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This Planned Parenthood facility in Highland Park quietly closed in January, making Birmingham one of the largest cities in America without an abortion clinic.
Kew, who did not want her full name published due to the sensitivity of the subject, is 22 and heading into her senior year of college. But for Kew and many women like her throughout Alabama and much of the Deep South, following through on the decision to have an abortion is getting harder and harder. I think the majority of people in Alabama would say that abortion is wrong, and I think the Alabama legislature would pass a law [making abortion illegal] in a minute if the Supreme Court opened the door to do that. All three states have little to no public transportation connecting major cities, making it difficult for women to travel to get an abortion. Her clinic in Mississippi is currently in court over a state law that would require doctors have admitting privileges at a local hospital. The same law has been passed in Alabama and Louisiana, where they are tied up in similar court battles. The bills were introduced by Representative Mary Sue McClurkin, a Republican whose district includes a portion of Birmingham. A a€?fetal heartbeata€? bill was passed in Arkansas where it is currently under court injunction pending litigation.
Most of the legislation regulating abortion in Alabama has been the work of Eric Johnston, a civil rights lawyer and pro-life advocate. Johnston said the recent wave of laws are not intended to close clinics, but keep women safe. While abortion clinics have closed in Birmingham, another type of medical office has taken their place. You cana€™t continue to have women in Mississippi not have the same rights as women in New York. In Vestavia, a suburb of Birmingham that fans out from the highways in small hives of strip malls and gated communities, a large billboard advertised the Pregnancy Test Center. Pregnancy Test Centers are pro-life clinics that provide free pregnancy and STD testing for women and men as well as parenting classes and financial incentives for couples who agree to keep the pregnancy. Women are sometimes handed small rubber replicas of fetuses at 7, 8 or 10 weeks so that, Hogan explained, a€?they can get an idea of what the baby might look like.a€? According to Hogan, the Pregnancy Test Center prevented 81 abortions in 2013. April (not her real name) visited this same Pregnancy Test Center in 2005 when she was 16 and worried she was pregnant.
The federal government issued aA 2006 reportA about the false information provided by federally funded pregnancy resource centers.
ItA concluded: a€?The vast majority of pregnancy centers contacted in this investigation misrepresented the medical consequences of abortion, often grossly exaggerating the risks.
Dalton Johnson has owned and operated an abortion clinic in downtown Huntsville, a city in North Alabama, since 2001, when there were three clinics in town.
Johnson, whose clinic saw women from Alabama and neighboring states, fears the desperation that will result from more clinics closing. Derzis believes she will lose the court battle to keep her Mississippi clinic open, but plans to appeal the case to the Supreme Court. Derzis said the fact that ita€™s become practically impossible for many women across the Deep South to access abortion a€” despite it being legal a€” is an injustice.
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A pregnancy center is a not for profit organization designed to help women who are pregnant and need help. Once your pregnancy is confirmed, the staff at the pregnancy center will help you decide what the right course of action is for you. At a pregnancy center you will be guided week by week on what to expect while you are pregnant. Having a baby is a life changing experience, and if the pregnancy was not planned it can be very stressful. Now ita€™s also one of the largest cities in America with no abortion clinic a€” Birmingham's only clinic quietly closed in January. Over the past two decades, the number of abortion clinics in many southern states (Tennessee, Arkansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama and Mississippi) has shrunk to single digits, requiring women to travel farther, pay more and receive later-term abortions. Laurie Bertram Roberts, president of the Mississippi chapter of National Organization for Women (NOW), recounted how she recently helped a Mississippi woman get to Alabama for an abortion. A hotline referred her to a clinic in Columbus, Georgia, a 3-hour drive across the state line. Derzis has been working as a€?an abortionista€? a€” a term she uses freely a€” since shortly after the Roe v. Out-of-state doctors who fly in to perform abortions at clinics across the South are unable to get admitting privileges at local hospitals. One new requirement is that clinics meet the surgical standards of an ambulatory surgery center, meaning, among other things, that hallways would need to be widened to allow gurneys to pass, sprinkler systems installed, and additional exits created.
