth to her daughter Stella wearing a custom, designer maternity gown. And now, years later, I'm considering the idea of bringing my own gown with me to the hospital too. So, while I may unabashedly love all these decidedly anti-hippie things, there is one thing that I really hate - wastefulness.
From the research I've done, hybrid diapers combine the best of both cloth and disposable diapering. So, of course, I'm now incredibly interested in getting a take on these new hybrid diapers. So, if there's one topic that's trending on all the local mom blogs and boards right now, it's baby sign language.
While a part of me cannot wait for Baby B to get here, another part of me knows that I should be relishing every moment of this pregnancy, and kind of wishes that there was a pause button for all of this. And because I still love this bit, Baby B is officially a little more than 3 pounds, and is roughly the size of a spaghetti squash.

And anybody who does not understand the 90's sitcom reference of my title is obviously not the true tv-connoiseur that I am. See, my husband bought me a 4D ultrasound package as part of an anniversary gift after he recently saw me eying an ad for one in a pregnancy magazine.
We went to a place called InfantSee 4D out in Fairfax, Virginia, which I totally recommend. After about twenty minutes or so of the "Baby B show," we were sent home armed with quite a few wallet-sized pictures, a CD full of even more pictures, and a live video of the whole thing on DVD. One of the best parts is that you'll always be able to look back and relive the moment, remembering exactly what the baby looked like at the time that milestone happened. And while you can always do something like this with a regular old chalkboard, or by adding details to the picture in post-processing, you have to admit that the white-on-white look of this picture only adds to the sweet, baby-like charm of it all.
But aside from all that, my husband has been nothing but great this entire prgnancy, accompanying me to countless doctor's appointments, running out late at night to buy heating pads, becoming my personal Ben & Jerry's delivery boy, and even pretending to give up soda with me in a show of solidarity. The problem is I always find it hard to shop for my own father (that man has everything, I tell you . I know my pregnancy isn't over yet, but I thought it would be neat to look at how Baby C and I have grown over the first 36 weeks of this journey! Except as specifically provided in this Agreement, the Licensed Material may not be shared or copied for example by including it in a disc library, image storage jukebox, network configuration or other similar arrangement.

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And probably all-too-necessary since my doctor made me give up Zumba classes while pregnant.

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