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It is possible that symptoms of a specific pregnancy already in the first week may allow a “diagnosis” trusted? Happens, for example, women with an irregular cycle, for which a delay of menstruation does not constitute a rarity, and therefore is not sufficient to think of a symptom coming baby. The gonorrhea, the periods that do not arrive, is the symptom par excellence, the one that must lead to the fateful pregnancy test . Among the symptoms of pregnancy the breast is swollen and painful one that occurs immediately, and is due to the hormone prolactin .
More frequent urination, or a greater incentive to make a pee, is one of the most common symptoms, which sometimes appears before amenorrhea. The nausea and vomiting are two of the most common pregnancy symptoms and frequent: affects at least 50% of future mothers , in a more or less mild. The early signs of pregnancy start revealing themselves in most women who find themselves in the third week of conception.
Though most pregnancies are connected with missed periods, which is one of the most obvious and definite signs of conception, it must be remembered that not all delayed or missed periods are caused due to pregnancy. As the fertilized egg attaches itself to the inner wall of the uterus, it causes one of the first signs of pregnancy, which induces cramping and spotting. Along with spotting, some women may also experience a milky and whitish discharge from the vagina. There is a marked change in the hormonal level of pregnant women in the first few days of pregnancy. Fatigue or tiredness is a normal sign of pregnancy which starts quite early on in most women. It is quite common for many pregnant women to find their stomachs churning at the mere mention of certain food items which were amongst the favorite before conception. The alterations in the hormonal balance can lead to some other signs and symptoms which become visible in the early stage of pregnancy. Though frequent urination starts in most cases in the 6th-8th weeks of pregnancy, some women may also suffer from this symptom from the 3rd week itself. The increasing levels of progesterone can make pregnant women feel constipated in the early weeks of pregnancy.
The changes in the hormonal levels gives rise to mood swings which can lead to depression, anxiety, thoughtfulness or phases of ecstasy and happiness.
It is important to note that these signs may or may not appear in all pregnant women and the degree of their effect greatly varies from one individual to another.
As anticipated for some women it is difficult to attribute to a menstrual period which delays the beginning of a pregnancy, this is only possible if the cycle is like clockwork.
It ‘probably due to the effort that the body makes in adapting to the new situation as well as higher concentrations of progesterone in the blood. Difficult, however, that among the symptoms of a pregnancy there is a diarrhea, typically happens if the causes are different. Though the symptoms and signs may vary from one expectant mother to another, there are certain common early signs of pregnancy which become evident after the pregnancy test reports positive.

Excessive weight gain, stress, fatigue or hormonal problems may also lead to irregular or missed periods and a pregnancy test is the best way of confirming the status of an expectant mother. These signs are caused due to implantation bleeding and become visible within 6-12 days of the egg being fertilized. The thickening of the vaginal walls caused due to the growth of cells in the region, starts immediately after conception and leads to a harmless discharge, which in certain cases continues throughout the term of pregnancy.
These changes may be accompanied by a tingly sensation in the breasts and may last for quite a few weeks.
The variations in the hormonal levels of pregnant women can lead to the slowing down of the digestive and excretory metabolic processes, which in turn leads to vomiting and a nauseous feeling. They may also start developing a craving and liking for certain products which may last for quite some time.
Frequent urge for urinating may also be connected with diabetes, urinary tract infection or overuse of diuretics, though the changes in hormonal levels are responsible for the same in pregnant women. Plenty of exercise, fiber rich food and high water consumption, help in alleviating the problems connected with constipation.
These signs begin in the early weeks of conception and may last through the three trimesters. Medical opinion should be sought in the event of these signs and symptoms persisting for a long duration.
Anyways, if this delay occurs as a result of unprotected intercourse, it is clear that every woman can justifiably suspected to be pregnant. Sometimes this sense of weakness continued in the following months (sometimes also because of the lack of iron ), but usually fades from the second quarter . Among the symptoms of a twin pregnancy is really a persistent nausea and did not diminish after the first few months as happens in singleton pregnancies.
It is common for some women to associate the cramping and slight bleeding with the onset of the menstrual cycle. If the discharge is associated with foul smell or an itching sensation, then the discharge should be checked for bacterial infection. The factors which generally contribute to fatigue during this stage are lower levels of blood sugar and pressure, increasing levels of progesterone and a boost in the production of blood in the body system. What happens after the sperm “lucky” has fertilized the female egg after being moved up from the vaginal duct on to the fallopian tubes?
More frequently, from the earliest stages of pregnancy, it may cause the white discharge transparent and odorless due simply to the action of estrogen.
These signs can be offset by including protein and iron rich products in the daily diet and taking plenty of rest.
Every pregnancy is a story in itself, but more importantly, every woman is to him, and his body reacts differently to the upheavals of a gestation at its beginnings. The diagnosis is done by conducting history and physical examination, laboratory evaluation and ultrasonography.1.
History and Physical Examination:It is important for the doctor to gather information regarding the last menstrual cycle.

So please give all details regarding the onset of last menstrual cycle, the flow, duration and frequency.
The use of any contraceptives and history of irregular menstrual cycles have to be told at the very outset.Many women have vaginal bleeding during the first week of pregnancy making diagnosis really tough. Since the chances of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy are high, the diagnosis should be done thoroughly and carefully. So don’t hide any information.SponsoredThe physical and historical examination can also reveal whether the woman had tubal manipulation and tubal disease, tubal ligation, inflammatory disease and ectopic pregnancy in the past.
Also these physical tests reveal whether the woman used intrauterine devices for contraception and underwent fertility therapies. Nowadays chemical assays and ultrasonography helps to detect pregnancy even before the symptoms like nausea starts.2.
Human chorionic Gonadotropin is one such hormone, it is a glycoprotein bearing similarities in structure with Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH), Luteinizing Hormone (LH) and Thyrotropin.
Urine devices are often used to detect hyper glycosylated HCG, which is a key molecule in early pregnancy.
Dimeric HCG and the alpha and beta units are produced by the pituitary glands of non-pregnant woman. Though the level of dimeric HCG is higher in post-menopausal women, it is below the sensitivity mark of the most sensitive clinical assays used to monitor pregnancy.
5% HCG can be detected in women eight days after conception and about 98% on the eleventh day.The levels of HCG also determine whether the woman has ectopic pregnancy. If the rise and decline of HCG values in women is slow for those who had ectopic pregnancy or had spontaneous abortion.
If the HCG levels are very high there are chances that the woman has molar pregnancy, chromosome abnormality and multiple gestations.Measuring Serum Progesterone is important to detect chances of any early abnormal pregnancy.
A dipstick ELISA is effective in determining the level of progesterone.Early Pregnancy Factor is an immunosuppressive protein that has been isolated just after conception and it helps to indicate fertilization. It can be detected 36-48 hours post fertilization and the levels shoot up in the first trimester.
Ultrasonography:The discovery of transvaginal ultrasonography (TVUS) has made pregnancy detection even easier and effective.
It is the best method to detect intrauterine pregnancy and gestational age that usually happens during the first trimester. You are not exactly pregnant at this time, since the conception only occurs two weeks after the last menstrual cycle.
So it is important to give details of the last menstrual cycle to calculate the expected due date.

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