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I only had the one twin pregnancy and my levels were through the roof very early on, but I had no idea until after what that actually meant.
After I took my pregnancy test and it came out positive we set up the Drs appointment and they did another test to confirm… well the girl who did the test said ” oh you must be like 8 weeks along! Ok so let me tell u my story, then maybe you could give me some advice I got pregnant in November, positive test on the 23Rd and miscarries two days later. Hi Ladies, curious to know what you think: I took the fertility drug Gonal and got pregnant right away. We did tend to get earlier positive pregnancy tests (before our periods were due, in my case 4-5 days early which was crazy!) And also, we did seem to get darker lines for the days post ovulation that we were vs. My BETA numbers were also higher than many of my singleton mom-to-be friends, and seemed to double + at a slightly higher rate as well. They joked with me about it.
I left off my losses because I really don’t remember the days post ovulation and no longer have the pregnancy tests saved for obvious reasons.

I had a miscarriage three months previous and when I took a test (four days after my missed period) it was a very faint line. I tried the ovulation strips, the men’s fertiliaid, the pregnancy strips and the clear blue ovulation monitor.
I hope and pray that this time you bean stays sticky, and am so glad you went back to see a heartbeat when all hope was lost.
Tracking my BBT in conjunction with using the ovulation monitor finally made the difference!
On 10 DPO the First Response was positive and so were the strips, though the line was faint. But for those wondering or even wishing for twins, it is an interesting subject to ponder over while waiting for confirmation. It turns out I ovulated on day 23 – and the ovulation monitor and my BBT both agreed on the exact day.
An ultrasound scan showing two gestational sacs or two babies in one sac, as is the case in the majority of identical twins, is the only absolute in the matter, though it may raise your eyebrows just a hair.
My own and ones in my extended family, and researched it like crazy when I was in the same boat. Took another test five day before my missed period to be sure levels were rising and now my test was showing extremely positive the control line was actually lighter than the hcg line. Had I not been using the ovulation monitor however, I may have missed the critical BD the day before ovulation. Do you think because i tested positive SO early, i have a chance of conceiving twins again? I couldn’t be happier…now all the worries set in, are they going to be healthy, will i have vanishing twin syndrome?

I understand your worry I do, but by what you have described and in having that follow up ultrasound after the cramping etc. Then I took another one today at 5 weeks and 3 days and the control line was very faint but the hcg line was highlighter positive! I have since met other women during my trying to conceive journey who went through the same, and the remaining twin was fine. I freaked out thinking maybe the test was a flute so I took three different ones and sure enough they were all very positive with the control line very light.
One of my biggest regrets in my twin pregnancy was all the worrying I did waiting for something bad to happen that never did. Either one could happen and would be considered normal in VTS, so don’t count yourself out. I don’t know how far along you are, but it looks like you have two healthy beans on your hands.
I want you to call your doctor this week, get an ultrasound, and hopefully put your mind at ease. I have been there many times myself…it is awful, and I really want to hear some positive news from you my dear. Since I had a miscarriage before I had many labs done to check my levels to make sure everything was okay. Also since so early, when go for ultrasound monday, is it possible they will only see a sac right now because I am so early?

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