In 2014, McClurkin also introduced a a€?fetal heartbeat billa€? that would ban abortions at around four to six weeks after conception, when a heartbeat can be detected. McClurkin believes there is great support for the law in the Alabama legislature, and that it will be reintroduced next year.
They do not provide information about birth control, including condoms, or offer abortion referrals.
A big screen is angled toward a hospital bed a€?so that the client can see the ultrasound from where they are laying,a€? Hogan said.
This tactic may be effective in frightening pregnant teenagers and women and discouraging abortion.
He closed his clinic earlier this month because it was unable to comply with the state's new ambulatory standards. I was a young mom in my early '20s, trying to balance everything and be everything to everyone but neglecting myself. After it, I felt compelled to pursue a career as a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.
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An unplanned pregnancy can be a turbulent event; however it is important to remember that you are not alone. If you are afraid to seek help from your family or are low on resources visiting a pregnancy center may be right for you. If you are considering adoption there will be comprehensive information available, and they can assist you in finding an adoption agency.

There will be information available at the pregnancy center on how to take care of yourself as well. Kew's mom supported her decision to have an abortion, but Kew decided not to tell friends and family, many of whom say that women who have an abortion will go to hell. Currently, there is one abortion clinic in Mississippi, three in Alabama, and five in Louisiana, though three of those in Louisiana are expected to close within the next six months due to inability to comply with the new regulations. However, the lone clinic in Mississippi only performs abortions up to 16 weeks, while the clinics in Louisiana only go as far as 16 and a half weeks.
She made an appointment, asked two friends to accompany her, and cleared out her bank account to pay for gas ($40) and the abortion ($420). Derzis and other providers argue that local doctors are often unwilling to perform abortions for fear of being attacked or their practices picketed.
McClurkin agrees the bill, if passed, would have effectively made abortion illegal in Alabama. The report details cases of centers telling women that abortion can cause Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSS), breast cancer and infertility a€” all of which have been repeatedly proven false. I made my family the priority, which was great for them, but I lost myself somewhere along the way.
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Finding a local pregnancy center is a good way to get the information and help that you need. There will be counselors available at the pregnancy center to give you a test to confirm your pregnancy, and then discuss your options with you. If you decide to keep your baby a pregnancy center offers resources for new parents as well.
The staff at the pregnancy center can advise you on proper diet and exercise, as well as the importance of regular check-ups and prenatal vitamins.
Clinics in Mississippi and Louisiana have a 24-hour waiting period between an initial appointment and the procedure.
Despite numerous failed attempts to lose weight and get in shape, the scale just kept creeping up.
I read it, I applied it day-in and day-out, and within six months I had not only lost the 73 POUNDS I had gained after having my first two kids, but I had completely transformed my body! At a pregnancy center you can find emotional support, counseling, and medical services you need. Many pregnancy centers also offer testing for sexually transmitted diseases free of charge as well. Many sponsor parenting classes, and there will be support groups and peer counseling available. Sonograms are also available at many pregnancy centers so that you can track your baby's progress.
During the course of reporting this article, Alabama passed a law increasing the waiting period to 48 hours. In addition, a paper by the Guttmacher Institute notes that the Supreme Court ruled in 1983 that there was no health or safety reason to require second trimester abortions to be performed in a hospital.
The staff at the pregnancy center will offer the counseling and information you will need to make an informed decision about what to do next. If you are having extreme financial difficulty some pregnancy centers offer material assistance such as diapers, formula or even car seats. If any problems arise with your pregnancy the staff at the pregnancy center can help you through it, assisting you in finding medical care and offering emotional support. The safe environment and compassion offered by the pregnancy center staff will help you come to a decision that is right for both you and your baby. There are also counselors available at the pregnancy center to assist you in finding a job and adequate housing. Whatever you decide to do visiting a pregnancy center can give you the support you need in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment.

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