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I was just wondering if anyone has fallen pregnant straight after a miscarriage without having a period first. Wow, are we on the exact same schedule?  I transferred (FET, 2 embryos) on the 16th so I'm day 5 out. If you're beta testing on day 9, technically, that's about as early as you can hope to show up positive.  Maybe the day before will be close to accurate, but really, you can't declare things as over until you get that blood test. And I'm upset that it's still nothing because on this day when I tested after my fresh IVF, I got a faint line with my twins.  By not getting that faint line today, my hope of twins goes out the window (whether that's logical or not). This is not my re's website, but I found it and somehow it reassures me that we should not be detecting HCG until Saturday.
For example, at the time of our fresh transfer it was the furthest along that were transferred. This internet site provides information of a general nature and is designed for educational purposes only.

Statistical Data on Pregnancy Test TimingTesting for pregnancy when trying to conceive is a sensitive issue. 10 DPO) is probably related to some very optimistic advice and the strong desire to learn of positive results early. Yesterday morning, at 5.5 days?post transfer, I had a?negative HPT and have been a bit down since then.
It was a clear blue digital (the one that says "Pregnant") so I think that can catch the hcg level at 25 (or maybe 50?).
The HCG trigger shot has been gone since about 10dp the shot, so the last 2 days there has only been one line. They said everything we froze were all great, but 2 were later stage blasts and 2 were earlier stage blasts.
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Add your pregnancy test images!I just took an OPK (Answer brand) and got a positive (CD16).
Do you have experiences where you tested, say, 5-6 days post 5-day transfer and got a negative, and then got a positive a day or few days later? I was going to wait another day but couldn't resist when I saw that one last pg test sitting on the counter. Yes!!" and then I yelled my husband's name, and DH came running out thinking something was wrong.

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